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S.O.S Spot Busters // Skincare Obsessions

Hello there,

As you may or may not know, my skin has been screaming for help and has been driving me crazy lately, and when I say lately, I mean for 3 months now... I've never had some big breakouts and blemishes issues before so that was quite new for me, and I guess that's why I freaked out so much and ended up crying in front of my mirror for 10 minutes. I tried quite different products and nothing seemed to work, but in my journey to get a spotless skin, I learnt my lessons, and I'm ready to share my tips and favorites products with you. This is not a "Skin Care routine" type of post, because I have not yet found the routine that definitely works for skin... Still searching. 

1) The Power of Makeup
First, always check your foundation! I should have learnt this a long time ago, because the same thing happened to me when I was living in Dublin, I was using a quite thick foundation, not appropriate for my sensitive skin. So I let go of my expensive Mac foundation, and I bought a lighter and more affordable foundation from Revlon. Everything was going fine, until a few months ago when I noticed some insistent blemishes. I didn't think about checking my foundation because I survived around 6 months with it, but last week, it got bad, real bad...

As I freaked out, some friends convinced me to stay away from my foundation and leave my skin be for at least the weekend, so I did, and I did noticed some changes. Of course, I didn't want to mess up those improvement, so I headed to Sephora, after studying the foundations and reviews on their website for hours, and I found a great new very light and moisturizing foundation from Urban Decay, the Naked one. Apparently it helps prevent the blemishes, and so far I'm really happy with it, it feels so good on the skin, but I won't talk too much about it here, just stay tuned, coming to your on Saturday! Whoohoo

Remember you don't have to wear makeup every single day. I just learnt that recently myself, and I must admit those 2 makeup-free day felt so nice. I let my skin breathe. Now, I'm not that confident in my skin to walk out the door without fondation on, but a Makeup-Free Sunday never hurt anybody. 

2) Water is key 
Don't forget to drink water! Hydratation is key for the skin, and this comes from the girl who truly doesn't drink enough water during the day... I know, shame on me... I'm working on that. But hey! The first step to fixing your problem is to admit you have one. At least, I'm truly aware that I'm not drinking enough water. Also, try to stay away from dairy products and milk. Milk is not very good for the organism and not good at all for the skin. I stopped drinking milk awhile ago and my skin was doing great but you know there are some times when a girl needs her hot chocolate... No matter what. 

3) Cleansing with the right products 
I've tried so many cleansing gels and other products before, they are still accumulating in my drawers and I never seemed to find the perfect one. I've found some okaay ones but never the one that would blow me away. In the past months, I found a very good foaming cleanser from Caudalie, which smells incredible and leave my skin soft and great. I've been loving this one, but I heard some good reviews about the Nuxe purifying cleansing gel and I can't wait to try it, apparently it's great to fight blemishes.

4) Masks and other heavenly products
I also learnt that masks, at least once a week, maximum twice, have never hurt anybody. My favorites are from Sephora and they are those sheet mask, quite easy to apply if you have an oval face, and leave on for 15 minutes. I usually leave it on for 20 minutes or so. Quite cold when you first apply it, and you sometimes need to adjust it to make sure it stays on but overalls the results are satisfying. They have quite a large collection you can choose from depending on what you're looking for. I got the Green Tea mask for imperfections, and the Pearl for brightening, which were both amazing. They are quite cheap, but only for a single use. However, they did the gel overnight version, which I got in the Green Tea version, and you can definitely use it more than once, same results, and it's so relaxing. 

I also love lotions to leave my skin soft and nice, I have two favorites, a really affordable one from Neutrogena, it's the Visibly Clear one. I always use it when I feel spots coming out. I also love a more pricy one from Sanoflore, which helps unifying the skin, and keeps it soft. Also! Hydratation is really important no matter what, but you really need to choose your moisturizer wisely depending on your skin type. The one I've been using and loving for over a month now is from Caudalie, it's a matifying fluid called Vino Source. 

Serums are also very good for the skin for a specific issue related to dehydration, redness, blemishes, glow etc. However, they tend to be pricy, but the outcomes are truly amazing. My personal favorites are the Elixir du Marabout from Garancia, which is for imperfections, and it works amazingly! and the VinoPerfect radiance and complexion correcting serum, which is very pricy but great as well to get an extra glow.

That's it for my tips and favorites products for a spotless skin, or almost spotless. Don't forget that you have to find your own routine, the products that work the best for you. Keep in mind that whatever works on other people, won't necessarily work on your face. It's the sad honest true. 

I hope you still find this post useful, I'll see you soon but until then you can find me over on Instagram my social media obsession, and you can follow me on Blog Lovin so you'll know when I post something.



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  1. I'm a massive fan of the UD foundation. I didn't know it prevents spots though! I also find not trying new many skin products at once helps my skin xx

    1. That's what it said on the packaging, but I did notice that my skin was getting much better with this foundation. I totally agree with you! I'm sticking to the same products now, trying to figure out what works best on my skin. xo :)