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La Dolce Vita: Three days in Florence (Day 1) // #LipstickRoadTravels

Hello there lovely people,

I'm back! After three crazy days in the pretty streets of Florence in the amazing Italy, I'm finally back with a heavier suitcase and a thousand of photographs to organize. How fun? 

Anyway, even though I'm back, I'm truly going to miss Italy and its amazing architecture, and food haha. I forgot what it was like to be on vacation since I haven't been on "real vacation" away in a foreign country during the summer time for a year. So I forgot the feeling of being completely lost on the first day of vacation, and the obligation to walk around with a map, to ask your way to where you want to go, the feeling of freedom because when you're on vacation you're allowed to do things you don't let yourself do when you're not. Actually, for a minute, I even didn't even think about anything except the moment I was living. I forgot about my life back to France, the future, and all the things that usually stress me out. For once, I felt truly relaxed. I don't know if it was the Yoga challenge kicking in or just the vacation, and the environment. 

 I must admit there are some times when I felt a little bit anxious. It was very difficult and awkward for me to be in a country where I didn't know the language at all so I felt even more shy and anxious to talk to people.

Anyway, I'm never walked that much in 4 days, and according to the little app on my phone, we walked around 65 km in 4 days! You might notice that the tittle of this post says 3 days but here I'm talking about 4 days. Let me explain: we stayed 4 days but on the last day, we didn't do much because we had to leave at 1:00 pm. I didn't take any pictures, we just walked to the market, bought some souvenirs, ended up at Brandy Melville, went a little bit crazy and then walked back to the hotel to pack and leave. So let's just say that this trip was a true 3 days trip and a little bonus. 

I actually got to the point where I walked so much, my whole body was in pain but I couldn't stop walking. Weird, right? And when I finally seated I couldn't move at all. I'm not going to complain about walking 60km under 37°C. I'm glad we did because if we didn't we wouldn't have seen that much beautiful things. 

On the first day of our trip, we arrived at 10:00 am, we took the bus from the airport to the city centre and got lost while walking to our hotel. We dropped the luggages, checked in, and left to wander around the city. On this first day, we just walked around to see the amazing monuments Florence has to offer. And after being dazzled by all this handsomeness and magical and romantic atmosphere, because it is truly crazy to think that all the architecture was actually built and made centuries ago by people. And you feel like you're living a dream. We had lunch on a cute little restaurant, had pastas, and then headed back to the hotel around 2:00 pm to have a little break and nap after a 4 hours night. On this first day, we truly learnt to discover the city we were gonna live in for the next 3 days, and we did.
After a little change of outfits; because it gets very very very hot in Italy, so T-shirt and MOM shorts in jeans are not the best option at all, unless you want to melt, literally; we went back to the historical centre to explore, walk more etc. But after an almost break down, 2 hours of walking later, we headed back to the hotel. On the way to the hotel we stopped at the Florence version of Rodeo Drive, seated on the stairs outside a cathedral and listened to a cute street concert in a very peaceful street. Once, we reached the hotel to have a shower for the second time of the day, change (again), we went out to have dinner, and taste amaziiiiiiing food and amaziiiiiiiiiing wine in a cute restaurant near by. 

I know I said I would post pictures of my outfits, but on that first day, I wasn't particularly happy with the way I looked, and I was quite uncomfortable while being taken in picture. My anxiety kicked in again and while I was looking at the pictures I took during the day, I began to criticize myself, which I know I shouldn't do but I can't help it. It's really hard to get your photograph taken by someone else, and accept that you won't be able to control everything you control when you take a selfie, that you can't see the way you look while the picture is taken etc. And you feel like you're not the same person in the picture as in the picture you take of yourself. I'm still in the process of understanding that and hopefully one day I'll feel better about that. So for this first day, I won't post the pictures my brother in law took of me in the streets of Florence, but I will post those selfies I took in the bathroom of my hotel room... (Lame).

Maybe some day I'll post those pictures, because I've learnt to accept myself, accept the way I look and actually love myself. The feeling is weird, because there are some times I like the way I look, I like my face on pictures, but this feeling gets washed away the minute I walk out of my house and cross a mirror, or the minute you post a picture of yourself on Instagram and you come across the picture of another girl. So you start listing all the things that are wrong, seems wrong, and you start comparing yourself to other. Maybe one day, I'll stop doing that and I'll be just fine. For now, again, I'm still in the process. 

Anyway, hope you enjoy this post and my pictures, as you can see, on the first day I was wearing a floral shirt from the brand Paul and Joe with MOM shorts from Topshop. I was actually wearing my sandals from K by Kookai until my foot started screaming for help (yeaah they can do that!) so I had to change and wear my Stan Smith. I was also wearing my Yankee baseball hat. Later that day, I changed, and put on a black top from Pull and Bear and a pair of floral and fluid shorts from Urban Outfitters, with my hat from Urban Outfitters and my Stan Smith. Finally, for dinner, I was wearing my Topshop floral shirt, and the same Pull and Bear top, a vintage jeans jacket and my Stan Smith. Yep a lot of flowers for that first day! (Flower power!)

See you soon, for the DAY 2 of #LipstickRoadTravelToItaly ! 



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