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What's in my bag for Vacation time ?

Hello there! 

I hope you're doing well on this lovely day! Today I thought I'll show you guys what's in my bag during my vacation time. I'm actually going away to Florence in Italy on Tuesday for four days with my family, so I have everything ready in my bag and my suitcase for this short trip. If you're interested in seing what I'm taking with me on the plane and then on the streets of Florence, keep reading!

This is the first post of my "Getting ready/Packing for Florence" mini serie, I hope you'll be interested. I'll also try to show you my different outfits once I'm there. 

During the summer time, I prefer to carry a smaller bag to walk around. So this bag from Red Herring is just perfect. If you read my July's Favorites post you'll know the story behind this little baby. I got it from my boyfriend as a graduation gift since I just got my Bachelor of Arts in Business Studies degree *Yay*. Anyway, he got it on for the lovely price of £20, and I absolutely love it, I've been using it since the day he gave it to me, meaning 1 month straight (Yep I'm that into it). It's plain black, faux leather, it has one small pocket in the front with a lock, perfect to put a bus card or even my phone. It has one long adjustable handle and 2 zippers on each size to widen the bag. Inside there's two small pocket, and a bigger one with a zipper. I love the black with the gold details, and even though it seems small a lot of things can fit in it.

I'm very picky when it comes to accessories (Aka I don't have a lot of them but I've a good collection of things I use every day; No left behind!). I found it very hard to find the perfect bag so when I do I just hold on to it, same for jewelry and other accessories. You might see a lot of these bag in the future, like OOTD posts or others "whats in my bag" posts, (just saying, hope you don't get sick of it).

I tend to have a looot of stuff in my bag, like really useless things, lots of tickets from previous shopping sprees for example, and when you use a small bag it's not the greatest thing because you end up searching for the thing you're looking for for 5 minutes... (Yep, for some reason I can never find my keys ...)  So from times to time I like to organise my bag, and the day I took this picture was the day I decided to be the organized person that I am and clean up my bag. 

So right now my bag is ready to go to Florence. All packed up! Anyway, here's what you'll find in my pretty little bag. 

First of all my wallet! It's not the prettiest wallet in the world, I actually found it at the men's section at Dunnes store back in Ireland. However, it is quite handy when you're shopping or on a rush, and it was quite cheap... Anyway, I still haven't found THE wallet to replace this one, since, again, it is quite convenient to use. 

Next, you'll find my purse. I must admit I'm pretty proud of this one. It is so cute! I absolutely love it! It has glitter all over it, and leopard prints inside it. Plus, it has the most beautiful lips on it with long lashes, it kind of reminds me of the sleeping mask Audrey Hepburn is wearing in Breakfast at Tiffany's (Love this movie! did you see it?).  Inside there's also a little pocket to keep a credit card or ID, which is nice. This little purse was given to me for my birthday, I think, a year ago, by my brother and his girlfriend, my family always has the cutest gift. 

My phone would be the next essential thing too! in its little Pug case from Asos. *Cutie*

Next, we have my glasses, my sunglasses and my contact box, which I found in a little store during a trip to the US, quite a while ago. There's a little mirror inside the box and a small spot to keep the contact box. I love the leopard print, again. (In case you're wondering, my glasses are from Marc Jacobs). I also have eye drops just in case my eyes get very dry, which can happen quite often when you're wearing contacts for too long and you're tired.  My sunglasses are from Marc by Marc Jacobs. 

I always keep hands sanitizer and hand cream in my bag. I love a good hand cream, it's just refreshing during the day. Those ones are both from Soap and Glory and they both smell delicious! The hand cream is very sweet while the sanitizer is more fruity, both very girly. (There is glitter in the hand sanitizer!) I also love to have some small size fragrances, this one is from Victoria's Secret, the smell is delicious, very sweet!

Next, you'll find bobby pins and hair ties since I recently cut my hair in a lob, it's quite hard to put my hair in a bun or even in a ponytail so I use bobby pins to make sure everything is in the right place and don't fall out. I'll also use bobby pins to keep my hair out of my face and eyes.  

Often, I also carry a hair brush in my bag. Normally I'll carry a small traveler brush for casual days. But since I'm going on vacation and it's a small trip I only take one hair brush and I'll carry it my bag. This one is from Tangle Teezer. I love it and I've been loving since the day I purchased it back in December! It leaves my hair soft and shiny, tangles free! Perfect!

I always cary pressed powder just in case I need a little touch up on my wake up, which has been quite rare recently so I'm pretty satisfied with the products I'm using right now (Revlon Color Stay for foundation and Rimmel Stay Matte for pressed powder and Rimmer Wake Me Up concealer). This one is from Mark and Spencer, from the brand Autograph, in the lightest shade. It's pretty good to cover up any blemishes and spots. Another makeup essentials is a lipstick. I'm sure you have guessed from the name of my blog and the description box that I'm pretty obsessed with lipsticks. I'm always wearing lipsticks, and of course I'll have to keep the lipstick that I'm wearing in my bag. At the moment, I've been wearing All Fired Up and Ruby Woo from Mac a lot! All Fired Up is a fuchsia matte lipstick and Ruby Woo is a red with pink undertone matte lipstick! They are my favorites during the summer time! 

During the summer time, especially while being on vacation, I love to have sunscreen in my bag, SPF 30 or 50, this one that I have in the moment is SPF 50. You'll never know when you're gonna get a sunburn so better be prepared to fight the sunburns. I always get one on my nose during the summer time, it's pretty painful and doesn't add the greatest colors on my face.

I have a nail file to fix my nails, which keeps me away from biting my nails too. 

I also keep tissues in my bag, just in case my eyes get watery because of my contacts. I cary medicine too just in case of headaches or stomachaches. I like to keep food too 'cause I'm always hungry. At the moment I'm been loving some small size brownies. From time to time I'll be carrying a water bottle but right now since my bag is quite small there's no room for that... *deception* 

Next, we'll have deodorant wipes from Sephora, which are very handy especially when you're flying or even during a very hot day. 

I alway cary my headphones, just for the flight, this one is from Beats, and an emergency battery recharge for my phone. Just for the flight I also like to have a good book! I love to read, and I actually have a lot of books to read! The one I'm carrying in Breakfast at Tiffany's written by Truman Capote. 

And finally, I have my passport, pretty practical to have when you're flying out of the country! 

Anyway, hope you like this post, leave a comment to let me know what you carry in your bag when you're traveling. 

See you soon. 



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