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That day I met Mickey and Minnie // A day at Walt Disney Studios

Hey there!

Okay I did not really meet Mickey and Minnie but I did meet some of their friends! Anyway, on Tuesday I had the great chance to go to Walt Disney Studios with my boyfriend, his sister and his mother. Why just Walt Disney Studios you may think?

Well, back in June we wanted to surprise his sister and celebrate her graduation by taking her to Disneyland Paris since she'd never been there. Due to some promotional offer going on at that time we got 1 ticket for each park, however the trick was we couldn't go to the two parks on the same day! 

So, in the beginning of July we went to Disneyland Paris with his mom and his sister, and had a lot of fun! If you want to see some pictures I've taken on that day head to my Instagram account.

Since we still had our tickets for the second park we decided to go on Tuesday! 

We had a lot of fun, even though the weather was not great and kind of weird, and I was sick... But you know what, who cares? We were at Disneyland! 

I love Disneyland, I love the atmosphere there, I love the magic there, the roller coster, I love everything about Disneyland! And what I love the most is that it takes me back to my childhood and I feel like a kid every time I go there (Aka at least twice a year... I have no shame!).

So we started off the day by going to the Ratatouille ride, which is mainly for kids but it was fun. The ride is in 3D and you just wander around the decor in a Rat car as if you were a rat in the kitchen of a great restaurant.  

Then we waited 50 minutes for a ride that almost made us all sick. It was part of the Toy Story land. In this ride, your seat is attached to some kind of parachute and you just go up in the air, then go down fast, up again, down again.... It was fun but I won't do it again especially since I'm kind afraid of heights.

After this ride we decided it was time to get to the real deal! Unfortunately after a little bit of motion sickness my boyfriend's sister and I decided we were going to pass for the Hollywood Tower Ride. So we left her mother and my boyfriend/her brother, who were going on the ride and we went shopping at the Disney's store while we were waiting for them. 

When they were done going up and down in the air while being seated in an elevator inside a crazy (but beautiful) looking hotel, we headed to Rock N'Roller Coster which is by far my favorite ride! 

We only had a 5 minutes wait for this fast and scary ride when you're in the dark and quite don't know WTF is happening with loud Aerosmith's music in your ears! Plus, the decor while you wait is awesome it feels like you're in a real music studio, the background music is also amazing! It's truly an awesome ride, very fun!

Then we stopped for lunch at some Walt Disney Studios dinner and after lunch we thought it was better to go on a calmer ride.

So instead of going on a ride we decided to go see a show, which actually ended up in 3 shows... 

The first one was about the backstage of movies and the visual effects. The second one was about stunts in action movies. And finally the last one was actually a cute movie which was mixing up a ton of different movies, and I'm pretty sure it was about the magic in every movie whether you can see it or not. 

Then we went to the Nemo ride aka Crush Coster, which was really fun! I don't know how to describe this one, except by saying that it feels like you're surfing with sea turtles in the seas. The good thing about this ride is even though you have a 40 minutes wait you can access a special Wifi called Crush Coster, which gives you access to a special website, where you can play the special Crush Coster Game on your phone! This game drives me crazy!!!!! but it's fun and you don't realize how much time you spend on the queue. 

After this ride we needed some calm ride again so we went to Armageddon, which was not peaceful at all! It was quite scary actually! I ended up in my boyfriend's arms, terrified... It feels like you're in a spaceship under meteor attack, so the room you're standing in has a floor, which is moving under your feet, things falling down, fire coming out of the walls, water coming down on the fire, steams, loud sounds everywhere around you, etc. So this ride was really about the special effects.

Then it was almost time to go home so we stopped to take some pictures and my boyfriend and I decided we wanted to go back on Rock N'Roller coster, so we did!

After this ride, it was getting late and it was really time to go home. I mean I couldn't walk! My feet were dying! I almost thought they were going to detach from by body and fall down. I'm just kidding, and I still had some strengths left to go back to the Disney's Store and get a cute fluffy Stitch, that I actually named Bernard, don't ask! 

Anyway, we had a lot of fun during this day at Disney, and there's nothing better before going back to school than spending the day at Disney!

Hope you like this post, 

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