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Live, Love, Laugh, London (Day 2) // #LipstickRoadTravels

Hello there! 

Welcome for Day 2 and the last day of my weekend to lovely London. It was a very short trip unfortunately, but I would go to London even for an hour if I could.

The weather was really crappy on this second day, it was raining from the minute we woke up, till we left England at 6:30 pm, but it's okay I mean we got some breaks during the day. So we left our hotel and took the Underground to do some major tourist stuff. In fact, we headed to Big Ben, the House of Parlament, Westminster and Buckingham. I've seen those a couple of times, since it wasn't my first trip to London, but I don't get tired of the view. 

We first started with beautiful Big Ben, but we actually had to wait for 15 minutes at the exit of the underground station for the rain to calm down because it was really cray-cray. Anyway, we crossed the London Bridge to get some pretty rainy pictures of the London Eye and Big Ben. 

Once we were done and the rain finally stopped, we stopped for a minute at the House of Parlament, and it's crazy how this building is so pretty and amazing. I'm still in shock.  

We walked to Westminster Abbey and we actually wanted to go in for once, but the queue was so long, we quickly gave up. 

We then crossed Saint James Park to see Buckingham Palace under clouds and rain again. My feet and shoes were dying and so wet! I was freezing cold and already planning my trip to Topshop to change my outfit with things I would have bought of course. 

According to the Union Jack flag flying in the sky, the Queen was there. We didn't see her, sadly, but we got to see her incredibly beautiful and huge home. 

We planned to walk to Oxford Circus or Piccadilly but at this point my shoes were full of water and I could hear the "squeak" in my shoes every time I moved.  So we decided to take the underground again. The ticket for the day were so expensive that we thought "better use it". 

We took the tube to Piccadilly Circus to some Souvenir shopping. First stop was Fortnum and Mason. I mean you can't go to London and not buy tea. Can you? Whatever I was determined to get some tea, because their tea is just amazing. So we got Wedding Breakfast, which was created especially for the Royal Wedding, and I thought would go perfect with my Will and Kate royal wedding mug. We also got Royal Blend Classic Earl Grey and Afternoon Blend, which are my absolute favorite from Fortnum and Mason. We also got an Hot Chocolate and Marshmallows mixture. Then we went to Cool Britania for real souvenir gifts. 

After our little stop at Piccadilly we headed to Oxford Circus. I stopped at Topshop, and it was crazyyyyyyy! I've never seen a shop that big! I mean they have a hair/makeup space, and a cupcake stand! CUPCAKES IN A TOPSHOP! Am I the only one shocked?! There were so many things I didn't know where to look at, seriously I was blown away. I just bought a leather wallet from the brand It's Not Me It's You that I love. 

For lunch, we decided to go back to Shake Shack at Covent Garden where they installed new decoration with clouds balloon everywhere. Check my Instagram if you haven't and you'll see what I'm talking about. 

My Dad really wanted to go to the London Film Museum for the James Bond exhibition so we went to see the amazing cars from the movies. Once we were done with the exhibition the weather was getting crappy again so we stopped at Primrose Bakery, again... 

This time, my Dad had Cookies and Cream cupcake with an expresso and I had an Earl Grey cupcake with a hot chocolate. You can't be disappointed with Earl Grey, so good!!

I really wanted to god to Camden and Primrose Hill but the weather got real bad and we ended up being stuck at the bakery for an hour. Once we left it was too late to take the tube to Camden since we only had an hour in the City before we had to head to the train station. Maybe some other time... So we just wandered around Covent Garden, stopped at Topshop again to buy some jeans and headed back to our hotel to change and leave for King Cross Saint Pancras. 

Again, even though it was a short trip, I couldn't be happier. It was such a good surprise, and it came just in time since I was thinking about how bad I wanted to go back to London. Plus, it's becoming a father/daughter holiday ritual since it was the second time we went to London just the two of us. 

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this post.

See you soon,



PS: No OOTD for this second post of my trip to London unfortunately, because of the weather I actually looked like sh*t on that day, and my outfit was not great anyway. I was wearing boyfriend jeans from Cheap Monday, an open back black t-shirt from Asos, a plain black hoodie, the same vintage jacket from my previous post, the same boots from Dunnes and my bag from Red Herring. 

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  1. Hi Elsa,

    London is also charming when it's raining :) Sorry the weather wasn't sunny when you were here. Come again! Nice cupcakes ;)


  2. Hey Katya!

    Thank you! I love London so much I can't wait to come again. Also it was the first time I visited London under rainy weather lol.