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Copenhagen at its best

Copenhagen, Denmark
Hey there, 

Even though our first two days in Copenhagen were not too glorious, we still had a lot of fun. We've came to learn how to be tourists, wanderers and travelers under gloomy weather and rain. We were prepared for another rainy day, going out wearing sweaters, gloves, scarves and coats, and not forgetting our loved umbrella. So when the sun finally showed up, unexpectedly, we were quite surprise. Originally we made plans to go to Sweden, taking the train to Molmo. However, sunny weather made us rethink our plans, and instead of heading to Sweden, we decided to stay in Copenhagen and discover a new side of this city, meaning on a bright day. 

It's a fact, Copenhagen is different on a bright sunny day. It's even more welcoming, still cold but under a shiny and warm sun, it almost feels good. Plus, a little cold never hurt anybody. Fall looks even prettier, the colors on the trees shine so bright, and you can see the leaves falling down slowly, perfectly. It's a different Copenhagen we got to meet on our third day, and it was hard to admit that we were leaving on the next day. Copenhagen was so good to us, goodbyes were hard. 

We started the day, with no umbrella in hand, at a lovely brunch stop, very healthy and natural, that I'll introduce later. Good start. We then headed to the historical centre to visit places we've never been just yet. The sun was shining so bright, it felt so good. We weren't even that cold. We walked around the historical centre, enjoying the view and the heat on our skin, trying to figure out where the hell was the marble bridge our book mentioned. No luck. We quickly gave up and decided to head to the waterside. In fact, our plan was to walk by the waterside until we've reached the Nyhavn neighborhood, and then head back to the city centre for some shopping. Oh yes, forgot to mention, on that very same day, I've just learnt I passed my driving license, so celebration was needed. 

Our wander leaded us to beautiful hidden places with amazing architecture and secret parks. As during our first two days, we had the city just for ourselves, empty streets, so good wander around town. When we finally reached the waterside, we noticed little seats, almost deck chair, just by the water side, with the water in front of us, the sun on the side, and as usual the heat on our skin. We sat there, enjoying the view and the air, for awhile. After our 15 minutes stop, it was time to hit the road again, singing some The Script, and dancing in the empty waterside road, with the wind in our hair. We walked pass trampolines, and the kids inside of us showed up. We jumped on it just like the children next to us for a good 5 minutes. When our legs started to hurt, we knew it was time for the next adventure of the day. 

We quickly reached our long awaited and final destination: the lovely Nyhavn neighborhood. We had a glance of this part of Copenhagen on our first day. This is where I had my nervous breakdown because of the rain and the cold. We didn't enjoy the view as we should have because it was so rainy and gloomy. So we were glad to have the chance to come back. The colorful buildings were shining, and the pastel colors were reflecting on the water. So beautiful, and photography heaven. 

All the photographies in the world cannot reflect perfectly the beauty of the landscape. Even though we thought on our first days that we chose the worst time of the year to visit Denmark, it was clear on that day, that our visit came on the right time. Yes. Perfect timing. I mean look at that sun, look at that landscapes, isn't it amazing? The light reflecting on the water feels like the picture is coming out of the Little Mermaid movie. By the way, when in Denmark, you have to make a Little Mermaid reference. 

Even on the most touristic neighborhood of Copenhagen, it felt like we were on our own. It was definitely the best time to stop for some blogger pictures. I still need some improvement on that though... I'm not going to lie, there were some tourists, but just a few. So a little advice for you travelers and wanderers, and maybe future visitors of Denmark, the end of October is definitely one of the best time to visit Copenhagen. The weather might not be perfect, but who cares when you have the city just to yourself ? 

We loved walking around Nyhavn, it is truly beautiful, and the most representative part of Copenhagen. I believe it truly shows the beauty and the happiness that comes from the city. However, even though the neighborhood is perfection, beware because the restaurants out there really take advantage of the touristic aspect of this part of the city. Later that day, we came back for dinner, we quickly let go of this silly idea when we looked at the prices of the meals in the restaurants. And we were wondering why the restaurants felt so empty...  

We continued our way back to the city centre, and on our way we stopped to listen to some street musicians, a guy playing piano like Mozart in a middle of a chaotic scene, with all the road works around. 200 meters away there were arts on walls, just by the stop signs. We stopped for some blogger pictures, yet again, in front of the art wall that felt like Banksy has stopped there. We noticed a green wall just next to the arts with a big wheel, similar to the one you see on the Price is Right, only this one had different parts of the city all over it. The wheel comes in handy when you're actually wondering which way you're going next, if you're in need of ideas for your next adventure in the city. We played the game, span the wheel so hard, it never actually stopped, and hit the road again without looking at the results.

We ended our adventure on that note, because it was time for some celebration shopping. We shopped till we dropped, literally. When we dropped, we went on a quest to find some place to have a drink and another place to have diner to celebrate my drivers license. No luck for us, after an hour of walking around town, we went back to where we came from, got drunk on one glass of Rosé for me (empty stomach and alcohol is not a good combination), and walk hardly to another restaurant, where I tried to mop up the alcohol with no luck... No need to say that our way back home was difficult for me. No straight walking, and no straight face. No need to mention either that the wake up on the next morning was hard as hell, as well. 

I hope you enjoyed this post, and the pictures! Stay tuned because there's a lot more coming very soon!

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