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To buy or not to buy : the Gucci tights dilemma

Eenie Meenie miny mo, should the Gucci tights be wrapped around my toe? Or should they just stay where they are, on the legs on everything fashionistas in town?

Well guess what, the dilemma is over cause I was weak enough to get my hands on this oh-so-trendy accessory from this brand called Gucci. For the not so influential girl, I am, it's quite frustrating to be the one to say, yes I did buy a pair of $90 tights.

I can still hear the judgemental voices of all my friends, fellow fashion addicts, and boyfriend asking 'aren't you afraid they're gonna get ripped?' or 'are you insane buying a pair of $90 tights?'. I apologize, people... And I'm sorry to say that Instagram won. And the crazy amount of posts, photos, and displays my eyes have laid on have successfully worked, to the great despair of my bank account. My money, my choice.

Now, how did those particular tights became such a trendy piece to have? Gucci tights have been around for a while now, crawling their way into the skinny legs of every fashionista out there. As soon as the frisky days arrived, and it's time to cover our legs before they turn purple or blue, the Gucci tights find their way back to the fashionable streets. 

If I've always turned a blind eye on the Gucci fuss, but this time was quite different. Because this time, after seeing the preppy Camille Charrière wearing the tights and killing them, I actually wanted to slip this trend on my legs. 

After an entire week of consideration, hours and hours spent scrolling down the Instagram hole, eyeing girls wearing the tights that screamed at me 'buy me, buy me'. And two days of the actual tights on the Guccy online shopping bag, I did give in. And I am now the proud owner of the legendary Gucci tights, which is now on my possession after a month of waiting.

And being in quarantine for another month, I can now enjoy the beauty of those crazy expensive tights in my own apartment...



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