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Internet Obsession and other Geeky interests // Random Favorites

Hello there,

Is that a thing to share what you've been loving on the Internet lately? Because I have this urge to talk about a few things that I've been obsessed with those past few weeks. You know that feeling when you love something so much you want to tell all your friends about it? Well I do! and because I'm done bothering all my friends with those things, I thought why not sharing my obsession here? It's kind of a "weekly or monthly favorites" kind of posts except that I'm only sharing things you can find on the internet for free, rather that beauty or fashion products. See it as my Internet Obsession kind of post. I have no idea if it will be a monthly or weekly thing or just a random post because I need to get this out of my mind. We'll see, shall we? 

I've always been a fan of Tom Fletcher's videos. I love McFly, I love their songs, and I think my habits of blasting their version of Don't Stop Me Now in the car, has now turned my boyfriend crazy. When Tom first came up with his Bump to Buzz video, I fell in love with the cuteness in the video, and I was amazed by the wonderful work he and his wife made with this video, I thought it was so creative and Something New quickly became one of my favorites song ever. So it was no surprise for me that Tom's new video for his newly born son, Buddy, was going to be as amazing as his first video for Buzz. If you're in the mood, I highly recommend watching this, this and this videos. 

This is a probably Girls only content! I came across this podcast on Instagram thanks to one of the co-hosts, Becca Tobin. She was promoting the podcast on the social media with pinky and girly pictures of a photoshoot she did with the 2 others hosts, Keltie Knight and Jac Vanek. I gave it a go and I laughed so much during the first episode, I immediately subscribed to the LadyGang on Itunes and now I get one episode each Tuesday, for free. It's so funny, sometimes relatable, very girly, very Hollywood, anyway it's awesome and hilarious. They do this Good Week, Bad Week fragment that I love and find so funny, they also invite guests on the show almost every time, to give their insights on love, life, celebrity... And they answer all their subscribers' questions each week.

If you love Pop-Folk music like me, you should definitely give it a go, and if not you should listen to their music either way. But I'm sure you all heard England Skies! They are a French/British folk band with an amazing album made for those cool days of Summer. My favorites songs from All in Time are Little Warior, Soon and We Are Now. Now, obviously their album is not free, but you can find it on Itunes for only €9,99. You can also find some of their songs, as well as acoustic versions on their Youtube Channel.

Have you ever heard about CTFxC? Charles runs this channel where he vlogs every single day with his girlfriend, friends, family and his 3 dogs, that makes 365 days a year! I've been following his vlog channel for awhile now, maybe 2 years, or 3, since the moment he appeared on the FineBros Teens React video to talk about his brain surgery. Anyway, because he shares his life with this subscribers on Youtube, it was no surprise he was going to share his proposal to his girlfriend Alli. This video got me teary, it's so cute and emotional, I love how he called her father, mother, sister and brother to ask for her hand, it's so cute, it kills me. Plus, the whole video montage of their cute moments together got me thinking about vlogging my life too. 

So this is totally random because I came cross this ad while I was waiting to watch a video on Youtube. You know how it's so annoying when you have a 20 seconds ad before the actual video you want to watch? Well this one was not annoying at all, and it's refreshing to see something so meaningful and true. I've studied their first ad for the #LikeAGirl campaign last year when I was doing research for my Marketing Classes, and I shared it because it drove such a strong message. So now I decided to share their new video! I've never realized how emojis are mainly representing men, especially for the "jobs" section! There's not one single women in those emojis, you have a policeman, a man detective, a man angel... you get the picture. What's left for us women? Dancers, an old lady, a young girl, a woman, a bride, a princess and 8 different girls faces mainly related to hair! What does it mean? And what message does it send to young girls? They can make unicorn emojis but they can't come up with a large range of emojis that are actually representatives? You can join the campaign with the hashtag #LikeAGirl and even share with Always what emojis you would like to be represented! How awesome? 

I've heard about Lena Duhnam's newsletter when I was wandering on Facebook, I told myself that I should give it a look but completely forgot about it. Then a few weeks ago, Emily Ratajkowski was everywhere on my feed because of this article she wrote on Lenny Newsletter about how people, growing up, would just see her for a physical assets, even as a young girl, and would tell them what to do and not do, based on her rather sexual appearance. The article was quite deep and her reflection on how we should determine what sexy is based on our own terms and not others', was very interesting. Later that day, I signed up, and now almost everyday I get an email with an article written by a powerful woman, about style, culture, politics, feminism, work etc. Highly recommended! 

If you're tired of making pasta for dinner, and you're looking for healthy meal, or gluten-free snacks, easy and quick ideas, then this blog is for you! A really good friend of mine from Canada sent the link to me around Christmas time when I was desperate, trying to find a brownies' recipe. I ended up not baking Ashley's version of chocolate brownies, but I signed up to her newsletter anyway because I liked her recipes, and now every now and then I go to her blog and look at what should be my next kitchen experiment: the last thing that caught my eyes? this chicken with basil cream sauce. Yum... 

This is my new game obsession, introduced by my lovely boyfriend, who now cannot stand that I beat him on the Reverse mode. It's a game about colors, forms and a ball you need to get as high as you can. Want to know what I'm talking about? Then download the app! It's free, and so fun to play. You have a lot of different modes to play with: the regular one, which has the same goal as Flappy Bird, or more challenging ones, with a reverse mode, a blackout mode etc. 

Okay so I'm gonna stop there because 10 is so overrated and honestly I don't have anything to share with you, left... So I hope you liked this post, let me know what you think of everything I listed above! 

I'll see you soon but until then, you can follow me on Instagram where I'm driving people crazy with my Caribbean adventure's pictures, or/and you can follow me on Blog Lovin so you'll be notified whenever I post something here!



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