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Vacation calling Part 2 : Makeup // How to Pack for a 4 days trip ?

Hello there, 

I hope you're doing well today! This blog post is the second part of my How to Pack for a 4 days trip article // Packing for Florence serie. And Today we're talking makeup. 

I like to prepare my makeup first, it's much easier, just a few of my products are liquid (foundation and concealer), and since I practically use the same things everyday especially in summer, I know what I'm taking. 

First things first, let's talk about my foundations. I recently purchased the Benefit Pore Professional, which is presumably supposed to minimize the appearance of pores and fix your makeup. I say presumably because I haven't tried it yet, I bought it because I really wanted a makeup base to fix my makeup and this one was only 10€ or so on Sephora. 

Next, I'm taking my all time favorites and the one I'm actually using every single day since my Skin Catastrophe (We'll talk about that another time, shall we), the one and only Revlon Colour Stay, pump edition, for oily skin in the shade 250 Fresh Beige. This foundation is magical! It stays on all day, it truly matches my skin and it just offers a perfect coverage. With that I use Rimmel Wake me Up concealer in Ivory shade that offers a good coverage for spots, blemishes, and those bags under the eyes... I also use my Stay Matte pressed powder from Rimmel. If you have read my July's Favorites post, you'll know that this powder is awesome because it really fixes my foundation. 

For the brushes,  I'm taking my Expert Face Brush from Real Techniques for my foundation and concealer, and my Powder Brush also from Real Techniques for my powder. They are both really good, easy to clean up and quite cheap for brushes. I bought mine at Boots when I was living in Ireland. 

After applying my foundation, concealer and powder, I apply bronzer, which I must admit is a new step for me. My bronzer is the Maxi Delight Bronzer from Bourgeois, and let me just tell you, it smells delicious! It smells like summer in a little box. It has glitter in it so it makes your face glow and it adds some sun touches. I'm also taking my Shimmery Brick from Bobbi Brown in the shade Nectar. It's quite expensive but I won't hesitate to buy it again. It's the perfect mix of blush, highlighter and bronzer, all gathered in one box. I'm also taking my Bourgeois Blush in the shade Rose Ambré, aka raspberry pink (kinda) and my cream blush from Topshop in the shade Flush, which is a very bright pink. I really love the texture of this one, I feel like it's easier to apply on the cheeks. 

For highlighter I'm only bringing my Radiant Touch highlighter from Kiko, which is pretty awesome and very cheap. It's like a champaign color.  

I'm also bringing my Benefit Gimme Brow gel brow that I love so much and couldn't live without. I just love to fill it my brows with this gel, they stay perfect all day. 

For brushes I'm also taking some Real Techniques: my Blush Brush and my Stippling Brush to apply cream blush. To apply my bronzer I'm taking my Sephora Brush for contouring and bronzer. 

For this trip I didn't want to take my huge palettes from Urban Decay because even though they are great, they are quite big, I tend to use the Naked 3 but I mostly use the Vice palette, there're some neutral shades that are perfect for a casual day look. If you're actually interested in seing my makeup routine and my casual makeup day look, just leave a comment below. Anyway, I searched for a smaller neutral palette for over month but I couldn't find one that could match my expectations. So I listened, for once, to my boyfriend's advices and I decided to buy individual shades from Mac. I choose 4 eye shadows: Jest, which is a really light pink/champaign kind of shimmery, perfect to add some highlight into the inner corner of your eye; Texture, a light brown kind of peach shade; Quarry, which is a light purple with grey undertone, and Passionate a bright fuchsia. I actually bought Jest to pull all over my eye lid and then Texture to put on my crease. However, Jest was too light and didn't match very well with Texture. *deception* Therefore, I add one more eyeshadow to my collection by buying Soba, which is a light peach shade, which just goes perfect with Texture.

For eyeshadows primer I use Rimmer Exaggerate Undercover Shadow Primer, which is not great but is quite good, meaning it does its job of making my eyeshadows last on my eye.

For mascara, I'm taking my Perversion Mascara from Urban Decay which really gives volume, lengths and all that jazz to the eyelashes. Read my July's Favorites post if you want to learn more about that. 

Finally for eyeliner, I'm bringing the one and only 24/7 waterproof liquid liner from Urban Decay too. I love this eyeliner, but again if you want to learn more about it, head to my July's Favorites post.

For Brushes, I'm taking 2 brushes from Makeup Forever, one for the eyelid and one for details, and one fluffy brush for the crease from Sephora.

For lipsticks, I'm taking 5 for 4 days, logical right? Anyway let's not get into that! I'm taking Lady Danger (first swatch in the second picture), which is a red/orange matte lipstick; Crosswires, a corail creemsheen lipstick (second swatch), Relentlessly Red, which a very bright pink retro mat lipstick (third swatch), Ruby Woo, a bright red with fuchsia undertone matte lipstick, and last but not least All Fired Up a fuchsia matte. I'm a big fan of Mac lipsticks, they stay on forever no matter what, especially the mat, however they are very dry, and they have really great colors. 

Crosswires - Lady Danger - Relentlessly Red - Ruby Woo - All Fired Up
Lady Danger - CrossWires - Relentlessly Red - Ruby Woo - All Fired Up

Next on this series would be the Vacation calling Part 3: Beauty and Skin Care! Stay tuned, it's coming soon!

Hope you liked this post,

See you soon.



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  1. Hi ! What a big makeup case ! It seems like I want to buy everything I don't have yet ! I particularly love the Relentlessly Red, is that your entire MAC collection ? And I would love to see what you can do with your new MAC palette because I already tried to find THE palette that fits perfectly to me but I don't know which colors I should take. See you !