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Why I'm aiming to have the style of Zoë Kravitz in High Fidelity

Cool girl alert. I repeat. Cool-girl alert! This is me, late to the whole game, appreciating Zoë Kravitz's style in the Hulu series 'High Fidelity'. If the already made fashion icon has nothing to prove to the fashion sphere, her character in this 2020 TV show adds up to the fact that she's the true casual style queen. Let me explain.

When a global pandemic turns into a 'staying-home dream come true' situation, you have no other choice to run straight into a binge-watching session of all the new shows you've missed these past few months.

If social-distancing was the worst nightmare someone could imagine, after the first few weeks, I did realize it was the best thing that could happen for catching up on spring cleaning, reading, blogging, online not-spending-anything-shopping and TV shows everyone talked about approximately three months ago.

Apart from the undeniable fact that 'High Fidelity' is an addictive and modern reality on relationships in the 21st century, and has the sickest playlist, you'll ever listen to while watching a new series, it's also a masterpiece when it comes to casual, no brainer, trendy, cool-girl material fashion.

For the last hundred years, leave it to Carrie Bradshaw to be the cool-girl inspiration you needed, before being cruelly replaced by Blair Waldorf, Rachel Green, and more recently the whole gang from the Bold Type. Beware, girls, a new icon is in town, and she's been invading the streets of iconic style for quite some time. 
It's not new information that Zoë Kravitz, daughter of the king of music Lenny Kravitz and queen of boho-chic style, Lisa Bonet, is the true style icon. If it's in her vein to have such a trendy look, I mean, it's called heritage, Zoë keeps on giving the fashion inspiration you never knew you needed. From the streets of New York City to her discrete and private wedding in Paris, Zoë has nothing more to prove to climb up to the top of the amazing style pyramid. 

High Fidelity is the adaptation of the eponym book by author Nick Hornby, which was adapted in 2000 in a movie with legendary John Cuzak in the main role, taken by Zoë Kravitz in this series adaptation. As she goes through yet another rough break-up, Rob, music affectionado, and record shop owner, navigates through the ghost of her past-relationship to find out what went wrong. 

Modern, contemporary, edgy and yet casual, Zoë's style in the series is effortless and low-maintenance, mainly composed by vintage band t-shirts, the trusty Levi's jeans, a long leather coat, and occasionally Hawaïan inspired looking shirts. 

Melancholic, nostalgic, romantic to some extent, deeply dramatic and realistic. Words that could describe the show as well as Rob's character. Her style is classic for the cool-girl style, cute dresses, short school girl type of skirt, paired with t-shirts, cardigans that could have belonged to your grandmother, and classic loafers with sports socks as the cherry on top of classy, stylish looks. On some occasions, she'll throw a pair of sweatpants, a must-have in our times of Coronavirus, making-it the most fashionable piece we currently own. Never underestimate the power of sweatpants. Let's all thank High Fidelity for the reminder. 
When sportswear meets chic, edgy meets casual, you end with the most inspirational looks you can find during a pandemic. 
If the series is a must-watch, Zoë Kravits's wardrobe adds-up to the fact that High Fidelity must be one of the greatest shows of 2020. 



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