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Siena melts my heart: Three days in Florence (Day 3) // #LipstickRoadTravels

Hey there,

For our last "real" day in Italy, we decided to take the train and go to Siena, which seemed like a good idea at first but quickly turned into "Was that a good idea" when we got to the train station. Let me explain. When we got to the train station, we had 10 minutes to take 3 train tickets before heading to the right platform. Sounds normal, right? Well, it is normal until you realized that those 10 minutes turned into 3 minutes after the 10 persons in front of you took their tickets. Then, add to that stressful situation the fact that you have no idea where you have to take the train because the platform number wasn't communicated on the screens yet. We quickly found out that the reason why we didn't know where we had to take the train, was because our train was delayed... 15 minutes delayed that turned into 20 minutes, which finally turned into 30 minutes. The moment you decide to go get water bottles for the trip to Siena, is precisely the moment they decide to tell you on what platform you have to get your train. From that particular moment, you realized you have 3 minutes, yep 3 minutes, to run to not only catch your train, but also to find that platform, which wasn't even on the same area we were at... 

Long story short, we caught the train. But, a journey that was supposed to take an 1 hour and 15 minutes, turned into a 2 hours journey... Yep, we got stuck for 45 minutes in the middle of nowhere, in a train with no air conditioning, no lights, no nothing... 

Anyway, 2 hours later we finally arrived in Siena. What you need to know about Siena is that the city is at the very top of a "mountain", so get to the top you have to take at least 10 electric stairs, but when you get to the top you have another breath-taking view of Toscana. We walked for 10 minutes to Siena historical centre, and let me just tell you, Florence is very very very very very very pretty but Siena is amazing. It's a gathering of small streets with no vehicles, small boutiques and stores, and you feel like you're so far from the real world; if that makes sense. You just feel like you're in a different world, completely cut off times. 

We wandered around Siena for a good 2 hours before we finally sat down at a small restaurant to again have the so delicious bruschettas. After this small lunch, we really wanted to have a little treat, meaning ice creams. We do love our ice creams, don't you? However, we didn't quite chose the right day to visit Siena since the city was organizing horses courses with horses representing the different neighborhood of Siena. So the city was crowded and the main "plaza" was actually closing at 4:10 pm to set up everything. We got to this famous plaza, that kind of looked like an arena with small boutiques and restaurant all around it, and a cathedral and a castle, at 4:00 pm... We just had time to take pictures, and selfies with our brand new selfie stick *yeaah tourist goal reached*, before we got kicked out.

Still searching for an ice cream place, we ended up in another plaza with the most amazing cathedral. I mean, the details!!!!!!!!!!! It feels like you're looking at a piece of art. But at the end of the day, it is art. We sat there in front of it, just dazzled. I mean, look at it! 

When we finally got up, we headed to the busy streets, still searching for ice creams. We didn't get our ice creams... Disappointment...  We had to head back to the train station to get back to Florence because it got too late.

We were so tired... exhausted, our legs were falling out, we were dying for cold water, and fresh air. We walked down the electric stairs to the train station before founding out that the train was due an hour later...  Since we didn't want to wait for an hour at the train station, we asked details to take the bus to Florence, which was cheaper, and was taking the same amount of time. However, we found out that the bus stop was at Siena's city centre. Meaning... we had to take the 10 escalators for the 3rd time of the day. We got to the top, missed our bus, waited for 20 minutes, got into another bus, and really enjoyed the ride home because you got a view of Toscana we wouldn't have had while taking the train. 

We arrived at Florence, quite late, so we quickly headed to our hotel, took a shower, changed and went out for dinner for our last night in Florence.

We found a very cute restaurant with pretty little lights, street musicians in front of it, good food and wine etc. I actually had Tagliatelle pasta with pesto. So we had a very cool evening. And how do you end a cool evening to make it even more perfect? 

With ice creams of course! We had ice creams in front of the prettiest cathedral of Florence, and headed back to our hotel for a good night of sleep. 

That was a truly great day in Sienna and an amazing evening in Florence. I truly think that there's nothing like discovering a city by night. It's so much different, it's a different vibe, different atmosphere etc. 

Hope you enjoy this last post for my #LipstickRoadTravelsToItaly series, I won't be posting anything for our last and fourth day because I didn't take any pictures since this last day was mainly focused on packing and souvenirs... I'm sorry... 

Stay tuned for my next post, 




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