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Pink Madness: Smoky Pink Eyes // Makeup Tutorial

Hey there! 

Today I thought I'll show you how to do a makeup look I've come up with on my own. Yep! I'm pretty proud of myself for this one actually because I'm really no expert, I'm learning everyday how to do my makeup and how to highlight my eyes or my face in general. It might look crazy but I like it.

So please, if you have any advices, suggestions for me or even if you want to share your ideas, leave a comment, I'll be more than grateful and I'm always happy to learn new things or technics. 

Little disclaimer: I'm no expert, I don't work in the beauty industry, I'm not a professional when it comes to do my makeup, I'm just a girl trying to learn and who enjoys doing her makeup. 

My foundation, brows, contouring routine is still the same as my very first makeup tutorial so I won't show it again in this post. And for blush, I used the same products as well as my last makeup post, that is my Mac blush.

Anyway, let's get into the real deal!

First thing first, in order to make sure my eye shadows last forever I prime my eyes with the same shadow primer I've been using in my last posts: the Undercover Shadow Primer from Rimmel. Really good, quite cheap! I highly recommend it.

Next, I'm taking my Urban Decay Vice Palette that I love! The eyeshadows are really pigmented, really good, and the colors in general are amazing, quite bold I must say but really cool!

For this look, I'm using the pink shades, so I'm starting with a medium pink shade, kind of like a cranberry pink or fuchsia, really pretty. This one is called Alchemy.

I apply this shadow all over my eyelid with an All Over Shadow brush from Sephora. I also apply a little bit on the lower lash line of my eye.

Then, to blend "everything" out and soften the look a little bit, I apply a light brown shade, similar to Texture from Mac, called DownFall I apply it on my eyes crease with a small fluffy brush from Makeup Forever (218).

Then to open up my eyes, I add a light pink shade called Alien on the inner corner of my eyes and I bring it a little bit among the lower lash line with the 218 fluffy brush from Makeup Forever.

Next, I apply a deeper pink shade called Bondage, almost purple actually, among the upper lash line. The idea here is to create a cat eye but with eyeshadow.

It's a great trick if you don't really master the cat eye look with a liquid eyeliner, since you can just draw a really thin line with the liquid liner, the shadow will do the rest by giving the illusion of a bigger line and deeper look.

Next step is eyeliner! I'm still using the Perversion 24/7 liquid eyeliner from Urban Decay, but except of drawing a "big line" or a least a line that I normally draw, I just draw a thin line among my upper lash line with a flat shadow brush.

I found it much easier to draw, plus, you have the shadow line to guide you. If you mess up, don't worry, it won't even show because the shadow line hides your mistakes.

Once my wing is drawn, I go back with Bondage (the deeper, almost purple shadow) with a flat shadow brush to add more depth and definition.

For mascara, I'm still using the Better Than Sex mascara from Too Faced, truly amaziiiiing! I apply it on my top and bottom lashes.

For the lips, I didn't want to draw too much attention to my lips but I still wanted to have color, and not have nude lips. So I'm taking my all time favorite lipstick from Topshop!


Topshop's lipstick are truly affordable, stay on forever, the shade are great, really pigmented, really moisturizing! Awesome! Seriously, I highly recommend the lipsticks from Topshop!

I must say I have quite a good collection of lipsticks from Topshop, but the Wicked is by far my favorite, especially for Fall.

Since it is quite a very deep kind of purple lipstick, and I want something light for this look, I'm taking a brush, which is actually a brow brush, but anyway... I'm taking my newly lip brush and I'm taking a little bit of lipstick with it and just apply it on my lips.

Great trick to apply the lipstick easily and not get it everywhere around the lips, and also to have a less "pigmented" version of the lipstick.

That's it for the look! I hope you like it!

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Until then, I hope you have a great day!

See you soon,



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