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A perfect Automnal day at the Beach... Oh wait, it's Spring! // Photo Diary

Hey there,

As part of my "Do Something that are not going Shopping or looking at your phone" resolutions, my boyfriend, Louis, and I decided to do something spontaneous this weekend... So we went to the beach! What we thought would be an exciting hot and sunny day at the beach of Normandie, North of France, was not quite what we expected, but we still had a great day under the clouds of a cool November day... I mean April... 

We left early in the morning, and after a 2 hours drive through the loveliest and craziest-named towns, with the loudest playlist blasting from the car, we arrived in the cute town of "Le Treport", just in time for Lunch time for myself and a break for my boyfriend from me singing out loud "What do your mean" from Justin Bieber, and dancing for Snapchat videos to "Make me like you" from Gwen Stefanie. Luckily, the sun was there, and it felt like Spring. 

Quickly after lunch, our hopes vanished... Once we went out of the restaurant, it was cloudy, windy and cold. We still found our way to the beach, and we wandered around, taking photographs, having fun, and feeling cold... but you know what? Who cares? Because it still was fun and cool to walk around an unknown town, talking to nice people, buying local food and just feel so far from home even though it was not that far. 

Sometimes you just need some time away from home and everything you know, a little unplanned vacation for the weekend. So you take your boots, your coat, you hat, your camera and you just drive until you hit the beach. I'm only kidding because of course, we did plan this trip, a little bit though, the day before... Like adults but not quite adults. 

I mean, the weather was supposed to be nice for the whole weekend, we didn't want to stay-in, yet again, and we thought we deserved our little getaway. We wanted to feel like tourists again, and for my part, I wanted to see cliffs! I wanted to feel like a kid again, the excitement of getting to someplace new, of eating sugar all day, sleeping in the car, blasting songs out of the car, and dancing in the streets like a crazy girl. 

You know it's weird since I lived in Ireland for a year, and I did not see any cliffs for the whole year I was there. Mainly because I was lazy and I guess I did not live my Irish experience to the fullest, some would say. But anyway, living in France has its advantages, just a 2 hours drive, and boom! Cliffs everywhere! Big, majestic cliffs everywhere you look! And a bonus, the beach, with its rocks, and the relaxing feeling of walking on small rocks with your shoes. 

Because Louis and I are pretty wild people, we decided to go up the cliffs, so we took this railway, they call it a funicular, and before we could get to the top, the rain hit us... Of course, we did not plan this. And staying outside while it's raining, is not as fun as kids imagine, especially when it's that windy and that cold. It felt like Fall in April. It didn't rain for too long, just while we were trying to enjoy the view from the cliff, and as we were walking back to the car. 

After a small walk through streets that felt like out of space, with houses coming from a fairytale and building out of Mary Poppins' world, we decided to be spontaneous people again. So we took our map, the GPS and the car, and drove through small road to get to another cute town. When I fell asleep on the car, I realized it was maybe the time to stop for a minute and just enjoy our time out. We stopped at the loveliest place, to enjoy hot chocolates and crèpes, because you know, it's what you do when it's Fall but really it's Spring. 

Our second and last stop was Saint-Valery-sur-Somme, another cute city by the Baie de Somme. Ouh-là-là, we've got some french going on there. It's a lovely city, but we were in quite a rush and I don't think we got the full of this town. We walked a lot because there's so much to see there and we felt just like kids again trying to figure out our way around with no maps but just our intuition. You want to go everywhere at the same time, and run to see what this town has to offer and because you only have an hour to walk around before you have to rush to your car. 

It's refreshing and relaxing to be so far but so close to home as well. It's a totally different landscape but not that far from where I live. It felt nice because you're so far from everything that causes you stress and anxiety. I forgot where I was for a minute, and when and for what I needed to go back. I just felt good, happy and thankful. 

I'll see you soon, but until next time, you can follow me on Instagram, because I'm really active up there, and you can also follow me on Blog Lovin so you'll know exactly when I post something on LipstickRoad.



Hat : Urban Outfitters 
Oversized Coat: Heartloom 
Grey Sweater: Brandy Melville 
Destroyed Skinny Jeans: Zara 
Low Boots: Mark and Spencers
Bag: Redherring from Debenhams 
Lipstick: Charlotte from Nars

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