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Paris, France Hey there,

Unless you're not into makeup or you've been living under a rock, you'll know that Urban Decay has launched it's Vice Lipstick Collection over the summer. And while well-known beauty bloggers were receiving the box with the complete collection, 100 lipsticks that is, I was at Sephora, on a budget, picking what colors I was going to get. To be honest, this purchase was kind of unreasonable, since according to my boyfriend 'I own enough lipsticks and don't need more'. Yes my boyfriend is hilarious, and all the makeup addicts and shopaholics out there will understand my struggle. It's the new Urban Decay collection! I need at least one lipstick! 

I wanted a color that I didn't own already, and that I could easily wear on a daily basis, and after much consideration, I went for, surprisingly, two creamy lipsticks. I'm usually a matte girl, so you'll understand my surprise when I found myself reaching for creamy lipsticks. I don't really like how cream lipsticks feel on the lips. I feel like they do not last as long as matte lipsticks, and tend to transfer easily. Well that's not the case for the Urban Decay ones. 

I first picked out Shame, which is a deep purple shade. I first thought that it will be hard to pull off such a strong shade, but it isn't that bad actually. I ended up wearing it two days in a row to go shopping, in full summer weather. However, I feel like this shade will be perfect for fall and winter time. The second one I picked out is Hitch Hike, a nude but with pink and coral undertones. This one gives a way more natural look and is perfect for spring and summer, or even if you're looking for a natural look. I've been wearing Hitch Hike literally all summer. 

I realized I tend to be attracted to the same shades. For example, I'm always attracted to either deep red/burgundy, deep purple or really nude shades, and always matte lipsticks. Since I tend to do something rather natural looking on my eyes, I usually go full out with the lips. 

So how do they look? The lipsticks are really pretty. The packaging is pretty simple but true to Urban Decay's style. It's a metallic purple and gold round package and it has Urban Decay written on it, and the UD initials on the actual lipstick. Although the packaging is original and quite unique, it's not the most practicable lipstick. It is quite hard to open actually because there's nothing you can hold on to that can make a click noise, and make it easier to open. 

How are they? As I said the lipsticks are creamy lipsticks but I feel like they have a matte finished feel on the lips, but not on the outside, if you know what I mean. They don't feel heavy or sticky on the lips. They feel nice and light. The colors are really nice as well, they are pigmented and so pretty. They stay on really well, but they will transfer like crazy if you eat or kiss someone, especially the Shame Lipstick, which is a shame... Overall, they are quite long wear, because you still have some on the lips when you're done eating, drinking, kissing and whatever. Moreover, the mixture is quite nice on the lips, because it doesn't dehydrated or hurt the lips. 

Final thoughts? I'm really happy with the two lipsticks. The colors are incredible, I'm quite amazed by the creamy texture because it's light, comfortable and nice. It is long-wear, so it's always a good thing. The only thing that bothers me is the packaging, although you get used to it after awhile. This purchase really comforted me in the idea that Urban Decay is truly a great brand, its products are amazing and have a great quality. The lipsticks are also not that expensive, they cost €19, which I don't think is that bad, it's cheaper than Mac, Nars etc. Overall, they are great quality and quite affordable lipsticks that I would highly recommend. 

I hope you liked this post. Did you get any Vice lipsticks ? 

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