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Spring day in a Pink Bomber // OOTD

Disneyland Railroad, 77700 Chessy, France
Hello there,

I feel like I should apologize for my lack of activity up here. It seems like I can't keep up with my New Year's Resolutions, can I? Well I'm sorry about that... same old excuses, but I've been pretty busy, juggling between school and my finals, and my recently new internship. But school is now over for the year, and my internship is going great, so I felt like I could make some time to write a blog post and share with you some recent exciting news. 

I'll have to apologize once more because if you're a active follower of my blog, you might notice a lot of pictures from Disneyland. You may know, by now, that I love Disneyland, and if I could live there, I'd probably do it. I'm literally a child when it comes to this place. It's so magical and exciting. It's amazing. Anyway. The reason why I might spend much more time there is that my family decided to invest in those Year Pass thingy. So better make the most of it, right?  Plus, I've never been to Disneyland during spring time, and it's pretty amazing, with all the flowers and colors. 

Don't worry I'll try my best to not show the same pictures over and over again. In fact, because I'm probably going to spend a lot of time over there, I thought why not shooting my "Outfit of the day" photos for the blog? Well, great idea Elsa! Okay, maybe not so great, but I'm gonna try to do so, and we'll see how it goes. Anyway, so last Thursday was a bank holiday for us here in France, so we took the car, and my boyfriend and I headed to Disneyland Paris to get our year pass, which sounded great at first, but not so great when we entered the park and saw how much crowded it was. It was so crowded, it took 2 hours, spent under the sun, watching 3 parades going from afar, to get the actual pass! When it was time to have fun, well we walked a lot... did a lot of detour because most of the rides and some parts of the amusement park are actually closed for renovation. 

I'm not going to complain about the crowd because even though it was probably the worst day of our life for so many reasons, we still manage to have incredible fun there. It was a beautiful day, it was sunny and it felt like summer. So much, that I was actually walking around in a crop top, which if you know me, doesn't happen that much 'cause I feel so uncomfortable with so little clothes. Besides, I finally got the chance to take my Instax Mini Fujifilm with me! and I must say, I took some pretty cool shots, and I'm pretty happy about that. So I'm gonna pet myself on the shoulder. *applause* 

I'm only kidding of course, but the day was so nice, we actually chose to ignore the crowd and just do our thing. We went on 2 rides... and we decided to skip the queue, and head to the different lands of the parks to get some cool shots. And by we, I mean me and my boyfriend, who I now call my Blogger Boyfriend. We spent most of our afternoon in the Fantasyland, because let's be honest, from the time we got there, the morning was pretty over. I've never spent so much time in this part of Disneyland, since it's a very princess and castles kind of area, mainly for kids. But with this pink bomber from Asos, I felt like I blended perfectly in the whole pink princess and mermaid theme. Don't you think? 

With this incredibly pretty pink bomber, I decided to wear a perfectly suited T-shirt for the occasion, which says "Mermaids are real", from Pull and Bear. I was also wearing my destroyed skinny jeans from Zara. And as I said above, because it was so hot, I quickly dropped the T-shirt and ended up wearing just a black crop tank top from Topshop. 

I hope you enjoyed this post, until next time you can follow me on Instagram at x3Elsaa, and on BlogLovin if you want to know when my next post will be here. 

I wish you an lovely day or evening,

See you soon.




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