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Valentine's Day Rush

Hey there,

I've never really understood the whole attention around Valentine's Day (shout out to Sunday 14th 2016 by the way). I've actually never understood why we celebrate love on a special day when we can celebrate it every other day of the year. I know what you're thinking, I'm a party pooper, but I guess I was never into the whole Valentine's Day celebration mainly because I've never been in a relationship during that time of the year. For me Valentine's day was more either "Valentine's Day blablabla eat chocolate" or celebrating with my friends, the joy of being single and harassing my friends that were in a relationship. Anyway, that set of mind kind of changed a year ago when for the first time ever, I was actually in a relationship for Valentine's day. Don't get me wrong, I still feel like Valentine's Day is silly, and just about marketing, but when you're in love, you'll take any excuse to receive flowers, a nice card or whatever. 

Okay, I'm going to stop there before I put you off this beautiful, pink and red, and loving day. No, but seriously, being in a relationship, you realized, it's quite nice to have a day just about you and your loved one, a day celebrated by any other loving couple, a day you're allowed to be cheesy and amazingly annoying to all your single friends. Celebrating Valentine's Day also means finding the perfect gift to give to your other half. Last year, I didn't really kicked my head to a wall trying to find an idea, because my relationship was quite new, and I was still feeling like my 16 years old self about Valentine's Day, I can't even recall what I gave my boyfriend... Shame on me. 

Anyway! Today, I thought I'll share 5 simple cute gift and cheesy ideas you can give to your other half (boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend, sister, brother, mother, father etc. anybody you want to share this day with).

* The Duo Sweaters 
I didn't know how to call this one, but I'm all about this gift ideas, like 100%. Have you ever heard about the website Rad ? Well I heard about it last year on Facebook because they do a lot of sponsored ad on social networks, and from that moment I completely fell for their e-shop. Whenever I'm looking for a funny statement sweaters or searching for a funny t-shirt for a friend, I'll take a look there. Lately, I was looking for a birthday gift for a very close friend of mine, and I came across those Blair and Serena sweaters, they are part of their Valentine's Day collection, so I totally went for it.  They have so many other cute things as part of this VD Collection, either you're single or in a relationship. You can have a look there if you're interested.

* The Engraved Jewels 
Definitely a go-to when I run out of idea. For his birthday I got my boyfriend an engraved charm with our anniversary date on it and our initials, the charms was held by a string, and he wears it as a bracelet. And you know how hard it is to find a present for boys?! So for our first anniversary, I went ahead, and got him another engraved metal bracelet, but instead I wrote something personal on it. I think the engraved jewels are always a good idea, it's cute, personal and sometimes cheap. Take a look at Etsy if you're looking for an engraved bracelet, the one I got was from Eternally Stamped, they have a large collection of engraved thing but you can find other e-shop on Etsy. The charm was from Pearls and Ponytails, their collection is limited to charms wether it's for a necklace, bracelet, keychain etc. but the idea is still cute, minimalist and personal. 

* Funny Card 
If like me, you're not into the whole Valentine's day spirit, well not as Taylor Swift in the movie Valentine's Day, you can still go for a funny, sweet and cute card, with flowers or cupcakes, because cupcakes are always a great idea. I love card, I always keep the ones I receive for whatever occasion I get them. Like a hoarder, I have two boxes full of Christmas, Birthday, New Year's... cards. But I feel like there's nothing cuter than a funny card just for you, written by someone you love. Again Etsy has a large selection of cards, yes Etsy is just my heaven for gifts. My personal favorites are Dumbledore, Pizza, Kanye, Weirdos, Geek and the sweet love. I know... I'm such a geek, not your regular cheesy girl. 

* Memories in Polaroids 
I'm all about polaroids, always been, always will be. I keep asking for more and more polaroids camera but for some reasons, people think that one is enough, even if they are all clearly different! But whatever, I'm over it. Because polaroid cameras can be quite pricy, you can still have the other option of getting the polaroids format pictures without investing in a camera. Cheerz, formerly Polabox, gives you this option! but you don't have to go for polaroids format, nope you can also get magnets, or even those photo booths pictures... I love this website, and I keep ordering my pictures in different formats, so now, I have literally pictures stocked everywhere in my room... It's a cheap option, the shipping is fast, and the staff is very nice. 

* Something to make those memories 
If you are not on a budget and you're all for saving your memories with your loved one, you can invest in a polaroid camera, my personal favorite is the Instax Fujifilm Camera, that I keep putting on my Christmas Wish List, every year for 2 years now... Just saying. Or you can also create those memories by taking your other half of a special date. Personally, I think the best way to celebrate love with whoever you want to is to spend a special day, a day you'll remember. 

So that's it for my very short, very late and personal Valentine's Day gift idea. I hope you still still found it useful, and I hope you spend an amazing Valentine's Day with your loved ones. 

I'll see you soon, but until then, you can follow me on BlogLovin so you'll know exactly when my next posts are coming. You can also me over on Instagram at x3Elsaa, my theme is pretty much on point right now, so better enjoy it while it lasts. 



PS: Little disclaimer, my spots are not sponsored and I shared those links with you because I wanted to and I really love those websites or shops. 

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