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Those Beauty Bits coming right down from Paradise // Beauty Favorites

Hey there,

Lately I've been accumulating amazing beauty bits in my drawers. Don't worry, I did not go crazy, and spend tons of money at Sephora, those things are products that I've been using since January but being the busy bee (just kidding) that I am, I couldn't find time to talk to you about it. So today, I'm writing quite a short post about my last beauty obsessions, I say last, because I'm sure by now you all know how crazy obsessed I am with makeup, skincare and other beauty products. I have no shame! Well that's not true actually... I do feel shame when I see the balance on my bank account... Oopsie? Those are investments! Did you see my face? Of course I need a new foundation! Do you feel my hair? This lotion was a matter of life or death! Of course I'm only kidding.

Before going any further, I would like to warn you that those are quite pricy items so beware. Those are not the kind of things I can afford in one monthly shopping trip. Now that you're warned, let's get into it.

1) Urban Decay Naked Foundation
I wrote about it in my S.O.S Skincare latest post but I didn't get too much into it because I was saving this beauty for a special post. And here it is folks! As you may or may not know, I bought this when my face was breaking out like crazy and I was in much need of a lighter foundation. I looked at the reviews on before buying it and they didn't really blow me away. I was concerned by the fact that the coverage seemed light. I decided to give it a go because one of my friends recommended it to me. I couldn't be happier, the foundation is light and feels so nice on the skin, but the coverage is medium and easy to build into the skin. It feels like a moisturizer, and it's amazing. One big drop of product covers any blemishes and redness, and it's quite long lasting, I'll say it takes me 5 to 6 hours before I need to do some touch-ups. The first day I used this, one of my friends even told me that I looked flawless and my skin was so luminous. So I highly recommend this one! 

2) Nars Narsissist Cheek Studio Palette
This must be my most precious and favorite thing in my makeup drawer. From the moment I laid my eyes on it I fell in love with it. It's amazing, very pricy but amazing. This palette has one bronzer, one highlighter, one contour blush, and 4 different blushes in limited editions. Yes, 4!!!!! It's so practical I can't deal with it. For my trip to the Caribbean, I only took this palette with my foundation for my face, and it just sealed the deal for night time. I'm never been so happy with makeup. The contour blush is great, it really defines the face, and the bronzer feels like your face just got hit by Summer and sunshine. The 4 blushes are very pretty as well, you have a light sparkly pink, which I mostly use as a highlighter on the top of my cheeks or well my face is so contoured I don't feel like wearing blush. It also has a light sparkly pinky coral that I use for a softer look, a deeper coral for a more define look, and finally a deep pink that I love as well, very Disney Princess. The highlighter is also great, not too sparkly, quite soft and nice. The thing that I adore about this palette, is the pigmentation! It's mind-blowing! Everything looks great on the face, and makes your face looks more define, and it lasts all day too!

3) Bumble and Bumble BB Straight Blow Dry 
I first bought this as a travel sized blow dry helper before flying out to Martinique, and I'm sure some of you know that I love my travel sized Bumble and Bumble haircare products! I've never heard about this Blow Dry Haircare before, but I thought I'll give it a go for the vacation. It's an amazing blow dry products, I've tested a lot in the past, and trust me, nothing is as amazing as this one! It's easy to apply and doesn't leave my hair greasy, when I blow dry my hair, my hair feels nice, and it smells nice as well, it's shiny and soft for the next 3 days until I need to wash it.  Moreover, once my hair is straight, it stays straight! I don't even need hairspray with this! Crazy. 

4) Mac Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour 
One of my friends told me about those new liquid lipstick from Mac, but being disappointed by Makeup Forever ones before, I quickly said "No thanks I'll pass", but when she came to class on the next wearing this amazing deep red matte lipstick on her lips, I was like "Where did you get that?!". When she showed me the two retro matte liquid lipsticks she got from Mac, it was clear in my head that I needed one. So I went to Mac, happy and confident I would find the same deep red, and a light nude one... Ahaha what a fail... Of course, the lipsticks were a success, and they quickly ran out of it. I did find a red/orange lipstick though, and I'm pretty content with it. The color is great for the summer, and although the texture is quite matte and dry, it does not feel that dry on the lips. It stays on like crazy, even when you eat, drink or kiss! It's not as easy as a real lipstick to apply because it dries quickly but it feels good on the lips and it looks amazing! Also, I feel like it dries slowly, compare to the Makeup Forever ones, and you still do some quick touch ups when applied. 

5) Alterna Caviar Repair Hair Mask 
I love the Alterna Caviar Repair line, they are Sulfates free, and only good to your hair. Again, very pricy but my hair has never felt so nice. I've really noticed a big difference since using Caviar Repair, my hair is shiny, soft, and looks less damaged. I mostly use the shampoo and conditionner but before flying out to the Caribbean I bought the travel-sized hair mask (#obsessedwithtravelsize). I started using it when I came back from the Caribbean, because you know I'm so logical I buy things for vacation that I don't use on vacation... I love it so much, it really feels like it's curing my hair. I also love the smell of it. I apply it all over my hair and leave it for 5 minutes or more before I rinse it. It's truly amazing.

6) Nars Satin Lip Pencil 
You know I'm a big fan of Nars, especially their lipsticks. I keep telling everyone I know that Nars' lipsticks are amazing! It's pricy but honestly it's the one makeup brand that is actually worth it. I would rather spend €30 something on a lipstick from Nars than one from Chanel or Dior, because trust me I know. Anyway, I wanted to try their lip pencil for awhile. The first one I got was from their Velvet Matte lip pencil, and I got a nude shade that I'm really happy with. However, I came across this fuchsia shade, and it was so pretty, I bought it. One thing I love about Nars is the name they give to their lipsticks. The one that I got is called Luxembourg, as I said it's a pigmented fuchsia shade, very creamy/satin but with a matte finish. It's easy to apply because it's a pencil, and it stays on nicely and forever.  

That's it for today's post, I hope you liked it, and found it useful if you wanted to try a high-end product. Let me know. 

I'll see you soon, but until next time, you can follow me on Instagram, because I'm really active up there, and you can also follow me on Blog Lovin so you'll know exactly when I post something on LipstickRoad.



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