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Fall in Love in Copenhagen

Copenhagen, Denmark
Hey there,

A few weeks ago, my boyfriend and I decided it was time for us to take some time away from France. We needed some vacation, just the two of us, and decided to head to Copenhagen for a few days. We've never been to Denmark, but I've personally always felt attracted to Northern Europe countries. After much consideration, AirBnb and flight were booked, and weeks later, we were on a plane, at 7 am, heading to Denmark. This was our first real getaway just the two of us, and I must say I was really scared that we were going to kill each other after 4 days, but don't worry, we're good and still very much in love.

Obviously, Copenhagen is heaven for beginners in Photography, like me. I had lots of fun photographing literally every corner of each street, and every leaf of each tree in parks etc. So much that, evidently, I cannot sum up a 4 days trip into one post. So, as usual, because I'm not ready just yet to let go of my lovely weekend to Denmark, I have planned different posts and lots of goodies for you and for me to read when I'm bored. In this post, I will go through our first two days in the lovely city of Copenhagen, and as you can maybe tell from the pictures, those were not too glorious... I'll explain!

Waking up to catch our 7am flight hurt really bad. We woke up at 4:30am, got to the airport at 5am, ready to start an argument with our lovely airplane company, but I won't get into that, because you can read all about it on my Twitter page. When you're heading to Copenhagen, you don't really care how early you wake up because you know it totally will worth it, and it did. However, October being October, and Fall being Fall, we couldn't expect a bright hot and sunny day, especially in Denmark. But still, we were not quite prepared for the cold to hit us like that, nor the rain... Because yes... it was freezing cold, and annoyingly rainy. 

But who cares about the rain and cold air? It's Copenhagen! And we were only there for a few days, so we hit the road. Our Airbnb was located in Frederiksberg, not too far from the city centre of Copenhagen. We only had a 20 minutes bus ride to Copenhagen. Moreover, our apartment was so lovely, we couldn't thank Isabell and Jonas enough for letting us stay in their home. It was truly perfection. We found our way to the historical centre, walked and enjoyed the little streets. However, the rain really surprised us, and as I said we weren't prepared for that. After an emotional breakdown, thinking this was the worst first vacation ever, we put ourselves together, stopped for some much needed hot chocolates, and hit the road again. 

We had a little program prepared just for us, and even though it was pretty much jeopardized by the weather, we still managed to see everything we wanted to see. After, our walk through the historical centre, we headed toward the Nyhavn neighborhood and it was everything we pictured, only... under gloomy weather. The colors were still pretty though, all the pastels and the bright red bricks. Perfection. We then walk by the waterside, and find our way toward the Royal Palace, official winter residence or the Denmark Royalty. How fancy. I must say, it was very impressive. The architecture is breath taking, especially since we were pretty much the only tourists in town. It felt like we had the whole city just for ourselves. 

Just outside the Royal Palace, there's a cathedral that a lovely Instagram user from Sweden, recommended. It's called the Marble Cathedral, and sadly enough the pictures don't do it justice at all. The inside is amazing, and I have no words to describe the beauty of this historical monument. 

As the rain was calming down, we headed to park, where Fall has definitely took its toll. Autumn has never been so well represented. The colors in the trees, the leaves falling down, and the smell of rain on the grass... It was lovely. The park surrounds the Citadel or Kastellet, former star fortresses of Norther Europe, and one of the most preserved one. Very impressive with all the red buildings, the Denmark flag floating above us, and the mill that felt like it was coming out of a fairytale book. After all, it is the city of Hans Andersen. Outside the Citadel, if you keep walking, you'll quickly find your way to the waterside, and the Little Mermaid statue, like we did. The statue is obviously based on the Hans Andersen fairytale, and was made by Edvard Eriksen. 

Once our walk through the Citadel was done, and after a stop by the waterside, we headed back to the historical centre for dinner. Our tiredness hit us once we sit down, so we ended the day when dinner was done. On the second day, we had hopes the sun was going to show up. Hopes were quickly washed away after breakfast, when we had to buy an umbrella... However, we didn't let rain affect us, and we kept on going, hiding under our big umbrella. We started the day at the Round Tower or Rundertarn, former astronomical observatory. We walked to the very top, a 5 minutes very hard climb to the top actually. In fact, there's no stairs to get to the top, which is not so bad, because I cannot imagine walking in stairs for 5 minutes. My legs were already killing me, and I felt like fainting when I got the top. Obviously because of the breath taking view on Copenhagen. 

From there, you can see everything, for the red bricks building, to the Tivoli park and the bridge that disappears into the sea and links Sweden to Denmark. You're on the top of the world, and it was hard to get back down, not only because the view is amazing, but also because, the way up was so steep and hard, we could wait for the way down. Especially since my shoes were note quite the most appropriate shoes to climb in, so slippery... I almost did the way out on my butt. They did save me from the cold to hit my feet. So good point for that. 

 When the way down was achieved, rain was crazy, so we stopped at some coffeeshop for some hot chocolates. A daily habit for us in Copenhagen. By the time we sit down, and ordered, rain has stopped, so we were ready to hit the road. We walked toward the Botanical Garden, and lost track of time while getting lost in the beauty of the park. I believe Fall is definitely the right time to visit the Botanical Garden, even though all the flowers are not out, the colors are still amazingly pretty. We slowly found our way to the Greenhouse, house of palm trees and other treasures. However... the house closes at 3 pm and it was 3:10pm... sadly, we couldn't go in, so we delayed our visit to another day, left the garden and walk toward the Tivoli Park, which I will share pictures of, in another post! 

I hope you enjoyed this post, and the pictures! Stay tuned because there's a lot more coming very soon!

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  1. Tes photos sont magnifiques! Ca donne tellement envie de partir à Copenhague :) J'ai hâte de voir les prochains articles