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Goal: Mermaid Hair // Hair Care

Hello there,

Today I'm back with my hair care routine/my favorite hair products to use for damaged hair. This is quite a special post since some of the products I use are "high end" and therefore more expensive than products that I would normally buy. However, I am at this point with my hair, where I don't really care how much I spend on products anymore, I just care about the characteristics and effects of the products on my hair, because let's be honest, if you want great quality products with great outcomes, you got to pay the price... 

Finding my hair care routine, and basically hair products that I love and are a great match for my hair, has been quite a journey. In fact, I went from drug stores products full of silicon, sulfates and all that bad thing for you hair, to high end products still full of bad things, to healthier and more natural products expensive or affordable products. I have written about my hair before, I think, but just so you know, again, I have quite thick and very curly hair that I'm not a big fan of. 

I didn't care about my hair, and actually liked it, right until I was 13 years old, you know that age, when you begin to be a teenagers and you care so much about what other people think and more importantly, what they say about you? Well I was this very insecure and young girl, and let's just say that people were not quite nice to me, and a lot were making fun of the way I look, and my really curly hair... Being the insecure and shy girl that I was, those comments really affected me, so I decided to change the way I look so people would stop talking about my hair and look. I do not recommend this at all, I've grown and now I realized that you shouldn't care about what other people think, and just be who you are and do what you want to do, people are going to talk anyway, no matter what you do, don't change for them. 

Anyway, so when I was 13 years old I began to straight my hair every single day... The good thing is that I got the habits of getting an haircut once and awhile, so my hair wasn't so damaged... until high school... Yep, at 16 years old I decided that I wanted long mermaid hair, and there's no way that could happen with hair straighten every day. So I struggled for 5 years to get long hair, avoiding haircuts, getting hair extensions, using full of silicons and sulfates products etc. And I got my ong hair but I think that my hair was so damaged at this point that I only cared about my split ends and I didn't care about the lengths of my hair. Anyway, here I am, at 21 years old, finally aware of what is good and what is bad for my hair, including haircuts, and finally aware that I probably won't ever get long hair if I keep straightening my hair. 

I have tried many different products this past year and those products below are my favorites by far. There are some products from Lush that I do adore as well but I thought I'll focus on those Lush goodies in another post, with a more affordable selection of products. Today, I'm just focusing on my "High-end" favorites, that are part of my "not everyday but you know what I mean" hair care routine. 

For shampoo and conditionner, I heard about the Alterna Caviar Repair hair line, I think it was on Youtube, so I decided to give it a go. It is pretty expensive, the shampoo and conditionner are both 39€ on Amazon, and it might be a little higher at Sephora but I'm not sure about that. Anyway, I bought the shampoo, conditionner, hair mask and serum, which are all silicon and sulfates free, but now I only use the shampoo, conditionner and serum. They are truly amazing, my hair has never been this soft and shiny, although my hair was a pain to brush the first week I started washing my hair with those products. But the Alterna Caviar Repair is magical, the products that I use are for damaged and dry hair, they are called "Instant Recovery", and they help regenerating and softening the hair. 

In addition to those 2 products from Alterna, I got the Caviar Anti Aging Photo Age Defense serum still from Alterna. I apply this when I get out of the shower on my wet hair. It's supposed to help regenerating the hair as well and hydrate the hair. The texture is quite weird but I really like it. 

I use more products in addition to those products to get my hair to look the way it looks now, but I thought I'll keep my other goodies, which are not from Lush, nor high-end, for another post coming maybe next week? Stay tuned. 

I hope you enjoy this post, please leave a

comment below if you have any recommendation of things I should try or if you ever struggled finding you perfect hair care routine.

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