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Amsterdam, an Introduction

Amsterdam, Netherlands
Hey there,

You may or may not know that I went to Amsterdam for a few days last week. It was a short trip but yet so fun, and I really enjoyed this cute city. I've already prepared a couple of blogposts for the coming week and I hope you will enjoy those. I took so many cool pictures there that I wanted to share them on the blog. So be prepared for three blog posts full of pretty shots of the lovely city of Amsterdam! I also tried my best to shoot some pictures for OOTD inspiration, but it wasn't that successful, unfortunately. However, I really hope you enjoy the pictures and it will make you want to visit Amsterdam.

Before you see those blog posts, I wanted to share with you another project of mine. I've discovered a new hobby if you can call it that way. In fact, I'm happy to show you my second video, which is now available for watching on Youtube. I wanted to film in Amsterdam because I wanted to remember this trip in a different way than pictures. So anyway, I'm sharing this video with you today and I hope you like it. It's a little bit longer than the first one I uploaded on my Youtube channel but bare with me.

With that being said, I'll leave you to the video. I hope you enjoy it, and stay tuned for the pictures and for more info about this quick trip! 

I'll see you soon! Until then, don't forget that you can subscribe to my Newsletter to receive the blogpost directly into your inbox! You can also follow me on BlogLovin for notifications when I post something. 

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