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Stripes and Shorts

Hello there,

I've recently begun an obsession with bomber. I didn't really think they were for me at first, but after I purchased this kaki one from Zara, I couldn't stop thinking about bombers in all the colors of the rainbow. I'm just kidding. Although, you may know that I did acquire a pink one from Asos, definitely my new favorite piece in my closet. One can argue that bombers are not the best option when it's 30°C outside, but they are still the best item for spring, and when it's 10°C in the morning, you can't tell you won't need your bomber jacket later on. Am I right? 

Spring has took another turn last week when the temperatures hit 25°C. It was basically summer for a week. What a blast. Although I'm not a big fan of spring, I do love a good hot and sunny day if it means I can pull off my vintage shorts or my good old T-shirts dress. However, I rarely trust the weather. In fact, I'm a very cautious girl when it comes to step a foot outside. For so long, the sun got me thinking it was hot when it fact it's was so windy. So yes, you could say that I have trust issues... I don't even trust the weather app on my phone. And yes, it can end up with me carrying extra sweater or top in my bag so I can change to feel more comfortable.

I didn't really change my habits when I stepped out of my house on Sunday. Even though the sun was shining like crazy, and my phone was saying "26°C",  I thought "I'm already wearing shorts and a long T-Shirt, couldn't hurt to take a jacket, just in case. Well, let me just say, it didn't take long before I was carrying my jacket under my arm. But at the end of the day, when the temperature dropped at 21°C, I was quite happy to have my jacket on my shoulder. I get cold easily okay! 

For the perfect spring/summer day outside, I decided to pair my khaki bomber from Zara with my summer favorites vintage Levis shorts, and another summer favorite: my T-shirt dress from Brandy Melville. I could literally live in this T-shirt, that I cannot call a dress anymore because of a washing incident, it got big... real big...and after a sewing incident, it got short... real short... So now I'm forbidden to wear this as a dress, unless I'm home, and unless I'm wearing shorts underneath. I'm still trying to find a way to enlarge it though... I also wore my good old short black All Star Converse, my Redherring bag and my New Era baseball cap. 

Overall, I felt pretty good about this outfit, because it was confortable and yet still stylish, I think. As the day went by, and because I'm an indecisive person when it comes to fashion, I decided to change things up a bit. So I turned my dress that is not a dress, into a T-shirt by tying a knot on the side. Simple, confortable, classic but yet cool. Nah?  

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Enjoy the little things in 5 small steps // Happiness Therapy

Hey there,

Again on the road to share my journey to check my New Year's resolutions, I've been really into "Enjoying the little things" lately. If you read my last posts, you'll know that I try to keep myself pretty busy, and away from my phone, most importantly. Even though I need my doses of Instagram daily, I try to keep it minimal and I don't let it bother other people. Anyway, I learnt some things enjoying the little things on a daily basis, so I thought I'll share a few personal and simple steps to get the most of your day. 

1) Surround yourself with people that inspire you
Happiness is a personal experience. Something that makes you incredibly happy won't necessarily make someone else as happy as you are. However, you can share your happiness with others. It's important to share it with people that inspire you, and make you want to be the best version you can be. The person you share interests with, the ones that make you laugh on a daily basis, or you can just easily talk to and share things with, someone you admire, and learn from a lot etc. 

2) Regret is for losers
Okay, that may be harsh, but people would tell you I'm the kind of girl who hates to say "Oh I should have ...". I don't see the point of reminiscing about your mistakes or the things you've missed over and over. When something doesn't go the way I planned it, I just complain for a minute or two and just move on because you won't get anything positive out of late possibilities that are never going to happen. Just move on, learn from your mistakes and try again later. 'Oh I should have ordered the Apple Pie instead of the 3 chocolates cake', Well order it another time, it's okay. You don't need that kind of useless negativity in your life, just like those people that tell you shouldn't eat cake. 

3) Get rid of your negativity 
Now that we make that straight, let's continue in the whole negativity wave. I'm well aware of negativity as an anxious person but also as a quite pessimistic girl. I can't help it but there's a thin line between I'm sure we're gonna have the worst weather today because nothing good ever happens and I wish I look like her. Either way it's negativity, the kind that locks you into a box and makes it hard to come out. Negativity comes in different forms, it can affect you but also others. Whatever if you're insulting yourself by being mean to yourself and just letting the anxiety crawling into your skin, or if you're quietly insulting other people because they're different or you're jealous; it's unwanted and useless negativity. I'm a strong believer of What comes around goes around, and that you deserve everything that will hit you. 

4) Being Generous is cool, but sometimes being selfish is okay too
As I said, happiness is a personal experience, it's cool to share happy experience and memories with people, but sometimes, I say SOMETIMES, you just need your own alone and happy time. Sometimes, it's okay to be honest and say "No I don't want to go out thank you" because you want to enjoy the tea and book you just got! 

5) Be Spontaneous and curious
I've learnt those past few days that Spontaneity is a good thing. It's refreshing and when it goes right, it's amazingly great. I love to plan everything I do and everywhere I go so nothing won't go wrong, but sometimes even when you plan it, it will eventually go wrong, or at least not the way you planned it. Sometimes you just need to say Whatever I will drive until I find a beach. Those unplanned weekends are the best kind of weekends. Moreover, curiosity is, no matter what, the best thing in life. Curiosity will get you far, in your professional and personal life. 

A little Bonus for you: Create the soundtrack of your life
Do you ever listen to music with headphones while walking in the streets, and imagine that you're in a movie? No? Well I do and I'm not ashamed of it, okay maybe a little, so please tell me I'm not alone in this. Sometimes, I like to imagine that the music I'm listening to is representative of my current mood, and is what I call the "Soundtrack of my life". It's cheerful, joyful, refreshing, and it helps you enjoy your walk to school or work every morning.

I hope you liked this post.

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Spring day in a Pink Bomber // OOTD

Hello there,

I feel like I should apologize for my lack of activity up here. It seems like I can't keep up with my New Year's Resolutions, can I? Well I'm sorry about that... same old excuses, but I've been pretty busy, juggling between school and my finals, and my recently new internship. But school is now over for the year, and my internship is going great, so I felt like I could make some time to write a blog post and share with you some recent exciting news. 

I'll have to apologize once more because if you're a active follower of my blog, you might notice a lot of pictures from Disneyland. You may know, by now, that I love Disneyland, and if I could live there, I'd probably do it. I'm literally a child when it comes to this place. It's so magical and exciting. It's amazing. Anyway. The reason why I might spend much more time there is that my family decided to invest in those Year Pass thingy. So better make the most of it, right?  Plus, I've never been to Disneyland during spring time, and it's pretty amazing, with all the flowers and colors. 

Don't worry I'll try my best to not show the same pictures over and over again. In fact, because I'm probably going to spend a lot of time over there, I thought why not shooting my "Outfit of the day" photos for the blog? Well, great idea Elsa! Okay, maybe not so great, but I'm gonna try to do so, and we'll see how it goes. Anyway, so last Thursday was a bank holiday for us here in France, so we took the car, and my boyfriend and I headed to Disneyland Paris to get our year pass, which sounded great at first, but not so great when we entered the park and saw how much crowded it was. It was so crowded, it took 2 hours, spent under the sun, watching 3 parades going from afar, to get the actual pass! When it was time to have fun, well we walked a lot... did a lot of detour because most of the rides and some parts of the amusement park are actually closed for renovation. 

I'm not going to complain about the crowd because even though it was probably the worst day of our life for so many reasons, we still manage to have incredible fun there. It was a beautiful day, it was sunny and it felt like summer. So much, that I was actually walking around in a crop top, which if you know me, doesn't happen that much 'cause I feel so uncomfortable with so little clothes. Besides, I finally got the chance to take my Instax Mini Fujifilm with me! and I must say, I took some pretty cool shots, and I'm pretty happy about that. So I'm gonna pet myself on the shoulder. *applause* 

I'm only kidding of course, but the day was so nice, we actually chose to ignore the crowd and just do our thing. We went on 2 rides... and we decided to skip the queue, and head to the different lands of the parks to get some cool shots. And by we, I mean me and my boyfriend, who I now call my Blogger Boyfriend. We spent most of our afternoon in the Fantasyland, because let's be honest, from the time we got there, the morning was pretty over. I've never spent so much time in this part of Disneyland, since it's a very princess and castles kind of area, mainly for kids. But with this pink bomber from Asos, I felt like I blended perfectly in the whole pink princess and mermaid theme. Don't you think? 

With this incredibly pretty pink bomber, I decided to wear a perfectly suited T-shirt for the occasion, which says "Mermaids are real", from Pull and Bear. I was also wearing my destroyed skinny jeans from Zara. And as I said above, because it was so hot, I quickly dropped the T-shirt and ended up wearing just a black crop tank top from Topshop. 

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I wish you an lovely day or evening,

See you soon.




So I guess it's a series now... // Internet Obsessions and other Geeky Interests

Hey there,

When I first wrote this kind of post, it was about sharing what I've been obsessed with on the lovely place of the Internet. Even though I do spend a lot of time online, stalking Instagramers, adding things to my baskets just for shopping therapy, and watching vlogs when I should be studying for my finals, I didn't expect to write another post about my Geeky interests. I didn't think I'd find 10 other Internet Obsessions on a monthly basis. But fortunately, I did! I can't confirm that I'll be a monthly kind of thing, I'll just depend on my interaction with Internet and social medias. Anyway, unlike last time, I did manage to find 10 obsessions this time! Guess I did spend a lot of time exploring Youtube and blogs, huh? Without further ado, here's my last Geeky Interests! 

1) Tim Urban Ted Talk
My boyfriend showed me this one, saying it was a must seen. After a few days of this link patiently waiting on the side of my laptop's screen, I finally gave it a go. Tim Urban was invited to do a Ted Talk, in which he decided to talk about procrastination and how everybody is impacted by procrastination. Procrastination has many different forms, it goes from slow delayed things you need to do during the day, to missing actions that lead you in a total anxious and stressful situation. Anyway, I wouldn't say I learned much about procrastination, but it does give you a good insight on procrastination and how it literally affects everybody. So I highly recommend watching this Ted conference, especially since it's not boring at all, and it's actually hilarious. 

2) Public Desire Shoes
One of my friends recommended this website to me during my quest to find the perfect high knees boots. Oops, busted... I know those high knees boots weren't on my seasonal wish list but I've been obsessed with the trend for like, maybe 2 years or so, even before they were actually on trend. Okay, maybe not but that's not the point. You'll be happy to know that I didn't buy any high knee boots from this website... Nope I got mine on the Asos Market Place... I did find some perfect small heeled anckle boots and string sandales from Public Desire. Anyway, let's not talk about how I ruined my shopping diet. You need to check out this website, they have so many different type of shoes with a really reasonable price. The shipping is very quick, and if you're a student and live in the UK or Ireland or anywhere you get the UniDays discount, you get 10% off your purchase. What I love about the website is that you can see pictures of people wearing the item you have your eyes on. 

3) Wish Wish Wish blog
I found Carrie on Instagram, her page was on my recommended pages, I looked at her pictures, immediately loved her style, so I quickly hit the follow button, and started to follow her blog and her life over on Snapchat. I love her constant happiness, her style and how you can ask her something on Snapchat and she responds right away. Now, whenever I'm in need of style inspiration, I go over to her blog. 

4) Pinterest
This should be on the top of my list but I organized in a chronological way rather than a Top 10. Anyway, I've been crazy obsessed with Pinterest lately, pinning every inspirational things like style, makeup, hair do, recipes, home decoration etc. Anything! I love Pinterest, and you can follow me over there, my username is Lipstick Road. I know, mind blowing. I'll be Pinteresting everyday, all day if I could. If it was a job, I'd sign up for this, right away. 

5) The Instagram Husband Video
I'm sure you all heard about this, and if you haven't it's a must see before you continue reading this blog post. I saw this video a few months ago, I think it was around Christmas Time or something, my boyfriend actually showed it to me, which at the time I didn't know if I was supposed to relate or not. I'm obsessed with Instagram, probably more obsessed with Instagram than with Pinterest, but I do not force my boyfriend to take pictures of myself for my page, or maybe I do... I'm not a tyrant anyway! It's the funniest video I've seen, not to take too seriously though. 

6) The Instagram Husband Website
When I first saw the video, I noticed the website as well, so I had a quick look through it. Then, I don't know what happen but I quickly forgot about all of this. Until, a few days ago. I was talking to a friend about the Instagram Husband video that I saw a few months ago, and that I could now relate when I ask my boyfriend, that I call now my Blogger Boyfriend, to take pictures of my uncomfortable self for the blog. When I came home that day, I searched for the video I had already seen, and remembered about the website. I spent 1 hour looking at all the different hilarious posts that make Instagrammers look crazy. But anyway, my favorite parts? The link that sends poor Instagram Husband to this video as a way to seek help. No need to mention that I did spend a good amount of time on this guy's page, watching him destroy iPhones... 

7) Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children Trailer
I'm a big fan of Tim Burton's work, and I love his movies. So you can guess my excitement when I first heard about his new movie coming up, and then when the first trailer came out. I won't tell too much about it. I'll let you enjoy the trailer. And I'll just say that I'll be the first in line when it comes out in theaters.  

8) Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them Trailer
I'm not a real Harry Potter fan, I did watch all of the movies, I do some Harry Potter marathon sometimes, I love some good Harry Potter references but I do not explore the Internet looking for some behind messages, or conspiracy about Who that shall not me named. I haven't read the book, but I look JK Rolling's work and her inspirational quotes. Anyway, I love the whole magical world around her work, and even though I'm not a true HP fan, I'm still as obsessed as one true fan when I watched the trailer of the Harry Potter "spin-off".

9) The most original resume ever
You know when you're searching for a job, and you're applying literally everywhere for a job in Marketing, you tend to question yourself: what's wrong with my resume? Am I not good enough? Well compared to this guy's resume, you're not! I came across Robby Leonardi's website when I was looking at the most original resume ever, and I was not disappointed. His work is amazing and so inspirational. When I grow up I want to be like him! 

10) 73 Questions answered by Taylor Swift 
I love Becky, I mean Taylor Swift, and since I'm really fond of Vogue's 73 Questions videos with celebrities that make their cover, I was really excited when the one with Taylor Swift came out. I love how it gives you an insights on people's life and home. Okay, that sounds weird, but I don't know what to say that won't make me look like a crazy person. Anyway, It's entertaining, and funny, and I think you should watch it. 

That's it for today's post, I hope you like it, let me know what you think in the comments. 

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