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Amusement in the middle of the City Centre

Copenhagen, Denmark
Hey there,

Tivoli is apparently one of the oldest amusement park in the world. It is located in the centre of the city of Copenhagen and is must go for any tourists that visit Copenhagen. We drove by the bright park in our Uber while driving to our rental apartment, the park was closed because it was so early, but the empty roller coster and all the lights and decoration ready to celebrate Halloween, attracted us. We made plans for Sunday to spend the day there. Even when you're far from the park, on the top of a tower overhanging the beauty of Copenhagen, you can see the madness coming from afar from Tivoli. 

At Tivoli, they take Halloween very seriously, every inch of the park is dressed for the occasion. We got there at 4 pm, and spent the rest of the day there, leaving at 9:30pm. For info, the park opens at 10 or 11 am and closes at 11pm or 12am, depending on the day. Entrance isn't free, you can get a single ticket for entrance, and pay to go in the rides you want to go in, or you can get a ticket that will work for both the entrance and the rides. We didn't want to go in the rides, at least, not all of them, so we got our tickets to enter the park, and then pick tickets for the two rides we wanted to go in. Note that the number of tickets you'll need for a ride, depends on the type of ride or roller coster. If you want to go let's say, a medium sized roller coster, less scary but still fun with all the ups and down, you'll have to give away two tickets per person. We bought 8 tickets, meaning we could go into 2 medium roller coster. Once you enter the park, there's not turning back... aka if you want to leave for a few minutes and then come back, you'll have to pay 45DKK to come back in, which is not that bad but still... 

The park is not big but it's still hard to find your way around for the first time. It's overwhelming. And because it's one of the must-seen places in Copenhagen, it was crowded, but not only by tourists, also by locals coming with their children to have some fun. As I said we went on two rides: The Roller Coster, which can be assimilated to the Thunder Mountain Ride at Disneyland. The ride is obviously old, so there's a guy who actually controls the car you're in with 6 other people. Yes you read correctly, there's a man standing in the front of the car, who makes sure the car stays on track and doesn't go flying somewhere. So while you're sitting in your seat, held by a protection bar, going up and down the roller coster, and flying for your seats in the downs, there's a guy calmly standing bright and tall and waving at people! 

The rides there are the sickest, biggest and craziest I have ever seen. There were no way I was going in most of them, because most of them were millions of feet away from the ground, or were driving faster than a train going from Paris to London. We chose two rides, with mostly kids in it... And were more terrified than them. Anyway, once we were done with all the fun and scare, we went on a hunt to find a place to eat. However, as in any other amusement park in the world, restaurants are crazy expensive, plus the food isn't so great most of the time.... We did find a great burger place, with a reasonable menu, so we sat there, and the burgers were so good, one of the best burgers I have ever had. 

Once dinner was done, we found our way out of the restaurant and walked around the park. Even if you're not a big fan of huge rides, you can still have so fun, there's a ton of activities, smaller rides and fun games to do. Even watching other people screaming their heart out while going way up in the sky was actually fun. There're really some rides that make you think that the person who invented the ride, had a thing against people. I'm kidding. But some rides are so scary, I couldn't even imagine going in. In fact, some of the scariest rides were empty, and most of the time, only 3 or 4 people were sitting in it. We still had a lot of fun, and Tivoli will stay one of the most memorable thing we'd done in Copenhagen. 

On our way to the bus, we realized we've lost the umbrella we just had bought on the same day. It was starting to rain and because the euphoria hasn't washed away just yet, we weren't too depressed about it. Did you know that the most lost item in life is the umbrella? We were still a little bumped about it because when we bought it we decided that we were going to leave it in the apartment for future visitors or for the owners of the place. People were so nice in Copenhagen, we wanted to thank them back by giving away the umbrella. We still managed to go back in the park, without paying any cents, but simply explaining our issue, and as I said, people are so nice, the security guard didn't ask us anything. When we reached to the restaurant, with no hopes of finding the umbrella, it was waiting for us on the side, one of the waiter found it and kindly stored it for us to come back and get it. 

Copenhagen is the kind of city that gives you faith and hope in people's kindness. And Tivoli is the kind of park that makes you think that Disneyland Paris needs to upgrade its game. 

I hope you enjoyed this post, and the pictures! Stay tuned because there's a lot more coming very soon!

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