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Enjoy the little things in 5 small steps // Happiness Therapy

Hey there,

Again on the road to share my journey to check my New Year's resolutions, I've been really into "Enjoying the little things" lately. If you read my last posts, you'll know that I try to keep myself pretty busy, and away from my phone, most importantly. Even though I need my doses of Instagram daily, I try to keep it minimal and I don't let it bother other people. Anyway, I learnt some things enjoying the little things on a daily basis, so I thought I'll share a few personal and simple steps to get the most of your day. 

1) Surround yourself with people that inspire you
Happiness is a personal experience. Something that makes you incredibly happy won't necessarily make someone else as happy as you are. However, you can share your happiness with others. It's important to share it with people that inspire you, and make you want to be the best version you can be. The person you share interests with, the ones that make you laugh on a daily basis, or you can just easily talk to and share things with, someone you admire, and learn from a lot etc. 

2) Regret is for losers
Okay, that may be harsh, but people would tell you I'm the kind of girl who hates to say "Oh I should have ...". I don't see the point of reminiscing about your mistakes or the things you've missed over and over. When something doesn't go the way I planned it, I just complain for a minute or two and just move on because you won't get anything positive out of late possibilities that are never going to happen. Just move on, learn from your mistakes and try again later. 'Oh I should have ordered the Apple Pie instead of the 3 chocolates cake', Well order it another time, it's okay. You don't need that kind of useless negativity in your life, just like those people that tell you shouldn't eat cake. 

3) Get rid of your negativity 
Now that we make that straight, let's continue in the whole negativity wave. I'm well aware of negativity as an anxious person but also as a quite pessimistic girl. I can't help it but there's a thin line between I'm sure we're gonna have the worst weather today because nothing good ever happens and I wish I look like her. Either way it's negativity, the kind that locks you into a box and makes it hard to come out. Negativity comes in different forms, it can affect you but also others. Whatever if you're insulting yourself by being mean to yourself and just letting the anxiety crawling into your skin, or if you're quietly insulting other people because they're different or you're jealous; it's unwanted and useless negativity. I'm a strong believer of What comes around goes around, and that you deserve everything that will hit you. 

4) Being Generous is cool, but sometimes being selfish is okay too
As I said, happiness is a personal experience, it's cool to share happy experience and memories with people, but sometimes, I say SOMETIMES, you just need your own alone and happy time. Sometimes, it's okay to be honest and say "No I don't want to go out thank you" because you want to enjoy the tea and book you just got! 

5) Be Spontaneous and curious
I've learnt those past few days that Spontaneity is a good thing. It's refreshing and when it goes right, it's amazingly great. I love to plan everything I do and everywhere I go so nothing won't go wrong, but sometimes even when you plan it, it will eventually go wrong, or at least not the way you planned it. Sometimes you just need to say Whatever I will drive until I find a beach. Those unplanned weekends are the best kind of weekends. Moreover, curiosity is, no matter what, the best thing in life. Curiosity will get you far, in your professional and personal life. 

A little Bonus for you: Create the soundtrack of your life
Do you ever listen to music with headphones while walking in the streets, and imagine that you're in a movie? No? Well I do and I'm not ashamed of it, okay maybe a little, so please tell me I'm not alone in this. Sometimes, I like to imagine that the music I'm listening to is representative of my current mood, and is what I call the "Soundtrack of my life". It's cheerful, joyful, refreshing, and it helps you enjoy your walk to school or work every morning.

I hope you liked this post.

I'll see you soon, but until next time, you can follow me on Instagram, because I'm really active up there, and you can also follow me on Blog Lovin so you'll know exactly when I post something on LipstickRoad.



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