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Hey there,

Growing up I wasn't very fond of amusement parks, although I grew a big love for Disneyland, land of magic and wonderfulness, I would rather sit on a bench minding the bag packs and all, than fear from my life, and my lunch on some crazy rides. I guess you could say that I was the nerd and afraid of everything kid. In fact, if you insist on going with the stereotypes and other clichés, I was the kid with glasses and braces, with absolutely no style. Anyway, what was I writing about... Amusement park! 

I now understand what I was missing out, and oh boy the high waves of regrets that come rushing through my soul and my mind... All those years in California, Massachusetts, Canada, Virginia, whatever, spent on a bench, watching people having actual fun while I was having my own fun to be fair watching people while eating my hot dogs, drinking my Diet Coke, minding as always not only my own business but also the bags of people that weren't even my friends... See? Regrets right there! Bittersweet regrets... 

As I was fully aware of all those years of missed fun, I was ready to make up for this loss, big loss, of amusement. Bring it on, people! We made our minds up for Universal Studio, a first for my boyfriend and I. Our hopes were high and we were expecting a long day of running around, excited just like kids. What we were not ready for was the sun and the fire that was in our head because it was so fricking hot. We had a lot of fun though, and the fact that we didn't take any camera with us to film, was even more resourceful if I may say. We just enjoyed the moment, we enjoyed our presence, and the fun we were having. 

We were amazed by the place in itself, so huge, amazing, we were just kids caught in the moment, running everywhere, screaming how wonderful it was to be here, and witnessing how lucky we were for being in this park. Two kids in love. We wandered around the empty streets of every neighborhood, look at every building, fake houses and just experience the magic of this place. It was out of space, just like stepping into the movies we have watched growing up (or not). We couldn't stop our surprise and the waves of emotions coming at us every time we would see a different world. 

We were wild, we were free and so in love. We were catching up on our childhood. All those things our parents wouldn't let us do when we were just children, we decided to take part in. We went on all the rides, the scariest ones, and the silly ones. The day was a day of endless fun. We ate all the foods our parents wouldn't have allowed to eat. We bought the crazies expensive stuff just for the sake of it. We weren't reasonable, we were adults behaving like kids in charge. It was messy, regrettable on the next day but so much fun. We had hot dogs for lunch and a big bag of chips, huge sugary drinks, and even had donuts for dinner. We were unstoppable. 

We made friends with fake characters, we met our idols that have passed away a long time ago. I finally got my pictures with Marilyn Monroe and stole a donut from the... I don't remember his name... We kept our mind open for fun activities even if it meant waiting an hour and a half to get soaking wet or taking part in a hit and run.

We flew over Hogwart, twice, turned into minions, saved Springfield, and ran away from the Mommy, as well as zombies, which was even scarier than what I thought it would be. In fact, I knew it was a mistake as soon as we stepped into the Walking Dead "ride", I ended up crying in the middle of the trail begging for the security to let me go through the emergency exit. We also escaped from a hungry dinosaur, obviously fake but still scary and unexpected, as we stepped out soaking wet.  I was a long day, a fun day, worth it and full of unforgettable memories. 

We fought, we made up, we laughed and we screamed, well I did. We kept our eyes closed, well I did, and we even got bored at some time. At the end of the day, we could have fallen asleep on the car. Well, actually I did. 

We went overboard with the sugar, so excited during the day, but hitting our pillows going over our days as soon as we got home. We kept our memories in our minds and memory cards, and donuts in the fridge. We were full with joy fueling our energy. Overall, we were so happy for this little getaway, a bit disappointed over the redundancy of the rides, which don't come with any surprises at the end because they're all a majority of virtual reality. 

I'll talk to you soon,



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