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Long Time No Talk

Hey there,

I know I've been quite quiet in here lately. I haven't posted anything in weeks and I'm truly sorry about that. Oh Blogger I've missed you... Please forgive me. Honestly, with everything happening in Paris, I didn't feel like blogging at all. Luckily, none of my family members nor friends have been hurt by the attach, and I'm fine as well. We are all kind of chocked, confused and scared, I think. But I won't talk about that, I believe we all talked about it a lot lately, and I just want to move on from everything and keep living even though it's hard. 

I realized that I've never finished my Halloween Special series, so I hope you don't mind that the pictures don't match what I'm talking about in this post, but I was pretty proud of my first time carving a Pumpkin, and I wanted to share it. Everybody, meet Freddy! 

So I kept myself pretty busy with school, so yes, I have been cheating on my blog with my studies ... Trust me, I'm not proud about that, but you got to do what you got to do to graduate! (2 more years!). But I also swapped my eyeshadows with some paint and wall paper. In fact, my boyfriend and I decided, spontaneously, that it should be fun and a good idea to redecorate idea. "You're going to have so much fun" they say... Boy, were they wrong.

I mean, it was a good idea on paper since I've been living in the same room, with the same ripped yellow and blue wallpaper for over 15 years now, and I was quite sick of it. I just needed some changes. But I think we didn't realized how much work it was and how long it was going to take. Yes I truly believed that we could redecorate the whole thing in a week. The disappointment was huge! Why wasn't it like on those TV shows where they do it in one day?!

Anyway, my boyfriend and I almost killed each others, but we're okay, we're still in love, even though here we are 3 weeks later, with my room still not completely done and in an incredible mess, but who cares ? We gave up 2 weeks ago when we finished taking the wallpaper off, and almost murdered the steam thing we used to take the wallpaper off the wall... My dad is on it now, but he's not in a hurry, but I don't mind.

Also, to be honest, I must say that I was not very happy or pleased with the way my blog was going, I was just quite disappointed with my blog posts, my edit for the pictures, etc. So there might be some changes in here. I've got some new things to play with just for my blog so it should be fun to come up with some cool content.  This post is quite special because this isn't a real post where I talk about makeup, clothes, new stuff etc. This is just a post about me telling you I'm back! I'll try to post things twice a week as usual, and with Christmas right on the corner I have quite a few ideas of blog posts for the future!

So stay tuned, I'll be back soon,

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Until next time,



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