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I am Craving Fashion // Seasonal Wish List

Hey there,

I feel like I'm on the way of starting a new series of post, maybe I don't know. One of my New Year's Resolutions was, to put in other words, to contain my addiction to shopping, so I thought "Why not going back to my Shopping Diet?", well it's harder than it seems because to stick to a shopping diet, you need support, support that I don't seem to have, unfortunately (sad face). But anyway, I've been on my shopping diet for a few weeks now, and it's going well thank you, I haven't bought anything in 2 weeks. Anyway, in order to make sure I don't snap during a shopping session and end up buying every pieces of clothes I don't need and that I'm never going to wear, I decided to write down my Clothing Wish List. This wish list is created to make sure that I spend my shopping budget of the month in only one of the items listed below.  So without further ado, here are the clothing items I am craving right now and that I'm only allowed to buy if they match my budget of the month, during a specific time of the month, and under adult supervision (just kidding).

* Comfy Working Girl Pants
I've had my eyes on those kaki pants from Topshop, and I can already dream about how comfortable they must be already. I want pants for those days I don't feel like wearing jeans but I still want to look put together. I mostly want those pants for Spring/Summer time when I'll hopefully be interning. However I do not know if I can pull them off, even though I can clearly picture myself wearing those with a cute T-shirt, a leather jacket, some cute low small high heeled boots and a statement necklace. I've also had my eyes on those ones from Topshop as well.

* Destroyed Skinny Jeans
I've been wanting those destroyed Jamie Jeans from Topshop forever, but the price kind of hold be back. I love destroyed skinny jeans, but I've never crossed the line of actually get some, I'm more on the DIY side, and I make my own ripped jeans... Not the best options I must admit. Total fail. I'm not allowed to use scissors anymore... 

* Oversized Men Shirts 
I'm obsessed with oversized sweaters and shirts, I've always been, I used to steal my father's and my brother's, and I still have some of my brother's but the quality isn't as great as it once was. Now, I'm even convincing my boyfriend to let me borrow his flannel shirts once and awhile. Lately, I've been craving for soft, delicate and classic but elegant looking shirts. Simple but effective. I've been looking mainly at Men's section, but a couple weeks ago I found the perfect one from Asos.

* A Cowboy Belt
From the moment I saw Kendall Jenner wearing one, I've been wanting to get a Cowboy styled belt. I saw different ones over on Asos, but they are all unavailable in my size, but I noticed this Topshop belt recently, that I really like. 

* A Backpack  
I miss my high school days when I carried a backpack and was made fun of. I'm just kidding, but lately, I've had my eyes on this pretty backpack from Urban Outfitters, but also this one from Topshop. Very minimalists, which I love, and I don't own a backpack, and I feel like they are quite practical, so I definitely, maybe do not need one, but really want one. 

* Turtleneck Sweaters
I love some good and big turtleneck sweaters, I saw a few from Zara, but they feel too tight, and I love some oversized sweaters, so that's I'm looking for. Recently, I've had my eyes on this Light Before Dark Turtleneck sweater, I already have it in black, but the grey has been screaming at me. 

* Overalls 
I've been wanting jeans overalls since the beginning of December, I even got black overalls from Pull and Bear, but they were too short and I had to return it. But I'm still searching for the perfect overalls... But lately my eyes were on those little cuties .

* Elegant High-heels 
I used to be obsessed with high heels, you know the kind of shoes effortlessly chic adult women wear in the street ? But I loved it on others because, it seemed to never really work on me, mainly because, for some reason... I cannot walk in those shoes, and every time I put on those shoes, I can clearly picture myself falling or getting stuck in some kind of hole on the ground. I've been eying those babies from Zara for awhile, and I also have a big crush on those ones from Topshop and those other ones from Asos

I hope you liked this post, I'll see you soon, until then, you can follow me on Blog Lovin so you'll know exactly when my next posts are coming, or you can still follow me over on my Instagram .



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  1. I'm loving destroyed skinny jeans and cowboy belts too (I need to get my hands on one ASAP)! Great post! :)