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First Day of School And Nothing to Wear: A Lesson of Confidence // OOTD

Hello there,

My first day of school was on Monday the 7th and I must say I was pretty anxious and stressed about it. As far as I can remember I've always hated going back to school. I liked school because I loved to learn new things but I've always been nervous about going back to school, and I usually do not sleep on the night before my first day of school.

Anyway, adding to that stress, the stress of not knowing what to wear, and you get me having a total breakdown and nerve wrecking night before the first day of school.

When I was younger, my mom used to buy me a First Day Of School Outfit, every year! An outfit I was not allowed to wear before that first day because it was a special outfit. An outfit to give me strength and confidence for the first day of school. 

Growing up I kept the habits of having that special first day of school outfit for awhile but then I stopped. With the anxiety kicking in even more every year, I guess I didn't see the point of having a special outfit to give me confidence and strengths. It was simply not working for me anymore. 

So now it's just a pain to find the best outfit to wear on the first day of school. I could just buy a special outfit but I'm never inspired and I just end up wearing things that I just bought but wore non stop for a couple of days, and thus feel bad about it.

But why do we do this whole thing around the first day of school? And why is the first day of school so stressing? It's just a regular day, a normal one.

Anyway, this year it was really hard to find an outfit for me. My style has really evolved this past year, and I felt a little bit more daring. However being the anxious person that I am, for some reason I cannot wear the outfits that truly represents me for school or even get out of my house and be around people I don't know or don't hang out with everyday. I have to find equivalent of things that truly represent me, things that won't make me step out or be weirdly stared at.  

Plus, there's always the problem of wanting to wear 10 different outfits... I wanted to wear my grey Topshop Jeans but I also wear my bootcut jeans from River Island, or maybe my Dr Denim Jeans or my boyfriend jeans from Cheap Monday... I also wanted to wear my Lipstick Sweater with a leopard collar, or my open back T-shirt from Asos with a jeans shirt. 

My room was such a mess... But I realized, who really cares about what you're wearing? Except you? It's just about being and feeling comfortable and stylish, and be you because at the end of the day it's about loving yourself and feeling good about yourself no matter what people think. Plus, if you feel good about yourself, it will translate on your body expression and face, and people are going to see that first. 

People will love your outfit from the moment you love it too and you feel good and confident about it.

For my first day of school outfit, I decided to stay simple and comfortable with my style and to play with the accessories. 

That's why I chose to wear Topshop leggings with tights underneaths to stay warm, and my boyfriend flannel shirt, which I actually turned into a really short dress. Yep I'm wearing my boyfriend's clothes, after all he's my number one fan and he's the one who makes me confident and reminds me to be the real person that I am. 

For accessories since this is a really simple look and I didn't want to feel like I just got out of bed, I put on my round necklace that I got from my birthday. I don't know the brand but I do know it's from Etsy. I then played with superposition, adding my long triangle or arrows necklace from Brandy Melville. 

I also added some geometrical rings from H&M, and one vintage phoenix ring, and a leopard scarf from Stradivarius perfect for cold mornings.

For shoes I just wore plain brown high heeled boots from H&M, and my jacket is a grey leather jacket from All Saints.

For hair and makeup I just kept it pretty basic with straight hair, and for my makeup I just wanted to stay simple, and wear nude colors, except for my lips, I wore one of my favorite lipstick from Topshop called Screen Sirens. (If you want to see how I did my makeup, stay tune, my routine is coming soon!) 

I really felt good about this outfit, and I felt like it was a good reflection of my personal style.

I love to play around with clothes and change the main function of my clothes, I usually turn my flannel shirts into cardigans or short dresses by wearing a leggings, I love to take long T-shirt and turn them into crop tops by just tying a knot etc.

Little advices for those days when you don't know what to wear, just stay true to yourself, stay simple, and comfortable, just accessorize or add one statement piece in your outfit. It could be a jacket, a top, pants, shoes, anything. Don't go to over the top, I mean, go if you want to as long as you stay true to yourself, everything will be fine. And don't forget that you're never overdressed (or underdressed).

Hope you like this post,

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See you soon,




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