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Walk a lot, Eat a lot: Three Days in Florence (Day 2) // #LipstickRoadTravels

Hey there,

It feels so weird to be back to not so sunny and not so warm France, and I'm really missing Italy and Florence. The day 2 of our trip was so great and exhausting, we walked so much, breaking the record of 19,5 km of our first day there, with a great 19,77 km... However, I got to go to Brandy Melville, which was pretty exciting, I must say. I don't really go to their stores there in Paris, too much crowded, no air conditioning, you get the picture.  So I was pretty excited when I found out that there was one Brandy Melville's store near our hotel. So, on Tuesday's morning, after a 10 minutes walk that felt like a 30 minutes walk under 37°C at 10:00 am, we went to one of my favorite store. I just love everything they sale, from the fabrics to the prints of their shirts, sweaters, dresses and skirts. Plus, their clothes are super comfy. Even though, with the one sizes clothing, you can get some surprises sometimes... Anyway, I'll do a "Brandy Melville Haul/ Try on Haul" post soon, just stay tuned! 

After, a bit of a "going crazy" session at Brandy Melville, we headed back to our hotel, with quite a heavy bag, I must say, dropped the bag, and then headed back to the city centre. We planned to go visit one of the most pretty and well known Cathedral in Florence, El Duomo, but we realized we couldn't get in because we were wearing shorts and our shoulders were not covered... So we just walked to the Medicis's Residence, aka the Castle, read a little bit of the history of their residence, and then hit the road, walking thought little cute streets, tourists free, to get to the starting point of a walk to the top of Florence. 

We stopped at a little restaurant to have lunch to have bruschetta, rest a little bit, before starting what felt like climbing a mountain. I couldn't be happier when we reached the top. Not because I could finally sit down to rest, drink water, and die under the sun, but because the view was just incredible and breath taking. On the top of this small mountain, you have a view of the whole city, and everything seems so small and even prettier than it is when you're actually in front of it. After taking some pictures, we headed back to the city centre. 

We took a little break under a tree, and got attacked by a bee, so we left again to have ice cream at Vinchi. I couldn't be happier of this day, not only the ice creams were delicious, but Vinchi had air conditioning!!!!! Cherry on the top of a cake. I had a great double chocolate ice cream cone that I had to finish outside in front of the greatest museums of Italy. 

We couldn't get in the museum, because we would have to wait an hour and a half just to get in, just for an hour in the actual museum. since the museum was closing 2 hours later... So since this was a total fail, we just seated on the stairs outside the museums and watched painters painting and drawing the tourists. It made me want to get back to drawing and painting. 

Then, after this little rest sessions, we headed back to the hotel, with a feeling that our legs were going to fall or detach from our body. We walked through cute and empty streets with little street art that I love.

After a shower, and the first change of outfit of the day, we went to the Rooftop of the hotel to have a drink of wine in front of another breath-taking view of all the roofs of Florence. After this little "drinking pause" we left to have dinner. We originally planned to go to a certain restaurant that I can't remember the name of, but we couldn't find it so we ended in a cute restaurant, having pastas outside. It was such a lovely evening and a great day in Florence. Again, it is the kind of day that makes you forget all your trouble and all the things that are waiting for you back home. It even makes you forget that you missed the final episode of Pretty Little Liars, and the feeling of anger when you found out what happened during this episode on Instagram ! Yep, I got spoiled again... but I don't care, because I would rather walk 20 km in one day in the streets of Florence than to stay home, finding out who A is.

Hope you like this post, and my pictures, 

See you soon for the Day 3 of my Trip and the final post of #LipstickRoadTravels 





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