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S.O.S SpotBusters // Skin Care Routine for spots and blemishes

Hey there!

Today I thought I'd talk about my Skin Care routine, aka the routine that saves my face. Let me just say that I usually don't have a lot of spots or blemishes on my face.  Of course, I get spots from time to time, here and there, but nothing really that bad, at least nothing that drugstores products can't fix.

From the picture it seems that I use a loooot of products on my things, but don't worry I don't use all those products at the same time!

Anyway, my skin was doing great until 8 months ago when I was still living in Dublin... I began to have spots here and there but not from time to time. Nothing seemed to work, so during a little shopping session, my friend and I stopped at Lush and we immediately fell in love with Lush but I won't get into that here. Long story short, after a little bit of talking with one of the seller at Lush I ended up getting a cleanser called Dark Angels, and a mask named Cosmetic Warrior. If you're not familiar with Lush's products, they are all naturals and great for your skin, hair, body etc. I found that the combination of the cleanser and the mask was actually great for my skin, Dark Angels was taking care of my oily skin and Cosmetic Warrior was dealing with my spots and blemishes. I used Dark Angels once a day, three times a week, and the mask twice a week after cleaning my face with D.A. I also went to Boots and got the Neutrogena On-the-Spot Gel, which is great but I found it maybe too harsh because it really dries out the area the spot is, so you need a great moisturizer or even a repair cream after using it. At that time I was also taking Zinc pills for my skin. 

I used that combination for a while because it worked well, but then I decided I wanted a new foundation... Bad idea, because I went for an expensive one... A Mac liquid foundation. I should have seen it coming, because it took me forever to find the right match to my skin tone! It was a sign!!!!!!!! I found the foundation I wanted (medium coverage for oily skin) but it was not very great for my skin type, which was weird... In fact, the foundation was quite heavy and my skin didn't like it at all. My skin was looking terrible and nothing seemed to work to fix it, even my killer combination. By the way, at that time I didn't know that the foundation could be the reason behind my spots, so of course I kept using it... 

I ended up going back to Lush to add some new killer machines. I kept buying Dark Angels and Cosmetic Warrior but I added the Great Lightning Spot Treatment and the Tea Tree Toner Spray. The combination worked for a while but then it stopped working... I wonder why huh... THE FOUNDATION OF COURSE, WAKE UP ELSA!

When I moved back to France, I was so fed up with my skin, I didn't know what to do. I changed my foundation (finally!!!!), buying the Revlon Color Stay, and because they didn't sell the Dark Angels cleanser at Lush and I don't live near a Lush shop, I had to change my routine by shopping at a pharmacy, which means more expensive products. 

I bought a kit from Garancia, which was supposed to be a killer kit for spots and blemishes. The kit came with a cleansing, purifying and makeup removing paste called the Sulfurous Marabou Paste, the Marabou Elixir anti-blemish and anti-ageing serum and the Thistle and the Marabou repairing BB cream. I also bought a moisturizing cream from Caudalie and a mask, and my sister got me a repair cream from Avene. I saw the results after 10 days, and my skin was doing great, but as soon as I stopped using it even for a day, the spots came back... I decided to see which product was helping and which wasn't. After a week of testing, I came to the conclusion that for the sake of my skin, I could only keep my Garancia serum and BB cream and the Avene repair cream. But I still needed a killer cleanser. I found out that Caudalie moisturizer was not a good fit for my type of skin, since I have oily skin and the moisturizer was for dry skin, it didn't help much. Totally my fault, I probably didn't pay attention when I bought it, the woman at the pharmacy just handed it to me but I didn't told her that I had oily skin... My bad. However, the Caudalie mask was great, smells good

After hearing a lot about Clinique Anti Blemishes Kit, I thought I'd give it a try and I did. Instead of buying the kit I saw online, I bought the individual products at a store nearby, so I got: the Anti Blemishes Solution cleansing foam, the Clarifying Lotion, the cleaning moisturizer and the mask. It is just perfection! It is quite expensive and the smell of the products is very weird, but my skin has never been so great and spotless for that long! 

What I do is that I clean my skin with the cleaning foam, then apply the clarifying lotion with a cotton pad, then I put four or five drops of the Marabou Elixir from Garancia in my hand before applying them all over my face but insisting in the area with blemishes. Then I take my moisturizer from Clinique and apply it all over my face. I also take my Thistle and Marabou repairing BB cream from Garancia and apply it all over my face too. The BB cream is tinted and mattifying so it's great for those days you don't feel like wearing makeup but also great for the days you want to wear makeup because it makes your foundation stay on all day. I also keep my Neutrogena On-the-Spot Gel in case of emergencies for those hurtful spots that really won't leave and my Avene repair cream as a night treatment for the area where the spots are on the process of disappearing. I stopped taking Zinc even though it works well because I tend to be a little bit lazy when I have to take medicine. I usually forgot to take it. But at the moment, I'm trying to keep taking my Magnesium pills because they are great against stress and I found them very helpful for spots and blemishes as well! I also use the mask from Clinique twice a week after cleaning my face with the cleaning foam, I leave it on for 5-10 minutes and then just rince my face off and then continue my routine with lotion, serum, moisturizer etc.

Also, if you read my post about how I packed my skin care products for my trip to Florence, you'll know that I bought the Dramatically Different small kit from Clinique before I left. I used it for 4 days straight and the timing was actually perfect before I got 4 spots that popped out on the day I was leaving for Florence! *Great, just great!*.  I didn't notice any big differences maybe because I just used it for 4 days and then went back using the Anti Blemish Solution because it was getting really bad. I'll try to use it again when my face is better 'cause for now it's a complete mess. I also think that maybe the Pore Professional didn't help much so I stopped using it for now, I'll see if it makes a difference. It's too bad since it's a great products to use before putting your foundation on, but my cousin also told me that she got spots as well when she was using it, so I guess it's not a great fit for our skin type. OR maybe it's either because of the sun, and the stress of taking the plane, or because I didn't drink enough water... Stay hydrated people, drink water! (I write this as a memo for myself too.)

I highly recommend the Clinique products if you are really determined to get rid of your blemishes and spots. However, the products are quite expensive, so start with the kits to get to know the products and see if they are the right fit for you. If you don't want to spend too much on skin care products or if you don't have spots everywhere on your face that won't go away, I suggest you look at cheaper option. Visibly Clear from Neutrogena products are great! They work very well, and I can tell because I used and still use some of their products. Lush products are amazing as well, they are all natural, you just need to find the best fit for you and your skin type, the only negative point I would say is the expiration date. Lush products are not the kind of products you use once and then leave it in your bathroom drawers, they expire, and the expiration date comes faster than you think!

Anyway, hope you found this post useful.

See you soon,



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