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Paris, France Hey there,

Charlotte Tilbury is a super talented and incredible makeup artist. I first heard of her makeup brand in Dublin, 2 years ago, because we don't get Charlotte Tilbury in France. I immediately fell in love with it and was obsessed with the makeup, the makeup looks she creates and the brand identity. I just love how her products can turn someone into a true icon. Although a little bit overpriced, the makeup is of great quality. The palettes are super pigmented and the lipsticks are just amazing. My first experience with Charlotte Tilbury was actually after Christmas, when my boyfriend got me the Vintage Vamp palette, and that was the beginning of a huge obsession. 

A few months later, for my birthday, I ordered two lipsticks on the website: Love Liberty and Bond Girl. The package arrived on time and it was so pretty, I didn't have the strength to toss it. Again, a few months after that, I was surprised to see that Charlotte Tilbury was available in Amsterdam. There was no way I was taking my flight back home without a little shopping session there. I must admit, I went a little bit overtop, but I just got paid for my internship and I mean... it's Charlotte Tilbury... So I left Amsterdam with another palette, the Dolce Vita, and two other lipsticks, Walk of Shame and Secret Salma. 

Hot Lips - Secret Salma 
I've already done a review on the Vintage Vamp palette, and another review on the Dolce Vita will be on its way too. However, the name of this blog being Lipstick Road, I couldn't possibly not review the different lipsticks, even though they are from different collection. In fact, Love Liberty, Bond Girl and Walk of Shame are from the Matte Revolution collection, while Secret Salma is from the Hot Lips collection. 

Hot Lips - Secret Salma
Love Liberty is a deep berry shade, Bond Girl is a nude pink/coral shade, Walk of Shame is a light red with coral undertones, and Secret Salma, inspired by Salma Hayek, is a baby pink shade. 

Matte Revolution - Bond Girl
How do they look? The lipsticks look quite luxurious when your first pick them up. It's rose girl, very precious and high end. There are only the initials CT on the top of the cap. Beside, I was pretty surprised with the form of the actual lipstick when I first open them up. They are not your regular round lipstick, they are actually angled, which I first found funny, but is actually not that bad. In fact, I find it even easier to apply the lipsticks. 

Matte Revolution - Bond Girl
How are they ? The lipsticks are pretty amazing, the colors are beautiful, and they feel very nice on the lips. They are all matte lipsticks, although they don't feel matte at all, they are very comfortable to wear, they don't dry out the lips, they settle very nicely on the lips. I would even say that they have a creamy outcome. For the most part, they must be comfort matte, because they do transfer a little bit. However, they are long wear, and the formula is just amazing.  They are so easy to wear on a daily basis, and could easily be worn day to night. I tend to stay away from non matte lipstick during summer time, but this summer I sworn by those lipsticks, not only because of the colors that could be easily worn in spring, summer, fall or winter; but also because of the formula. 

Matte Revolution - Love Liberty
Final thoughts ? Overall, Charlotte Tilbury is a great brandy with high quality products. Obviously, it is quite pricy, and I would not spend €30 on lipsticks every day. However, with the quality of the products and the whole service behind every purchase, I wouldn't mind treat myself once and awhile because the quality is just amazing, and it's not debatable. Talking about the service, when you order online, the package is not only nicely packed, and delivered on time, but you can get a few samples so you can try out skincare products, lipsticks, foundations etc. 

Matte Revolution - Walk of Shame 
I hope you liked this post, let me know what you think about the lipstick. Have you ever tried Charlotte Tilbury products ? 

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