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Yoga Challenge or How to relax in 30 days

Hey there! 

Today I felt like talking about Yoga. In fact, yesterday my brother told me about this 30 days Yoga Challenge and I thought I'll try it out. I've never been into Yoga, I'm more a Pilates kind of person. I've always felt like Yoga was too "calm" for me or too "quiet", so I was not able to focus or even relax while practicing Yoga. And trust me I'm not the kind of person that give up easily so I've tried Yoga many times. I first started with videos on Youtube and, being the shopaholic that I am, I quickly moved to DVD, buying the "Yoga for dummies"(amont others, since last summer I was really into working out...). At the time I bought the DVD I was actually following a working out guide by health guru, Sophie Gray, Way of Gray, 4 times a week (I think), and during the day I wasn't working out with the guide, it was suggested to do other activities like Yoga or hiking etc. The town I lived at the time I was working out with Sophie Gray and her guide was not "hiking material", but let's not get into that. Anyway I started doing Yoga with the Dummies DVD, which I liked for a little bit, I even took my DVD to Ireland with me! (Motivation!!!!) but then I got bored and I realized Yoga was definitely not for me even though I got anxiety and all I wanted was to be able to relax and feel less anxious all the time *deception*.

Anyway, I've heard about Yoga Challenges before, and I actually heard about one on Instagram, which I wanted to try but after seeing the postures or stretches of the Challenge on the 15seconds videos, I quickly gave up, and went back to my Pilates exercices. When my brother told me about the 30 days Yoga Challenge by this woman called Adrienne, which I would link at the end of the post, I didn't bother looking at her videos right away and I just said "No thanks Yoga is not my thing", but then my brother said that he's never felt so relax before. So I looked it out on Youtube and actually tried it today.

Let me just say that, It's nothing like I thought it would be! Forget about the weird postures! Adrienne's "class" (because in the end it is a class) felt similar to Pilates exercices but in a more relaxing way, (Duh). The videos are between 35 to 25 minutes long and I felt like the stretches in the videos were different than what I saw before, but I'm just a beginner in Yoga. Of course, you'll find the "famous stretches" like the Child pose etc. Plus, Adrienne is awesome. She lets the viewers decide how they want to do the exercices, and she's not too serious or weird (I mean weird but not in a mean way, the lovely lady that teaches on the Dummies DVD kept talking about the trees and mountains, and sorry but I can't be a tree...). She's actually quite goofy which is nice. For once in my life, I felt relax and I did not think about anything else than the purpose of the challenge and the outcome of it, because at the end of the day it's a personal challenge and Adrienne really reminds us that. For me, it's about getting over my anxiety and stop feeling so anxious, it's also about being able to relax and not think so much, and not let what other people think about me affects me so much. This past few days have been quite hard on me and this first day of challenge came just in time. I know I'm still on Day 1 of the challenge but I feel very motivated to continue and I will keep you posted.

If you're curious to see what the day 1 of the challenge is about, here's the video:

On Adrienne's channel on Youtube, you'll find different types of Yoga exercices depending on why you're doing Yoga or even where, if you want to loose weight, if you have back pains etc. you'll find her at Yoga With Adrienne.
Also if you want to try the Yoga Challenge, it's the: 30 days Yoga Challenge.
And finally if you want to learn more about health by Sophie Gray and her guide, which I mentioned above, you can find her at Way Of Gray

Hope you enjoyed this post, see you soon! 



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