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Travel Diary: Last days in Gloomy Amsterdam

Amsterdam, Pays-Bas
Hey there,

Our last 2 days in Amsterdam were not too sunny unfortunately, but we still had a great and tiring time. My father and I are not your typical tourists, we are wanderer. And even though we like our touristic adventures in museums, we love to walk around a city, even if it means we're not going to be able to walk for the next week after our return. Just kidding. 

Because the weather was not very clement to us on our third day, we spent most of our morning in museums. We went to the Mocco Museum, which was hosting a Bansky and Andy Warhol exhibitions.  The museum is not the biggest in the world, and it's actually in a huge mansion, but it definitely has a good collection of amazing art from two amazing artists. 

I didn't take any pictures inside, nor did my father. However, I did film inside and you can have a peek at the exhibition in my latest video! Our third day was basically Museum day, we nourished our brain with some culture and art, as I like to say. When we were done with the Mocco Museum, we headed to the Rijksmuseum, across the street. It felt weird to be inside such a massive empty master piece. Well not empty, but I was expecting so much craziness inside with lots of people taking pictures everywhere. 

We found our way through the museum and managed to see almost everything. We got to see some Rembrandt and Van Gogh pieces. They were truly amazing artist, the details, the light, the art, it's perfection. As I mentioned, the weather on the last two days were pretty awful... The most annoying thin rain hit us the whole day, and without realizing we were soaking wet. It didn't stop us from keeping on exploring the city. We walked through our favorite neighborhood, Jordann, again, and found our way back to the city centre for some shopping. Jordann is a very peaceful area of Amsterdam, away from the craziness of the city centre, it's a nice residential area, and it feels good to walk around. 

We walked so much around Jordann, we eventually got lost, and walked pass two photoshoot and film sets. Unexpected and fun. We managed to find our way back to the hotel, where we called it a day. The last day was pretty calm, we woke up, had breakfast, walked to the city centre for a last shopping for souvenirs session. It was so cold and rainy on that day, we quickly decided, after only an hour of walking around, that we needed a coffee break. When we got out of the coffee house it was sunny and almost warm! Unfortunately after a quick lunch, it was time to go back to the hotel to take our suitcases and leave. Overall, Amsterdam was a lovely city, and it was an amazing 4 days stay there. I would highly recommend Amsterdam, it's so pretty. And as I said on Twitter, I could definitely move there! 

That was my last post from Amsterdam, if you want to see more of Amsterdam, you can take a look at the Vlog I made. I hope you enjoyed this post and liked the photos of Amsterdam, let me know if you did.

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