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Purple Fierceness // Makeup Tutorial

Hey there lovely people, 

Today I thought I'll show you by far one of my favorite makeup look. I'm pretty proud of making this one by myself too. I really feel like my brown eyes are really "highlighted" with this look. 

In fact, I feel like purple and pink colors are great for brown eyes, as well as other eyes colors don't get me wrong. But I'm glad I finally find a color that makes my eyes popped.  
I've been doing this makeup look for awhile now. I actually started back in February and I started wearing it non stop, but then I tried some different things and I ended up not wearing it as much, but now I'm back into it.

Anyway let's get into it! 

I've started by doing my foundation, brows and contouring, but since my routine hasn't changed since my last makeup post, I didn't take any pictures for those steps. (Sorry!). However, I did change one step, which is for my blush.

For this look, I usually take my Mac blush with the Blush Brush from Makeup Forever, I also add a little bit of the Bourgeois Blush in the shade Ambre. I really want my eyes to be the highlight of this look so I don't want to draw attention to my cheeks or lips, that's why I used a "casual" color for my cheeks.

Next, I'm taking my Rimmel Undercover Shadow Primer, I apply it on my eye lids and blend it with my fingers. 

So real deal now! Ready? 

I take my Nars Dual Intensity Shadow in the shade Desdemona, which I seriously adore! I mean look at this color! It's gorgeous! Plus, it's super pigmented. It's a shimmery bright pink/purple, really really really really pretty but quite pricy for an eyeshadow I must say. 

Anyway, I take my shadow and with my Sephora All Over Shadow Brush I apply it all over my eye lids. 

With a small fluffy brush from Makeup Forever, which is the number 218, I apply Desdemona underneath my eyes along the lower lash line but just on the outer corner. I feel like it adds more depth and definition. 

Next step, to blend everything out, I take my big fluffy brush from Sephora and my Texture eyeshadow from Mac, and apply it on my creases. It's really meant to blend everything out and just add a softer touch.

Then I take the shade Querry still from Mac and my 218 eyeshadow brush from Mac, I apply it on the inner corner of my eyes and I bring it back to the lower lash line on the inner corner. It really helps to open up the eyes, and it's a great hack if you look tired! It really makes your eyes popped. 

Once everything is done, aka when every color is properly set, I go back with Desdemona, using my 218 Makeup Forever eyeshadow brush, again, and I add a little more shadow to my eyelids and lower lash line in order to really define the look and again, add more depth. 

If you want a more daily wearable look, you don't have to do this step though. 

Next, I take my all time favorite eyeliner from Urban Decay (24/7 Liner) and I draw a line among my lash line and finish up with a big wing. 

I usually draw a thine line among my upper lash lines so it's easier to actually draw the line and the wing. You just have to add more liner to get the line and the wing you want. 

I feel like a wing at the end really helps open up your eyes and it gives a more sophisticated look. Again, for a more day-to-day look you can't just add mascara to the eyeshadows and skip the eyeliner step. 

Next step is mascara! This time I thought I'll spice things up a bit by using the Better Than Sex Mascara from Too Faced. And I must say I'm pretty amazed by this mascara. I loved Perversion from Urban Decay but I feel like I love this one even more. It lifts up the lashes, gives volume, lengths etc. just like Perversion. But I don't know it adds a little something. I might do a little Battle of the Lashes. 

So I apply my mascara on both top and bottom lashes.

Final eye step is eye pencil! I take my Rimmel Kohl Eye Pencil in a white shade and I apply it on my waterline. It's great to open up the eyes and get an extra glowing look from the eyes if that makes sense. Again, it's a good hack for when you are tired (either with a white eye pencil or a beige). 

Final step is lipstick. I really wanted to put the emphasis on my eyes, that's why I'm using a nude shade lipstick. This one is Mocha from Mac. It's a great light brown satin lipstick that goes perfectly with this purple look. However, this look works with a pink or red shade lipstick as well! I used to wear it with the Mac Red which is a satin deep red lipstick, Lady Danger, a red-orange matte lipstick, and even All Fired Up, which is a bright red pink lipstick.  

That's it for the finished look. 

I really love it, it works very well from day to night. I love how my eyes are really highlighted and emphasized. 

Hope you like this post! Let me know what you think in the comments.

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See you soon,




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  1. Wow the colors look so good on you ! It is really beautiful and seems to be easy to do. Can't wait to see more of your tuto !