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Fairytale Garden

Copenhagen, Denmark Hey there,

Our first attempt to visit the Botanical Garden was a fail. We did walk around the park and enjoy the beauty of this garden under a beautiful season that is Autumn. However, as I mentioned in my first Copenhagen post. We got lost in the beauty of the garden and missed the last call to visit the Greenhouse. Never mind, we rescheduled. Originally, we wanted to go back on a Monday, but the Greenhouse is actually closed on Monday, because it's opened on Sunday. So we decided to go back on the morning of our last day. A little and beautiful stop before saying goodbye to Copenhagen. 

The first time we visited the Botanical Garden, it was gloomy, it was cold, but it was pretty. As I said before, autumn is truly the prettiest in Copenhagen, maybe because the city is touched by nature and you can see autumn settling in the city and evolving. When you're walking in the streets, there're leaves falling on your feet, and when you walk in the park, there're rain drops falling from the trees on your cheeks because of the rain that was there a few minutes ago. Then, there're the birds, and the ducks in the water, that you can see between the colorful trees, and the smell of rain on the grass, and the wet leaves on the ground. 

So on our first trip to the Botanical Garden, we got lost in the beauty of this garden, exploring every inch of the garden, because we didn't want to miss a thing. It felt like the time has stopped there, and like kids in Toy's R Us, we were excited about all this beauty, so excited, we didn't know which way to go as we were making our way to the Greenhouse. The Greenhouse being closed didn't stop our visit, and we kept on going, and walking, and photographing everything. We climbed hills to have an overview of this magic garden, and maybe take a peak at the building you could see from afar. There were so much to see in the garden, so many flowers, trees to look at. A thousands of millions of them. It's overwhelming and refreshing to see a Nature paradise. 

On our second trip to the Botanical Garden, we knew our objective, we knew the way to go, but we couldn't help but explore yet again. There's something attractive in this garden that makes you want to stay forever and look at literally nature. We walked passed fellow photography enthusiasts and finally reached the Greenhouse we wanted to see so bad, still a bit nervous it was going to be closed. But it wasn't, and as soon as we stepped inside, we got surprised by the heat and humidity. 

We truly didn't expect the difference of temperature between the garden outside, and the house inside. For a good 10 minutes, my boyfriend was blind, with his glasses covered in mist. Our cameras didn't react so well to the humidity either. I had to carry a tissue around, to clean the lenses after each pictures, just while we accommodate to the heat. We didn't move that much until we were fully used to the humid air and the heat of this inside space. We wanted to photograph everything because it was so overwhelming and mind-blowing to be in  a real jungle in the middle of cold Denmark. We didn't want to miss anything in this inside space. For a minute I thought I was back in this forest in the Caribbean, where my family and I went on a hike to see waterfalls. 

At some point, it even felt like we were in a Harry Potter movie, because it truly felt magical, there were some kind of flowers and plants we've never seen before, and thousands of different sorts of palm trees growing and evolving in this little space. In the main room, the one that holds the Palm Trees, you can take white stairs to go to the top of the room and walk around the top of the palm trees. It's impressive because it's so high and you can see the palm trees so clearly and you can really realized the amazing heights of the trees. 

We made our way to the top of the room, where we could see so clearly every details on the leaves. We walked all the way around, avoiding the leaves in the middle of our way, and enjoying the view of both the nature inside, and the garden outside. From there, you even have a glance of the city. 

Once we were back on the ground, we went to one room to another, discovering other plants, trees and flowers, and walking from humid and hot, to fresh and cool air. There're 4 different rooms, if I remember correctly, surround the main room with the Palm Trees. The other rooms might be less imposing, but still amazing. It is truly a jungle in the city. In one of the room, you could see the trees doing their own thing outside their pots, that have broke under the weight of their development. We also saw carnivorous plants from afar, because they were stored inside a see through box. 

The last room we went into was full of birds, fishes and water. It was impressive because of the noise there. Again: jungle in the city! You could see the little fishes doing their own life in the middle of all those plants and flowers. Once we were done exploring those little spaces of nature, we found our way back to the Botanical Garden. We were so used to the humidity and heat of the inside rooms, going back to the outside world, felt weird, and very cold... 

Outside, we knew it was our last moments in Copenhagen so we wanted to enjoy the view and the sun while it was still there. We walked around, explored yet again, and made friends on our way out. In fact there were so many squirrels, and you could see them so close to you, it was amazing. 

I hope you enjoyed this post, and the pictures! Stay tuned because there's a lot more coming very soon!

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