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Transitioning into Fall

Paris, France Hey there,

I'm a Fall girl, not spring, not summer, not winter, autumn! Always have, always will. There's something about this season that just gets me. I'll spare you from the basic clichés that everybody talks about when confessing a love for Fall. Sure, colors outside are amazingly pretty, sure it's halloween, and Black Friday, and Pumpkin Spice Latte seasons etc. No I love Fall because it's the season I feel most confortable with. Fall allows me to be myself, because I tend to be attracted to darker colors, like burgundy, black, camel, military green etc. and darker looks when it comes to makeup. I just feel like Autumn is the most representative season of my actual style.

I took me some time to realize that, because you know the weather kind of sucks in Fall, the humidity, the rain, the colder days etc. I don't mind cold weathers, humidity though... still not my cup of tea. Let me remind you that I have natural curly hair, humidity and fake straight hair don't get along...

You can't imagine how bumped I was when I realized that it was still 30°C degrees outside in the middle of September, like what?! September is supposed to be the month of transition! Going from Summer to Fall... So when you step outside in a tank top in the beginning of September, when you should be wearing a leather jacket, it just gets confusing and frustrating.

I might have talked about this before, but living in the area I live in, I don't like to wear shorts, skirts or dresses when I have to go somewhere by myself. One word: catcalling. Being the sensitive person that I am, getting catcalled, while taking the train, subway or simply stepping outside, just wrecks me. So I'm sure you can understand why I'm not a big fan of Summer while going back to school... However, Fall is officially here, and Summer is slowly leaving France and I couldn't be happier about it because it means that the funniest time of the season is here: transition into Fall.

I went a little overboard while doing shopping the other day, and I came up with the best transition outfit I have ever worn. Quite different for me but I'm changing one step at a time, and my style is part of the change. So yes my latest acquisition consist of dresses, surprisingly, and lots of prints, not so surprising. I'm a big fan of prints. Anyway, I found this mid length dress at Pull and Bear, I loved the flowers with birds and trees print, and I found the colors were perfect for transitioning into Fall. I paired it with a white T-shirt underneath to make it perfect for Fall, plus layering is the must of the season. 

Apart from that my outfit is pretty basic, a leather jacket, black booties and some necklaces. I've been really into choker lately, so I thought a choker with this perfect was a perfect way to make it extra 90's.

I hope you liked this post, let me know if you liked the outfit.

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