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Vacation calling Part 1: Clothes and Accessories // How to pack for a 4 days trip ?

Hey there lovely people! 

As you may have or may not have read from the title, this post is a 3 parts blog posts (OMG). It is still from my "Getting Ready/Packing for Florence", and this time I'm actually showing you guys how I pack for a short trip outside the country. 

Yep, if you have read my last post (What's in my bag during vacation time), you'll know that I'm going away on vacation to Italy *beyooooond excited*, more precisely to Florence with my sister and brother in law. It is a short trip, just 4 days to visit, walk around, do touristic stuff, eat ice cream, pizza, pasta etc. (just kidding or maybe not...). Anyway! I found it quite hard to pack, I tend to over pack, so end up with a heavy suitcase, too many clothes to wear that I actually don't want to wear, so nothing to wear once I'm there... Anyway girl's trouble, maybe you'll understand (please do!). 

This time, I actually decided to be the organized person that I really want to be, and I promise I'm almost there. So, here I am 5 days before the big day and ready to go. If you want to learn my tips and my packing process, keep reading, I promise you'll be interested. 

First of all, I started by thinking of outfits I would want to wear, by looking at Instagram or Tumblr posts for inspiration, by shopping on Asos, Topshop etc. and of course by looking at my actual closets. It's so much easier to think about what you want to wear before starting packing because it avoids the overpack since your outfits are ready. I use to look at all my clothes and then choose the tops, bottoms etc. I wanted to bring: Complete waste of time and energy (since I would end up finishing packing at 3am the night before my flight) and success of overpacking guarenteed. 

My "thinking" process was actually quite fast this time, I started shopping for my outfits the day I found out about this trip to Florence, meaning since April. Therefore most of the things I have for my vacation were shopped while I was still living in Dublin, others are things that I already had in my closet, and others are things that I just bought because I had precise ideas of what I wanted to wear (Hi my name is Elsa, I'm a shopaholic). Another tip is to take pictures of the clothes so you have the outfits ready on your phone just to make sure you have the perfect look! 

I'm not going to show you the actual clothes because I want to do OOTD posts, with pictures of Florence, and Italy in general. All you'll know is that I'm bringing 3 shorts (possibly 4), 1 skirt and 1 romper. My shorts go from MOM shorts jeans from Topshop, and shorts with strong patterns from Zara and Urban Outfitters. I also put an option on one white skorts (Mi skirt mi shorts) from Zara that I bought last year that could be perfect for a night out in the city. My romper is pretty simple, plain black, open back, and is from Asos.  Finally the skirt is also an option in case we go out for dinner, it's from Topshop with a strong floral pattern. 

For the tops, I'm taking one floral shirt, kinda like a statement shirt. I got it when I was working for the brand Paul and Joe last summer. I'm also taking two crop tops, one black and white with stripes from Toshop and one plain black from Zara. I'm also taking a bralette from Pacsun from the Kylie and Kendall collection from years ago, to wear under my romper. I'm also putting an option on one top from Pull and Bear, with really low cut on the side, that I can wear with my white skorts from Zara. 

I'm also planning outfits for the flights, by adding one flannel shirt that actually belong to my boyfriend, and one sweater from Jamais Sans Rouge à Lèvres, really comfy for an early flight and in case it gets chilly on the plane.  

I'm taking one pyjama with a crop top that attached on a back with a bow, and high wasted shorts both with arrow patterns from Topshop. 

Let's talk about the accessories now! I'm "only" taking two pair of shoes: my Stan Smith trainers and my sandals from K by Kookai. I didn't want to bring too much shoes because I'll be walking a lot and the weather is very very very hot at the moment in Italy, so I'm leaving my boots and high heels! The hardest part was to choose between my Converse and my Stan Smiths, and to find THE pair of sandals that could help my feet survive a long day of walking. I love my Stan Smith 'cause they are very confortable and thus perfect to walk around all day. Don't get me wrong, Converse are great for that too but I experienced that I feel better walking a lot with my Stan Smith rather than the Converse. For the sandals, it was quite a pain to find a not so expensive pair, with a thick sole, but still stylish. I found those on a french website called La Halle, and let me tell you that they are so pretty, I just got them and I already love them! They have a 2cm heels so again perfect to walk all day. They are black, so they go with everything! and the Snake pattern is very cute and just add a little something to an outfit. 

For the hats, I'm taking my summery hat from Urban Outfitters, my Yankee baseball hat and my flower head band from Topshop. The hat from Urban Outfitters is similar to a Panama, it just goes with everything while my baseball hat is perfect to add a little casual note to a more "formal" look. I know it sounds weird but I'm sure you'll understand once you'll see my look, trust me *Suspense*. Finally, my head band is very cute and add a little color and style to a plain look. I'm just scared I might be attacked by bees...Because I'm a very shy person and I do care a lot about what other people think I'm very "simple" when it comes to style in France, but when I leave the country, I'm a different person. I like to go further with my style, wearing things I wouldn't normally wear when I'm walking around in Paris. Plus, it's summertime and I'm going to Italy, so Party tiiiiime, I mean with fashion of course. 

Don't forget hats are very convenient during hot summer days! Don't leave them behind. 

I'm not a big jewelry wearer, like my bags I'm very picky and I have a small collection of jewels that I wear all the time, not all at the same time of course. Again, planning the jewels you're going to wear for each outfit is very convenient because the more jewels you bring the more chances you have to loose them or forget them somewhere. Moreover, sometimes jewels are precious, especially necklaces, they don't like to travel with other necklaces, so you don't need to bring a thousand necklaces if you already know you're only gonna wear 2 or 3. 

For this trip, I'm taking my long skull necklace that I got for my birthday from the store MoMuse. I love it so much! It's a black Swarovski skull attached to a gold circle attached to a long gold chain. 

I'm also taking five bracelets, the red one is from an Antique Store, the one under it in the picture with the blue stone is Vintage and I got it on a market in Dublin, next to this one is a Vintage Manchette, the one on the top with blue stones again is from Topshop and the last one with the eye is from Topshop. I love bracelets, especially manchettes bracelets because they are so much easier to put on and take off and they are so stylish! 

For the rings, I'm taking 5: the first one is an Eagle ring, that I got at the shop Siopaella in Dublin, next we have weird shape ring from H&M, a ring with a wing with feathers ring from Accessorize, a bow ring from Kate Spade, and a bunny hear ring from Asos. I love rings but I had to reduce my collection because during hot days my fingers get bigger and I end up wit swallowed fingers with rings stuck on them and it's not the best sensation... 

I'm also taking one belt for my MOM shorts from Topshop. I'm not a big fan of belts, I don't have that much, I just use my belts for convenience since my shorts are always too short around the waist no matter what size it is.

For sunglasses, I'm taking 3 pairs: my Marc by Marc Jacobs horn rimmed sunglasses (in the middle), my blue sunglasses from Zara (on the bottom), and another purple Marc Jacobs (top). I love sunglasses! Like love love love love sunglasses! I know 3 pairs might seem to be a lot, but I love to wear different sunglasses on different days. 3 sunglasses = 3 different styles.

Here's everything that I'll be taking in my clothing. Stay tuned for the rest of my "packing process" with the beauty products and makeup.

See you soon,



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