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London Surprise Calling (Day 1) // #LipstickRoadTravels


So my Dad totally surprised me this weekend with a short father/daughter trip to London. It was such a good surprise because I truly love London, it's one of my favorite city that I've been to (I almost cried when I found out at the train station that we were taking the train to London). I had no idea we were going there even though I knew we were going somewhere this weekend. In fact, my Dad gave me weird clues that just freaked me out about this weekend. 

Anyway, I had a blast, the weather was not great but who cares? It was very rainy on the second day, we eventually got some sun on the first day but I still had to buy an umbrella.

I feel like London is one of the prettiest city to visit, and it's even prettier to visit when it rains. I mean, that's just my opinion, does it make sense or just sounds like total crap? Whatever, I love London, rain or no rain.

We left really early on Sunday morning (Sunday morning rain is falling...) and arrived at Saint Pancras around 10:00 am. We got to our hotel 10 minutes later, left our luggages and took off for some London adventures. Our hotel was in the City neighborhood, quite near to the Tower of London and Tower Bridge so we walked there to take some photographs. 

We then walked to Saint Paul Cathedral, sat for a minute before we hit the road again to Trafalgar Square and the National Gallery. On the road there we stopped at Topshop and Superdrug. We don't have Superdrug stores in France, nor in Ireland, so I really wanted to stop and see what they were selling. I didn't get anything at Topshop nor Superdrug even though I really wanted to get Zoella's new products. 

After our little stop at Trafalgar Square under a sunny sky we headed to Covent Garden for lunch. Covent Garden is one of my favorite place in London. We had lunch at Shake Shack (love love love love love love love), enjoyed some cheese fries, wandered around Covent Garden and then went to Primrose Bakery for coffee and cupcakes. Yes I now drink coffee, I want to be that woman, who drinks wine on Friday evening with a good meal, and coffee in the morning before heading to work, even though I'm still a student... 

I love Primrose Bakery, it's so cute and the cupcakes are delicious! We had one Apple Crumble cupcake and one classic Red Velvet cupcake, with an Expresso and a Cappuccino . 

After this little break we walked to Piccadilly Circus and just enjoyed the view. Then, we headed to Regent Street aka the shopping neighborhood, in search for Victoria's Secret. Let me just tell you I was not leaving London if we didn't go to VS. Again we don't have VS in France, nor in Ireland, so I needed, okay maybe not needed, but I really wanted to go to their huge store in London. 

I had a little breakdown and bought some stuffs, like maybe one bra, one pyjama set, some yoga pants and two moisturizers. We then looked for the Underground to go back to our hotel for a little break after a lot of walking through the city. 

My Dad really wanted to go see the Arsenal Stadium so we went there, walked around, and took some OOTD pictures. 

We headed back to the city centre, and Piccadilly for dinner. We ended up walking to Oxford Circus and Carnaby Street where we found a little Italian restaurant for dinner. After dinner we were dying for ice cream even though it was getting cold, so we walked a lot and eventually got lost, looking for Amorino. 

If you're not familiar with Amorino, it's an artisanal ice creams place where they make ice creams that look like flowers. You first choose the size of the cone and then choose the flavors you want on your ice cream, you can choose as many as you want, but we both had 3. I had Nutella, Dark Chocolate and Coconut. 

That was our last stop of the day since after Desert we went back to the hotel for a good night of sleep. 

Hope you enjoy this post, 

I'll see you soon for more pictures of my weekend to London.




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