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Season of Fall and Love // September's Favorites

Hey there,

Sorry I'm late... It's the 10th of October and I'm only posting my September's favorites now... I've been very very very very busy with school. I mean a Master 1 is no joke! I've never studied so much in my entire student life, and I thought that last year was hard... Anyway! My favorites have been ready for quite a while now but I couldn't find the time to talk about them. There are not a lot of favorites this months, but there're some fall essentials and back to school essentials for me.

But without further ado, let's get into it!

First things first, the Randoms:

I'm a huge tea lover, and if you read my weekend in London's post you'll know that I kinda went crazy at Fortnum and Mason and bought a lot of tea. I usually buy tea bags since I found it practical to use, but back in London I only bought tea that come in pretty boxes and that need a tea infuser.

However, silly me forgot that the tea infuser that I had and used from time to time was kinda broken... Yea it's licking... so there's some tea leafs that end up in my tea cup, and I find it quite annoying.

Anyway, I remembered that my brother had this Mr Tea Infuser thing, which looks like a guy taking a bath and chilling in your cup, so I thought "Maybe I can find a similar one on Amazon". So I looked online and found the cutest tea infuser which looks like a Pug taking a bath! And if you know me you'll know that I'm truly obsessed with pugs, like crazy obsessed.

It's in silicone, easy to open and clean up, and I mean, look at it! Isn't it the cutest thing ever?

I'm also a big book addict, and in the beginning of September when I started to go back to school and had time to read in the train or subway, I read The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch. If you don't know who he was, he was an incredible and inspirational computer science professor at Carnegie Mellon.

In 2007, he was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer and he dealt with how to organize his life before his death and how to enjoy his last moments with his kids and his wife. His story was really heartbreaking since his kids were very young when he passed away, but he wanted to do everything he could to create the best memories with his kids for them, growing up, so they would know who their dad was.

His university asked him in 2007 to do a special lecture, a Last Lecture. Usually in the US, professors are frequently asked to do those kind of lectures when they have to talk about a subject that reflects their entire work or something meaningful to them. For Randy Pausch, this last lecture was an opportunity to not only share with his colleagues, friends and students, but also his family, the great outlines of his life, but most importantly how he succeeded at achieving his childhood dreams.

I'm not gonna go into details, but back in Ireland, during a marketing class, I watched his Last Lectures, which is up on Youtube, and I was really interested in his story and his message, so I decided to read the book.

I highly recommend it. It's so inspirational, and it made me think about my life and how I live my life each day differently. The book gathers Randy's own story, and advices on life with advices on achieving our childhood dreams. It's amazing and funny but sad at the same time. I was really emotional reading it, but I learnt so much and I won't hesitate reading it again.

Next on my favorites list is an Alice in Wonderland Notebook that my boyfriend got for me. I really love Alice in Wonderland, it's one my favorites story and Disney movie (with Peter Pan, I guess that says a lot about me and my desire to live in a crazy amazing world with mermaids, fairies, flowers that talk...).

Anyway, it's a limited edition notebook, and it's so pretty I'm scared to write things on it... But I did start to write inspirational quotes for myself from books, movies etc. It's really pretty, it has some quotes from the book in it, drawings and at the end there're some stickers as well.

An essential for fall (and winter) for me is candles! I adore scented candles! My absolute favorite is the Fireside Treat from Yankee Candle, which smells like Marshmallows roasting. I love it so much, and I find it very comforting.

I got this big one for Christmas last year, but since I was going back to Ireland, I couldn't bring it back with me so I just started using it when I moved back to France. However, I did spend a lot at Yankee Candle in Dublin for this particular candle.

I first started with the small jar, then moved to medium size, and end up buying the large jar on sale. I also bought little round candles in a pack. Yep... I'm truly addicted to this particular candle.

Another fall and going back to school essential is my glittery pencil case that I got at Easter in Dublin last year. I really like it, it's quite small but all my pens and everything that I need for school fit in it. I found it hard to find a cute pencil case for student once you are at the University, so I was really excited when I found this one, it reminds me of the galaxy.

Next is the Beauty Favorites:

First is my Naked 3 Palette from Urban Decay. I'm sure by now you all know this palette. I got it last year, but I didn't really use it until this summer because I was mainly using the Naked 2 or the Vice Palette.

However, now for Fall, I really love the colors, I love the pink shades, which make my eyes pop and I feel like they add a little color.

I know that for Fall most people use gold shades on their eyes, and I do as well sometimes, but in September, I mainly used pink shades from this particular Palette. Stay tuned if you want to see my Fall makeup routine using the Naked 3, it's coming soon!

When I went back to school, I didn't want to stand out, and I didn't want to wear bold red or burgundy lipstick colors, I was looking for pink or nudes color.

However I found out that those kind of colors were not for me. I was so used to wear red lipstick I found myself looking weird when I wore pink or nude shades. So during a little shopping session at Sephora, I was looking at pink lipstick, bold but wearable for school.

I stopped at the Marc Jacobs corner, which I normally don't because it's so expensive, but last time, my eyes got caught by a beautiful lipstick called Je t'aime and it was love at first sight.

It's a dark pink lipstick, cremesheen, which stays on forever. I really love it, it goes with every look, and I really get the bold but casual look with this lipstick.

I also stopped at a more affordable store to find some drugstores products. Once again, my eyes got caught by a lip pencil from Maybelline. And I'm truly amazed by the quality of this lip pencil. It's not even a real lip pencil to just draw the line around the lip, it is a real lipstick!

Again it's a dark pink color. It is really easy to apply because it's a creamy texture! It's not dry. It stays on forever as well, and it's very wearable on a day-to-day basis or even for school.

My beauty fall essentials is an OPI nail polish. I'm not a big fan of OPI nail polishes because I don't find the quality amazing for the price. I feel like they break out really quickly, and for the same price I'd rather buy Essie Nail polishes.

However, I do have a few of OPI nail polishes that I love. This one is one of my favorites and it's a dark red/maroon color, just perfect for fall. That's basically the only nail polish that I wore all month.

Next favorites is a hair serum from Welda that I got on Amazon when I was searching for serum to soften my hair but not a grassy one. I found this one on Amazon, and the reviews were just amazing so I decided to go for it.

The smell is great, kinda smells like vanilla, and it really softens my hair and makes it shiny. It's not grassy at all, which is great. It was affordable, but still a little bit pricy. But it is a professional brand, and it's high quality!

Another favorites is this makeup bag from Victoria's Secret that my sister in law brought back from the US for me. I love leopard print and I love Victoria's Secret in general, so that was a great gift!

Plus, you can always use a makeup bag! Victoria's Secret beauty bags are truly great, they are big enough to fit a lot of stuff but still practical to bring along on a bag. I use this one for school, I just put my lipstick, powder, lip balm, small travel hairbrush, medicine, hand sanitizer, hand cream etc. in it. It's just perfect.

Last but not least, Fashion Favorites:

Those are truly fall essentials for me!

First we have those beautiful booties from Andre that I got back in the beginning of September for my first day of school. If you read my Week of OOTD post, you'll know that I absolutely love those.

They are not the most comfortable shoes, but they are alright and they are very fashionable, perfect for fall. I really love them. However, they were quite pricy for boots, 80€ or so if I remember well.

Next is my pretty wool hat from Urban Outfitter that I got last year and that I love for Fall and Winter! It's quite simple, plain black, with a little belt on it.

I absolutely love hats and beanies! For Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter! All the time! I love a good hat, it's a perfect accessory, it goes with everything and it's a great way to add a little something to an outfit.

Again it was quite pricy since I got it at Urban Outfitters but you can find some great and cheaper alternatives at shops like Forever 21 and H&M.

Final favorites is this bag, that my boyfriend got for me for Valentine's day last year. It's from Matt and Nat and it's made of recycled bottles!

I adore this bag! It's the perfect size for a woman's bag! It has a large open pocket on the back, two small pockets on the inside, and another small one, which closes with a zip on the inside as well.

I usually use it when I wander around the city or when I go shopping, but since the beginning of September I've been using it for school. It's the perfect size to keep my notebook and my pencil case in it.

I know it's not the best idea because it can ruin a bag... Trust me I know, but for now since I only have to carry a notebook, I think it will be fine, until I find a new bag. I kinda want a backpack and I saw one at Urban Outfitters, so stay tuned, maybe it will be next month's favorite!

Anyway, that's it for today's post, I'm glad I found time to write something because trust me, this month has been crazy!

Hope you liked it,

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See you soon,



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