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Vacation Calling Part 3: Skin Care // How to pack for a four days trip ?


I've been posting a lot lately but it won't last since I'm leaving for Florence today! *Yaaaaay* Actually, by the time you read this post I'll already be in the streets of Florence, enjoying the sun and the Italian ice cream. Therefore, you won't see any posts for the next 4 days, but don't you worry, I'll be back with a ton of pictures to show you guys! 

So today we're talking skin care and beauty products while flying with a cary on, this is the last part from my How to Pack for a Four Days Trip articles and the last post of my Getting Ready/Packing for Florence series. If you read my last posts, you'll know all my tips for Packing Clothes, Packing Makeup and Organizing your bag if you're alowed to bring one in the plane, and today you'll find out my tips to pack your skin care products, so keep reading! 

If you have travelled with only a cary-on and a small bag, and if you're a girl, you'll understand the pain of making all your liquid skin care products fit into one small transparent/plastic bag. I got lucky this year, I went a little bit crazy while shopping on, and since I was actually shopping for "easy travelling" products (aka products with a volume of 100ml and under) they offered me this cute little bag with something that looks like a lipstick flying like a plane on it. 

I'm not gonna tell you everything that I've gotten during this shopping spree, I'm just going to tell you all the things that I've gotten for this short trip to Florence, and that you can actually see in the picture above! 

First of all, I've got 4 small bottles to put my makeup removals for my eyes and my face in those, another one to put my Clinique Dramatically Different Lotion, and another one to put hair lotion to soften my hair. It's so much easier to travel with those! 

I've got the deodorant wipes as well that you could see in my What's in my bag post, and the Clinique Dramatically Different moisturizer, as well as the whole Dramatically Different kit for oily to combination skin with again the moisturizer, the lotion and the cleansing gel. I haven't tried it yet but I did try the Anti Blemish Solutions kit and let me just tell you it's awesome, my face is spots free, and I'm so thankful after all the trouble I've been through to get rid of blemishes. If you want to learn more about my fight again blemishes and spots, let me know in the comments, and I will make a post about it. Travel size kit are very handy, you have everything that you'll need for your face into one small kit you can take everywhere with you. 

I also got the Bumble and Bumble thickening hair spray to make my waves last longer on my hair and add volume. Ive been using it a lot lately and I already love it and I know I'm gonna purchase this in the bigger size. 

I bought the Benefit Pore Professional too that I talk about in my last post

I'm bringing all the things I'm talking about above as you can see in the picture, and I'm adding my contact lotion, my lip balm from Carmex and my tooth paste. Also, because my foundation and some of my makeup products are liquid and I'm not risking to loose them by not putting them into this tiny bag, I'm adding my Color Stay foundation from Revlon, my Wake Me Up concealer from Rimmel and my 24/7 Liquid Liner from Urban Decay. 

I'll be taking other things that won't be in this bag since they are not liquid, such as my tooth brush (duh), my deodorant, cotton disk, cotton bud, hair grip, a purple loofah, a hairband that I got at Boots from the brand Champneys to keep my hair out of the way when I'm washing my face, as well as a shower cap from Soap and Glory that isn't in the picture. I'm bringing a small bottle of dry shampoo too that smells like almond, it isn't shown in the picture thought and I don't know the name of the brand.

I'm not taking any shampoo, shower gel or skin lotion, because all that jazz will be offered by the hotel, so I don't want to overpack with things I can find there.

Hope you like this post,

I'll see you when I come home with a lot of goodies for Lipstick Road.



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