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New Year's Resolutions Update

Hey there,

Is that a thing to share whit the world how you're keeping up with your New Year's resolutions? I would assume people do that every 6 months or so, but it's been over 3 months, almost 4, now and I'm feeling so proud of myself I just needed to share it with the world! Okay, I may not be the best example when it comes to sticking up to resolutions, usually I don't even care about my resolutions, but I don't know why this year I felt like I needed to stick to something for a year, and just focus on my life. I would say I'm quite determinate when it comes to work but also personal stuff, and my resolutions were quite personal and meaningful to me this year, so it was important for me to not give up on those. Moreover, my resolutions are there to keep my mind occupied and not think about every little things that bug me, so it's good occupation. What are you doing today? Oh you know, just try to keep up with resolutions I wrote on the 1st of January, you? 

Anyway, if you want a little reminder of what my NY's resolutions looked like, you can go over there, have a read, and come back when you're ready, or you can keep reading because my resolutions are listed below in a non-descriptive way, or if I'm already bothering you, you can come back later this week, when I have a new blog post up. I swear I won't be offended. I'm going to be selfish here, but I'm writing this post for myself, and to remind me that for once in my life, I'm doing rather a good job at focusing on enjoying my life. Brutally honest eh? 

1) Be more active up there
Okay... fine I must admit I haven't been as active as I thought I will be. ,January and the beginning of February were actually not that bad, I succeeded at posting at least one blog post a week, but then I don't know what happened... I kept being active on Instagram though...  The funny thing is that I wrote a ton of blog posts but there were some silly details that kept me from posting them. Shame on me. 

2) Enjoy the little things 
This one is probably the cheesiest one, but the funny thing is that I'm actually keeping up with it. I don't know if I can remember one silly detail of each day of my life since January 1st but I can say that I did enjoy my days, and I didn't let silly things bother me. I made sure to be aware of everything so far, and just take pictures in my mind of my days to remember. 

3) Read more books
This one I nailed! Since my post was up on my blog I read like 4 great books. This is not amazing but it's one book a month, not bad! I did not stop buying books though, I guess I'm building a pile of books in my room so whenever I want to read I have a book ready for me on the top of the pile. 

4) Buy less things 
It has been a week now since my last real purchase, my last "totally unreasonable shopping spree", my last "you shouldn't be buying this because your balance on your bank account says so", my last "are you sure you want to buy something you're totally regretting afterwards?". A week is huge for me! And even before this week I didn't even go that crazy on shopping, I guess I stayed reasonable, I think, maybe... 

5) Speak out and express myself 
I think I'm getting better at this, it's not perfect yet, and I'm not at the point where I think "I'm gonna say whatever is bothering me because there's no way I'm keeping this thing to myself and let it eating my insides (ew gross)" but whenever there's a conflict, I'll say something if I feel like someone is not treating me the right way, and is just being disrespectful. 

6) Stop caring about what other people think 
Definitely on the way to nail this one as well, there are some time when I still think about "What this person is going to say about this or this", but overall I feel like I'm getting better at doing whatever I want to do or wear whatever I want to wear, without caring.

7) Be more daring with my style
I'm still on the way of finding my personal style, and finding whatever works best for me. I understand now that whatever works on other people, don't necessarily works on me, and it took 21 years to realize this! Hallelujah! 

8) Take time to do things
I don't think I've quite managed the art of "doing actual things", I do spend less time on my phone when I'm with people, I try to at least. It's just that I found it hard to find an actual hobby, for now I'm just studying for my driver's license, which occupies most of my time, other than that, I just read, and write but I want to find an actual hobby that I like and enjoy doing, like creating video, or learning a new language, or learning how to sew.

9) Stop silly things from affecting me 
I thought I was getting better on the whole anxiety thing, and I seemed so far from any stress, I didn't feel any states of anxiety and whenever I was supposed to be in a total anxiety mode, for oral presentation for example, I would feel anxious but at a reasonable level. I didn't have any anxiety attack for awhile, but then it hit me like a clap in the face. And now that I'm home after short vacation, I have such a hard time struggling with anxiety, it's a never ending cycle. Just when you're think you're done with it, well you're not.

10) Keep loving endlessly
Okay forget when I said number 2 was the cheesiest one, this one is. If you know me, you know that I'm not a big fan of cheesy things, and when conversations turn into a "too cliché" talk, I just change the subject or I just shut off. So I'm sure you can assume how uncomfortable I am right now, writing about this. I don't know at what point I am when it comes to loving, I'm still on the process of showing people that are important to me, I guess. But let's talk about the weather, shall we?

That's it for today's post! Are you keeping up with your New Year's resolutions?

I hope you liked this post, I'll see you soon, but until then you can follow me on Instagram to see what I'm up too. I'm quite obsessed with Instagram and I post a looooot of pictures up there. Or if you can't wait to know when a new post will be posted here, you can follow me on Blog Lovin.



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