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All I Want For Christmas ...

Hey there,

I know I haven't been really active even though I said I will be, but again assignments will be the death of me... I feel like all I did the past few weeks was working on assignments, studying or working on some cool projects for school. Speaking of which... Some of my friends and I signed up for a Student Challenge, as part of our school program. 

For this challenge, we have to create a whole viral marketing campaign for a dating App, called Happn. I know what you think... a dating app? What?! But Happn is not like any other dating app, it allows you to find the people you crossed path with, aka people you had a crush on but never got the guts to talk to. Basically, Happn helps you find your Love at First Sight crush. I'm not a big fan of dating app but my friend, Alexandra, just had to tell me "Viral Marketing" to get me interested and signed up for the challenge.

Anyway, back in November, we wrote our proposal for this challenge and introduced our idea of the ideal campaign for Happn. And guess what?! We've been selected to create our campaign! Crazy, right? However, being busy as we are, we couldn't find time to realize the campaign, so it took some time, but we finally did it, and I couldn't be any prouder and happier about it. It's my baby! Yes this video is literally my baby. 

It took so much time and efforts to get this result, you have no idea, I had no idea! For this video, we didn't want to do like everyone and create a short-movie starring the app, we wanted something real, we wanted the video to be about love, feelings, emotions, and all those stuff related to love. And what better idea than to film people genuinely talk about it? So we asked 9 people, girls and boys, french and foreign students to talk about love, their experiences, their thoughts etc. I really like the result, I know it's not perfect but we're no experts, and for marketing students, I think it's quite good. 

I know the video is in French, even though some parts are in english but you can see some cool shots of Paris, city of Lights and Love. So all I'm asking for Christmas, and all I want you to do is to watch the video and click on this little link, and eventually download the app, so we can be selected for the big Final!

I'm genuinely not doing this for the prices or whatever, but for the experience, of creating a whole campaign and being able to talk about it to people who work in Marketing. And in case you're wondering, this video nor this post is sponsored or anything, and no one except for the people starring in the video, the 3 people in my team and myself, was involved in the whole creation, filming and editing process. Being able to talk about this project and explain how we created this and why, would mean the world to me, so please I would be so thankful and your friend forever if you can just help me.

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See you soon,



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