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Things I fell in love with // July's favorites


So in today's post I'm gonna talk about the things I've been loving using last month, but since it's my first favorites post on Lipstick Road, I'm kind of cheating (I know... shame on me). What I mean is that some of the products (Just a few, I promise) that you're going to learn about, if you keep reading, are products that I've discovered a few months ago while I was still living in Dublin, and that I love so much. Also, just so you're not lost, my July's favorites are beauty, fashion and random favorites. Hope you enjoy! 

Let's start with my random favorites. For my birthday, my loving boyfriend got me this huge Donuts pillow. Let's just say that I love Donuts, and this pillow is so amazing and comfy to lay on when seating on my bed, reading or being the nerd that I am on my laptop. Plus, look at it, seriously, isn't it so adorable?!! 
Next, we have my night light (on the left). This is actually a DIY than I did when I moved back home. I actually broke the one that I had when I was changing the furnitures in my room in December during my Christmas break. I didn't change it right away because I couldn't find one that I really liked and I was going back to Ireland anyway. Back in July I was doing some shopping with my boyfriend when we found those glass jar in a cute little store called Sostrene Green. I got the idea of putting my fairy lights that I brought back with me from Ireland, and Tadaaaaa (it kinda look messy from here... *disappointment*). I must admit it isn't the best night light, but it's pretty cute, and it reminds me of Peter Pan for some reason... 
Speaking of Peter Pan, it is my next favorites! I just got this book on Amazon (As a true shopaholic, I'm completely addicted to Amazon).  I just love the cover so much! And Peter Pan is my favorite story of all time. Fun fact... I was actually obsessed with the story of Peter Pan when I was a kid and my dream was to go to Neverland (Can you relate? Or am I crazy?
My next favorites are the sunglasses from Zara that I got the week before they were on sale at Zara... (Shopaholic's number one problem) I immediately fell in love with those after trying them on. Perfect for summer, I love the color, the style, everything! Also just note that I'm a huge fan of sunglasses, and people actually make fun of me because I always wear sunglasses! (How mean...) But when you wear contact lenses sunglasses are pretty handy when you're outside, keep your eyes away from dust. 
I just got my pug iphone case as well on Asos. It's so cute, and it protects my phone very well! Plus, I got it half price, and I love pugs. 
The bag from the picture is actually a gift from my boyfriend after getting my Bachelor degree in marketing. I saw this bag back in Ireland at Debenhams but couldn't decide whether or not to buy it. Anyway, long story short, my boyfriend got it for me after I got my results for my degree. 
The necklace on the bag is another favorites, it was given to me as a birthday gift (May 12th), and I love it, it's so simple but it completes an outfit perfectly! Perfect for superposition as well. 
Last but not least is my Yankee baseball hat. I just got it and I'm wearing it all the time. I love hats, always have, always will, and I really wanted a baseball hat for the summer. I saw this one on Urban Outfitters on the men section, I fell for it, and I ended up buying it on Amazon because it was cheaper and I could get it on the next day, which I did. It's a little big, but it completes my casual outfit perfectly. 

For my beauty favorites, we have quite a lot of makeup but not only. Indeed, I got two things from Lush that I really loved and I've really been using lately. I love Lush and its products and I'm thinking of doing a blog post just about the products that I love from Lush but from now we have the Popcorn Lip Scrub and the Great Lightning spot treatment. The Lip Scrub is really great, it leaves your lip soft and it's 100% natural, little bonus, it smells like Popcorn (Duh...). The spot treatment is also great, it smells like lavender, and it really helps getting rid of spot and blemishes, so it has been very helpful lately since my skin has just been crazy... 
On the makeup side, we have first of all, the Benetint from Benefit Cosmetics. I must say I wasn't a big fan of this liquid blush when I first bought it I felt like it was to sticky, but I grew to love it. I love the smell of it, the color really fits my face tone and it stays on for the longest time! 
Next, we have the Stay Matte pressed powder from Rimmel in the transparent tone. I love it, it really fixes my foundation and I do not need to do some to touch up on my makeup later on. I tend to have oily skin and it's really hard to find powder that can prevent my foundation to run out, but this one is perfect. 
My all time favorite, and I swear I couldn't live without it, *drum roll* is the Benefit Gimme Brow gel brown (Disclaimer: if you look at my photos on the right, I'm not wearing it since I didn't know it existed at the time I took the picture .. So I guess I can live without it). It's so handy since it looks like a small mascara for brows and it is perfect to fill it my brows. (You can look at my Instagram Selfies if you want to see the effects). 
From Urban Decay I also have two favorites. The first one is the 24/7 Liquid Liner! Since I was 15 years old I made the cat eye my "signature look" and I had a hard time finding the perfect liquid liner but I did, eventually. I find it very easy to use, unless I make a mistake, it's just a pain to fix it... but it dries fact, it makes the perfect wing, and it's really shiny. 
The second one is the Perversion Mascara. Best mascara ever! Trust me! It gives you every effects you're looking for: volume, sexy eyes, long eyelashes, fake lashes effect etc. 
Then we have, the Ruby Woo lipstick from Mac. Let me just say that choosing one lipstick among my collection was very hard, it's like asking a mom to choose one of her baby as her favorite (Yes really!). I know what you're thinking "You could have picked more lipsticks as your favorites" but if I had, this post wouldn't be about my favorites but just about my lipsticks collection (Ouh good idea for a blog post!). Perfect for summer, it's a matte (very very very matte) lipstick, it stays on even when you eat, drink, kiss someone etc. It's a red lipstick with pink undertone. My go to for the moment, either for a casual look with nude eyes or a more dramatic look with a cat eye. From day to night I just love this lipstick. 
Another favorite is the Go Ginza 249 nail polish from Essie. I actually just got it and I couldn't wait to share it, and I absolutely love it. I really wanted a pastel purple nail polish and a white one, and I thought this one was a great combination. I found it funny because on Essie's website it is described as a floral pink nail polish, but I found it more like a violet nail polish. I'll leave you decide whether it's pink or purple, please don't break my heart or make me feel stupid. Again, perfect for summer! 

That's it for my July's favorites, I had so much more, but I couldn't talk about everything, otherwise this post would be two pages long, if it's even possible. Leave a comment if you have a question or if you know the products and like as much as I do.

See you soon!



PS: in case you're wondering. 
Blue Bracelet I'm wearing: Topshop 
Sheets: Ikea
Blanket: Penneys/Primark 

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