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When We Lost the Umbrella

Copenhagen, Denmark
Hey there, 

Our last day in Copenhagen was pretty chaotic, we left the apartment early in the morning, in a complete mess, with suitcases, paper bags, clothes, shoes and souvenirs everywhere. We left early because we were eager to go back to the first place we had brunch at on our very first day. We only had a few hours before we had to come back to our AirBnb to finish packing and leave for the aiport in our Uber. We left, umbrella in hand, scarves around our necks, and gloves to cover our hands, and stood in front of the coffeeshop to find it closed for renovation... Panicked, we couldn't think of a plan B, so we wandered around town at 10:30 in the morning to find a place to have brunch. We walked for another 30 minutes, and finally ended up in another coffee place, where we had an okay breakfast by ourselves, because it was just the two of us and the waiter... 

The day brighten up as soon as we stepped inside the Botanical Garden, we had such a lovely time there a couple of days before, and we were excited to go back to visit the part we hadn't chance to see the first time we were there. We didn't have much time ahead of use, but the day was so beautiful and as I said in my last post, we got lost in the beauty of this masterpiece of nature. Ending our weekend at this garden was perfection. We spent a good 2 hours in the Botanical Garden and then made our way back to the city centre. We decided to explore another part of the city we hadn't walked through, a part we've actually seen from the window of the bus that was taking us to the city from our apartment. 

When we were still living in Dublin, we used to walk by the waterside all the time when it was sunny, and we'd always go to the seaside during the weekends. We kept our love for our waterside walk and brought it to Copenhagen. In fact, the day was so bright and sunny, we walked until we reached the bridge that separates Copenhagen's city centre to other neighborhoods, then we walked by the waterside, admiring the bridge, the building, the view, and the swans. We sat there for a minute because it was so peaceful, and then made our way back to the city centre, to go to the Central Market. Again a must see when in Copenhagen. 

This market is not like any other markets, but you couldn't expect anything less in this city, where any place you walk in is basically perfection and Instagram goals. You have your traditional fruits and vegetables shops outside, and flowers shop that have more cactus than your basic flower shop back home will ever have. But the inside is like heaven. There're small and cute Italian groceries' shops, with products that feel like they came all the way from Italy, there're chocolate shops that make you gain 20kg just by looking at the chocolates, and then there're very cute places to eat in the middle of a market where people shop and eat in two minutes. 

It was overwhelming but it still felt warm and peaceful, we didn't want to leave, maybe because leaving meant we actually had to leave Copenhagen. A depressing end of an amazing 4 days getaway. We weren't hungry but were desperate to eat in one of the cute places inside. So we decided to wait for our hunger to arrive, and while we waited, we went to the Starbucks across the street for our daily hot chocolates stop. It was at Starbucks that we realized something was missing... The umbrella... So one of us left the Starbuck in hope to find the umbrella near the bench we had sat on an hour ago to enjoy the view. Yes, my boyfriend has great hopes, and is a very optimistic person. I couldn't describe you his deception when he came back 10 minutes later with no umbrella in hand. We've already lost and found the umbrella once... there were no way it would happen again within 2 days. And if I did, I would have unpacked all my things and stayed there forever. This city brings you happiness, faith and trust in other people, but still... 

I think I was mostly disappointed about the whole situation because in the morning I had left a thank you note to our hosts, thanking them for letting us stay in their apartment, and telling them that we had bought an umbrella we couldn't bring home, but were giving it to them for their personal use or for their future guests, just in case. I was very upset when I had to write with another pen, bellow my first note, "Never mind, we've lost it..." Anyway, to get back on our feet after this terrible news (just kidding), we made our way back to the market to buy some last minute souvenirs, we actually bought chocolates. On our way out, trying to figure out the way back to the apartment, the smell of very delicious pizzas attracted us. We had to stay. We weren't that hungry, but we had to have a pizza. It was too attracting not to taste it. So we sat and enjoy a very good and very hot Margarita pizza, from Grom's. Very good place, that we thought was unique, and only in the Market. So we were quite surprise to smell the same smell at the airport hours later... Yes we did have the same pizza again for dinner. So what? 

This was our last stop before heading back to the apartment, where we packed everything in a rush, cleaned everything, and left in our Uber. We then spent an terrific and traumatic 35 minutes in a car that felt like the driver didn't know anything about speed limits and driving actually. Driving us around residential neighborhoods when we had a flight to catch, and driving at 136 km/h when the limit was at 110 km/h. I'm thankful we made it to the airport in one piece, well two pieces in our case. We didn't miss our flight but we paid for a 35 minutes ride, that should have taken 20 minutes. Still waiting for a refund from Uber... 

I hope you enjoyed this post, and the pictures! Stay tuned because there's a few more coming very soon!

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