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Travel Diary: First Day in Lovely Amsterdam

Amsterdam, Netherlands
Hey there,

If you follow me on Instagram, or if you saw my travel diary video on Youtube, you may have seen some pictures here and then from the lovely city of Amsterdam. I went there for a 4 days father daughter adventure, last week. It was truly amazing, and a paradise for wanderers as I like to consider myself. It's a very open-minded town, and it's just so pretty and lovely. I'm not a big fan of big cities, where you need to take a hundred different transportation to get to a specific place. Although I'm really in love with New York and London... Anyway, I like to be able to walk to discover an entire city. 

It's also Blogger Heaven there, for me, so before I left I made sure to have my chargers, my cameras, my lenses, and my outfits ready and packed! However, my father and I didn't share the same obsession for blogging. Let's just say, that I'm lucky enough to have 2 good shots of my outfits for each day. But I'm not gonna complain, my father was wonderful to take me to this lovely place that I was dreaming about for the longest time. 

We took a lot of photos. Yes, I'm a lucky girl because my dad loves taking pictures as much as I do. I got that from him, and he likes to share. So in the following posts you'll have a good amount of pictures taken by me and also my father. Anyway, we got to Amsterdam on a gloomy Sunday, and as soon as we were there, it started raining... But you know there are some cities that are pretty even when it's raining? Well Amsterdam is one of those cities.

We walked a lot on the first day, learning our way to the cities that was welcoming us for the next 4 days. Well actually, we walked a lot for 4 days. Tiring but it felt good and amazing. Plus, if walking the equivalent of a marathon in 4 days means I can eat burgers for 4 days without feeling any guilt, count me  in! I'm kidding, but we walked our way to the Flower Market, and had lunch in the area. After lunch we walked to the Medieval Centre and headed to the Red Light District. Let's just say that it was pretty awkward... I'm sure you'll understand why. 

We got quite lucky on that first day because it only rained for like 30 minutes and then the sun came out and it felt good, and it finally felt like Vacation time, but maybe not Summer time. When it's 20°C out you cannot say it's Summer time. I'm sorry, but it's a fact. We quickly found our way to some lovely residential areas by the canals, literally home goals. I'm not gonna lie, I could live here. I definitely picture myself living in one of those houses, with a bench in front of my front window and a bike parked by it. 

The first day was very tiring, especially because we were up since 6 am, walking was such a pain. My legs felt like there were going to fall out and my eyes couldn't take my contacts any much longer. Therefore a little shopping trip was as deserve as an Ice Cream after a long run in a parc. I'm just kidding. But I did do some damages on my credit card when I saw the Charlotte Tilbury Boot in some department stores in the City Centre. I'm not telling you what I got, because it's not that big of a deal, I only bought 2 things, and I'm keeping them for another post. So stay tuned!

After our walk through the Red Light District, we took a boat cruise on the canals under a hot sun after lunch. It was a way for us to rest but still be able to discover the city in a different way. We got to learn quite a lot of things about the city, and the architecture. It felt good. Once the cruise was over, we walked back to our hotel, which was located at the Southern part of Amsterdam, getting lost in lovely streets. I must say our hotel, the NH Amsterdam Quarter Hotel, was pretty well located, even though it was quite far from the city centre, it was right at the corner of all the museums in Amsterdam. Each day we would walk by the museums, it was pretty amazing. 

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  1. These are such lovely photos! Amsterdam has been on my list of places I've wanted to visit for as long as I can remember- so I loved this post!

    1. Thank you! Amsterdam was on my list as well, so I'm really happy I had the chance to go there. It's a beautiful city, I hope one day you'll have the opportunity to visit it. :)