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Paris, France Hey there,

My skin has been a mess for awhile now... I cannot recall the last time I felt good about my skin. I've been trying some new products to fight the blemishes, I tried going back to products that I've used in the past, drink water, take magnesium pills (I take those daily for my anxiety but they also help with blemishes) but nothing seems to work. I spent a crazy amount of money on skincare products because I was so desperate to have a spotless skin. 

On my "journey" to get a spotless skin I've been trying out lots of different face masks and today I thought I'll share my impressions on a selection of face masks I've been trying out. This is a large selection, going from really affordable masks to more expensive/high-end masks. Obviously, my skin is still a mess, but I think I have identified the real cause of the spots explosion on my face. Because yes, it is definitely an explosion... Anyway, this is a review of masks that are specifically for purifying and mattifying oily skin that tends to have acne or blemishes, pores and oiliness. 

*Disclaimer* Keep in mind that every body has a different skin and some products might not have the same effects on everybody. Make sure to understand what your face is really like before purchasing any skin products or the masks below. Of course I'm not an expert and those are my own thoughts and impressions, and obviously it's not sponsored, I purchased every product on my own. 

Green Tea Face Mask - Sephora €3.95
This is a sheet mask specific to fight blemishes and to mattify the skin. I've been using this mask for around 6 months or so, I've used it 4 or 5 times during specific times. This is a very nice mask, it feels nice on the skin, when applying, although it is a little bit cold and wet on the first application. However, the format of the mask makes it really relaxing. Whenever I put this on, it is relaxation mode. I've never encountered issues using it, it fits the shape of my face, which is good since there's not extra sheet hanging on my chin or hair. Another good thing is that you don't have to wash it off when you're done. When it comes to the effects of the mask, I would say that it made my skin really smooth and nice, and that I didn't noticed any blemishes coming out right after using it.
Overall, it is good quality mask, very affordable, I would recommend to maybe use it for a month to notice big changes. 

Cosmetic Warrior - Lush €11.45
I sworn by this one when I was still living in Dublin. I bought it all year long because it helped so much with my blemishes. It's a fresh mask, which means you have to keep it in a fridge. This mask has garlic and tea tree among other things, in it. So yes, it stinks. It's not debatable, every single person who has smelled this, has told me that it smells really bad. Some occasionally ask me how I can put this on my face... I'm not going to lie, it feels weird and cold on the face, it's not relaxing at all, mainly because of the smell and the garlic parts in it. However, I will say that it is pretty incredible. It is specific for combination or oily skin, and skins that have some imperfections. It smooths the skin, reduces the blemishes and leaves the skin soft, mattified, nourished and clean. 
Overall, it's a quite affordable fresh mask, and even though it looks disgusting and smells strongly weird, the results are truly amazing. 

Mud Mask Purifying and Mattifying - Sephora €13.95
This mask is a dupe for the Glam Glow SuperMud Mask, which is crazy expensive. It has zinc, clay and copper in it. Zinc is truly amazing to fight blemishes. Fun fact, I used to take Zinc pills every morning for a month and it really did help! The mask has a really strong zinc smell, which I found disturbing but it's my personal opinion. When applying the mask is light grey/blue but it turns white when it dries. It has some stuff that I cannot described in it, that don't feel nice when you apply the mask. It also leaves the skin a little bit tight and ticklish when it dries, and you can't move much, and if you laugh, prepare to see some crackle. However, I like the process of seing it turn white. It feels magical. It does leave the skin smooth and really mattified. 
Overall, having tried the Glam Glow mask, I would say that they are pretty much the same, except that for €14 you get twice the amount to product, if not more, than the Glam Glow. My skin feel the same when I use the Glam Glow, although it feels a little bit smoother with the SuperMud, and the results are a tiny bit more noticeable. 

Ultra Repair Instant Oatmeal Mask - First Aid Beauty €16.40 
A friend of mine told me about it,  I ordered it on Amazon, got it the next day, and tried it right away. They're not lying when they say it's an Oatmeal mask. I really has oatmeals in it, which I found weird. This mask is supposed to calm, nourish and smooths the skin (It isn't anti-blemishes). It doesn't feel nice on the skin and I found it hard to wash it off when it's dry. I also got a few spots right after using it, I don't know if it was related or not, but I was to scared to try it again, especially since it's specific for normal to dry skin, and not for oily skin like mine... It does leave the skin smooth after rinsing it. I would recommend this mask if you have a dry skin though, it has good reviews from people who have normal to dry skin.
Overall, I cannot give an objective opinion about this mask because it was not the best fit for my skin. See how important it is to have the right products for your skin type ?! 

Purifying Mask - Caudalie €20 
This one is a little bit pricier but it is truly amazing. Caudalie is well known for its natural and effective products. It's a green company that only wants the best for your skin and for the planet. This particular mask is the ideal mask for oily to combination skin with imperfections. It mainly contains clay, which is great for the skin, to fight oiliness and blemishes. I like how light the mask is and how you don't need much products to notice results. It feels nice on the skin, and doesn't leave the skin tight when it dries. I also love the smells, it smells like flowers, super natural! I used to use it once or twice a week, depending on my skin, for awhile. It helped a lot! I was blown-away by the effects. For 2 months straight my skin was spotless, even before and after Mother Nature's stay, if you know what I mean. 
Overall, I love this mask, it's natural and the results are amazing! Really worth the price, especially since it takes a long time to run out of it. 

The Sorcerer's Masked Ball - Garancia €22
I love Garancia's products, they are natural, they smell good and they have incredible name! I came across this "high-tech" mask before leaving for Amsterdam. I actually got it in a travel size when I bought a kit from the brand at my local pharmacy. I was curious enough to try it right away because it says it would repair, nourish and refresh the skin. At that time, my skin was suffering from spots' scars and other blemishes. I decided to use it as an overnight mask instead of leaving it on for only 5 minutes. Right after applying it, I noticed some spots had already gone away. The next morning, my skin was different, nice, smoothed, almost spotless and fresh. I was blown-away! Purely magical. 
Overall, you can never be disappointed by Garancia. They are simply magical and if you have a sensitive skin, this mask is perfect for you!

SuperMud - Glam Glow €49.95
They say it was heaven in a box so I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. I waited for a quick trip to the duty free at the Amsterdam airport to get it, because, as I said, it's crazy expensive! Must have gold or something in it... Nope just clay, charcoal and other unpronounceable things. However, it's free of sulfates and parabens! The packaging is pretty amazing, very pretty, not that it has a great incidence on the effects of the products, but you know after the money spent on that box, you got to have something nice to say about it! The SuperMud mask helps with acne and blemishes, oiliness and pores. The wining combination for me, minus the acne. 
As I said earlier, the SuperMud and the Sephora mask are basically the same. Although, the smell of the GlamGlow is not as strong as the Zinc smell, it does smell weird I would say. It also feels smoother on the hands, and more liquid than the Sephora Mask. It's easy to apply but it does burn once it's applied, just for a few minutes though. Same process, it's dark grey/green, and it magically turns white/blue. And when it's dry you can notice black dotes where your pores are located (all over the nose for me). You basically look like a Dragon... I would say that it is truly amazing. After using it my skin was smooth and nice, I felt relaxed and on the next day my blemishes were on the "healing process", if not gone. 
Overall, it's crazy expensive, and the quantity is quite low, but it is incredible and truly magical. You can't beat the results of this one. However, even if the process to get a spotless skin takes longer, I would still recommend to go for the Sephora mask, unless you can afford the GlamGlow... €50 though... 

I hope you found this post useful even  though it's a little bit long. Again, those are my personal opinions, and the results I noticed are specific to my skin type.

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