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Those little things called Cupcakes // Trying Tanya Burr's recipe

Hello there,

I've never been good at baking cupcakes, I always mess up when it comes to the topping. So after a couple of failure while baking cupcakes quite a while ago I decided that cupcakes were not for me. But I'm not the kind of person that gives up that easily, I just give it some time and then try it again. 

So here I am, 3 years later, as motivated as I could be, and determined to succeed at baking cupcakes. 

I'm a huge fan of Tanya Burr, I follow her on her Youtube channel, her blog and every social media that exist. No I'm not a stalker! Anyway, in the beginning of the year I saw her Oreo Cupcakes video and that made me want to bake Oreo Cupcakes. I decided to give it a try a few weeks ago for a family dinner, and I must say, it wasn't amaziiiiing but it was good, the topping wasn't looking great, but it was good, and the cupcakes weren't pretty but they were tasty. Anyway, I thought I'll try it again yesterday while I was baking at my boyfriend's for another family dinner that happened tonight.

A little disclaimer, I'm posting this article but this isn't a copy and paste of Tanya Burr's recipe, it's a review. I didn't strictly follow her recipe, I adapted it, I like to do that sometimes (I'm so adventurous), and I actually changed the ingredients for the topping (I like to live dangerously). By the way, the recipe is for 10-11 cupcakes. You might notice in the pictures that I've made more than 10 cupcakes but we wanted to have a lot for dinner so we actually did two batches. 

So let's start! 

For the ingredients I used, just like Tanya or kind of: 
* 180g of Butter 
* 170 of sugar 
* 3 eggs
* 40g of cocoa powder 
* 130g of flour
* 1 tea spoon of baking powder 
* 3 packs of 4 Oreos to put on the bottom of each cupcake tin 

* 250g of Mascarpone 
* 3-4 packs of 4 Oreos 
* 60g of icing sugar 

Let's get into the real deal now! 

First of all, I turned on my oven to 180°C. Then I microwaved the butter and then once it was melted I added the sugar. I mixed the butter and sugar all together until I got, as Tanya said, a creamy mixture.

Once I had my creamy mixture, I added the 3 eggs, mixed again and added the flour, baking powder and cocoa powder. Mixed again and tadaaa it was ready! 

While my oven was heating, I took my cupcake tins and put an Oreos on the bottom of each. I then took a ladle and two teaspoons. My mixture was quite "heavy" so it was hard to put the mixture in each of the tins since it would get stuck into the ladle. What I did was putting the whole amount of mixture that was in the ladle into my cupcake tins and then scrape the rest with the teaspoon. You must wonder what I used two, well my friends, once I got to the end of the bowl, there wasn't enough mixture to put in the ladle so I went ahead and took one of the teaspoon to put the mixture in, and I used the other one to scrape the rest out of the teaspoon. It was messy, really messy ...

I then put my lovely plate of 10 cupcakes, well my boyfriend did, into the oven for 14 minutes but the mixture was still liquid inside (I checked with the point of a knife), so I left them on for another 5 minutes, and then again for 3 other minutes. I guess it depends on the kind of oven you're using. 

While the cupcakes were baking in the oven I started making my topping. Unlike Tanya I didn't use butter because I didn't like the texture of the topping once everything was mixed together (icing sugar and Oreos) the first time I tried the recipe, instead I used Mascarpone! If you're not familiar with Mascarpone, let me just tell you it is a pain to use! You can't mixed it with other ingredients for too long because it starts melting... And once it's melted, of course, it doesn't stick on the cupcake... A PAIN! 

I started by crushing, yes crushing (it was so much fun) my 12 Oreos into crumbs by just walking all over the 4 packs. I swear it's the fun part of the whole baking process. Once I got my crumbs, I put first of all the Mascarpone into a bowl and then added the icing sugar and the crumbs. I mixed until I got a creamy mixture, but as I said, when you mixed the Mascarpone mixture for too long (in this case I was trying to crush the Oreo crumbs into smaller pieces) it gets creamy but it also starts to melt. So of course I couldn't put the topping on top of my cupcakes... It didn't stay on... 

After a little bit of a meltdown/breakdown, my boyfriend and I came to the conclusion that we had to wait to use the topping mixture, so we put it in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes or so and it was good to go then but I had to go home, so we left the mixture in the refrigerator and then one day later, the mixture was creamy but perfect, and we added it on the top of each cupcakes with a spoon and a knife... Weird, I know but we had a little bit of a fight with the pipping bag and let's just say we are not friend with it anymore. 

The cupcakes were delicious, again not looking great but who cares... I loved Tanya's idea to put a little surprise into each cupcake. It's a perfect recipe for desert or even for Tea Time with friends of family. It made me like baking cupcakes again! 

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this post let me know if you have ever tried Tanya Burr's recipe or even if you try to do the topping as I did. 

See you soon,



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