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Winter is Coming

Copenhagen, Denmark
Hey there,

When I first started to write this blog post, I had just came back from Copenhagen. But you know being the unusual, not organized blogger that I am, I postponed the post, and I didn't have a chance to get back to it. However, I have still so much to say about our little weekend getaway to Denmark, that there's no way I'm giving up and moving on to other things, because let's be honest, I have no idea about what's coming next after the whole Copenhagen blog series.... Sorry

Copenhagen was so cold, we sure weren't prepared for this. When we left France for our Copenhagen getaway, it was cold, but okay cold, not freezing cold. I mean I had a big coat on but no scarf or hat, or not a big sweater underneath. So when we left for Copenhagen we were expecting a similar weather, because the temperatures were basically the same for Paris and Copenhagen. But we didn't think about the whole Nordic position of Denmark, and so when we stepped outside the airport to reach the city centre, it felt like December was already there, except it was not even November... 

Therefore, no need to mention that, even though I planned every single outfit I was going to wear for this trip (See ? I can be organized and well prepared ?), I didn't really plan the right outfits... Nope in my suitcase, you could find, light sweaters perfect for fall, shirts and short jeans... What should have been in my suitcase was big sweaters, winter boots, beanies and a big scarf! And an umbrella... I did managed to put up some cute outfits perfect for the weather. For example, instead of wearing my big oversized sweaters as a dress, with tights underneath, I wore it with jeans and high knee boots. No need to mention as well that half of my suitcase didn't leave my suitcase because they were definitely not cold weather-proof. 

Those knee boots were my savior, really. Plus, they add a very chic aspect to any outfit. Although, not the best to walk around all day, they kept my feet warm, and that was the most important thing. You can't really see my outfit in this post, although I did make an effort to take off my scarf because the weather was particularly nice on that day! But basically my go-to outfit for those 4 days consisted in sweaters, jeans, coat, boots, baseball cap, and scarf with gloves. And I am proud of myself for not being an outfit repeater even though this would be the easy solution for this trip. I was really happy with all the outfits I wore, I felt comfortable, I felt pretty, and most importantly, I felt warm. The most treasuring piece that saved my cold body, was this biker coat from Zara, I found just before we left. It's so warm, because the inside is in fake "fur" but not really fur. Hard to explain. But biker coat are really in trend for the winter, they keep your warm and they are super fashionable, but I must say they don't really go with everything. 

Super simple post for today and I hope you enjoyed it. There's still one last post from my Copenhagen series, which will require all my memory and attention, so stay tuned ! 

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