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Did my jeans just make me sterile?

Did my jeans just make me sterile? Buying this perfect pair of jeans, I would never have thought that those denim pants, as incredible as they look, would be such a pain in the butt (literally) to wear.

Fitted where you expect jeans to fit, flattering as ever, and trendy and elegant as you would dream a good pair of pants would be. How could those jeans be such a pain for my crotch? Pressuring this sensible and intimate area and making me wonder if jeans have to be uncomfortable for you to look good in them?

Searching for the perfect jeans has never been an easy quest. After years of trying on every fit of jeans that were brought into the world, I was starting to think that maybe jeans were not for my silhouette. I gave up happily after trying to fit my hips into an oh-so iconic Levi's 501. Not for me. I was about to pay my respect to the end of what felt like an endless search when I found the adequate jeans for my big hips, considerable behind and small waist: the bootcut.

But the talk about the bootcut and the flared jeans would be for another time. My question is: do jeans really have to be uncomfortable to be flattering?

Trying to fit your butt in this thick all-cotton item, you would know that unless you buy a worn-out vintage pair, it is not an easy task. Trust me, I did find out the hard way. For jeans to be a total delight to wear, you would need some good old 'elastane' in it. But elastane is not good for jeans, and definitely not good for the planet. If you want your jeans to be stretchy AF after two days and one trip to the washing machine go for it. But if you want to strike for quality and sustainability, cotton is the best option to go for.

And when your figures look this good in the mirror, and your legs so perfectly highlighted, how can you question the power of good jeans?

Now with my crotch area still traumatized by this oh-so good looking jeans, I'm still wondering if this is all worth it? Does beauty really is pain? I guess it depends on how much you're ready to suffer to look good in jeans.

Talk to you soon.


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