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Dear Santa ...

Hey there,

Since Christmas is really coming soon now, I thought I'll do some "Christmas Special" blog posts, and hopefully I can keep up with this series. Let's keep our fingers crossed my friends. Anyway, today I thought I'll write my Dear Santa Letter and share it with you, because you'll never know, maybe Santa Claus will stop by Lipstick Road, and since I've been real good this year, maybe I'll get what I ask for. I mean, you'll never know...

I know I've already told YOU all I wanted for Christmas but you know, some actual presents from my family is cool too, just saying...

Little disclaimer, this might sound like a lot to some of you, but just to be clear, this is just a wish list, I would not get every single thing that I've listed below.

So on my list this year we have this Military Coat from Mango that I actually saw on Susie from Hello October and that I actually adore. I've always loved Mango's coat, they are great for Winter time and so stylish, forever my go-to for quite affordable and stylish coats. Those leather Vans slip-on shoes that I have my eyes on for like 6 months now, I feel like they go with everything and they are just so stylish and pretty.

I also asked for some makeup, such as this Dolce Vita palette from Charlotte Tilbury but because I hesitated with the Vintage Vamp palette, I put both and I guess we'll see on Christmas day! However, since I'm really craving for makeup this Christmas and I also had my eyes on Too Faced goodies, I asked for the Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar palette or the Chocolate Bar palette, again not to sure about which one I really want.

I really wanted a Lush box so I put some on my list as well, such as: this Christmassy one, this amazing one,  this girly box, and this princess one.

I fell in love with this fury chair, which would go perfectly in my room from Maison du Monde as well, just saying... But I admit it's pretty expensive, so I thought that I could ask for some kind of fury blanket that you put on chairs or that you can use as a carpet, you know ?

And on a more technologic note, I asked for fish eye objectives for my phone and a circular led light for taking photographs, I would also love this blogger kit from Asos, although it's quite expensive so something similar could work.

That's pretty much what I asked for Christmas,

What's on your list ?

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Until next time,



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