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Summer Waves Sadness // Wavy and Volumized Hair Routine

Hey there,

That's it summer is over, I mean it's has been over for a few weeks now since my first day of school was on the 7th of September... 

Anyway, in order to not get too depressed about summer being over, I decided to recreate my summer hair routine that I actually adopted as a daily (kinda) hair routine. So today my friends I'm showing you my Wavy and Volumized Hair Routine! 

I have curly and frizzy hair, that I actually hate... My hair is so short that I look like a sheep when I wear my real curly hair. So I straight my hair (I know so damaging!). However, during the summer I found that my short hair needed some more volume. 

That's when I decided to try to curl my hair a little bit. I didn't want really curly wear, since that's what I originally have, I just wanted waves. 

So let's start this routine! 

I use the Remington Curling Iron, which is quite a big iron, but before putting any heat on my damaged hair I put my GHD Heat protector hair spray all over my hair.

I then brush my hair with my Tangle Teezer, which I love. I feel like my hair are shiner and softer whenever I brush it with the Tangle Teezer.

Real deal now! Once my curling iron is hot, I split my hair into 2 big parts. I start with the bottom part of my hair. 

I take a small piece of my hair, wrap it around the iron by starting from the bottom to the top. What I do is that I take the end of the pieces hold it with the clip of the iron, and wrap the rest of my hair around the iron. I feel like it's easier to wrap your hair around the iron when the end is "stuck" to the clip. I wait for 10 seconds and Tadaaaa my wave is here!

I repeat that process until all the pieces of the bottom part of my hair is wavy. Then I let go the top part and repeat the same process.

Take small pieces, wrap my hair around the iron from bottom to top, wait, let go. Repeat.

Once my hair is definitely wavy, I take my Bumble and Bumble Hair Thickening hairspray, spray it all over my hair, and to make sure the spray sticks to my hair and adds volume I just squeeze the pieces of my hair.

I love the effects! The Bumble and Bumble hair spray really helps my waves to last and adds a lot volume. Plus, I feel like my Tie and Dye/Ombre hair shows more with the waves.

That's it for my routine!

Hope you liked it, don't forget to follow me on Blog Lovin 'cause I have a ton of content coming just for you soon!

See you soon,




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